Mukwita Pens Pres. Lungu’s Biography

MukwitaPresident Lungu’s Presidential Journey to Hit the Shelves Soon

A biography about President Edgar Lungu is set to hit the shelves in the next few weeks after Deputy Ambassador to Sweden Anthony Mukwita let out the cat out of the bag.

Mukwita a journalist by profession chronicles President Lungu’s journey to State House under the title, President Edgar Lungu’s Rough journey to State House. Against All Odds

The book will be the first on a serving Zambian President although Dr Kenneth Kaunda may still be a reference point in terms of piecing his literary works whilst serving as Head of State.

Below are Mukwita’s notes on his potential masterpiece:

Fresh from an 11th August 2016 poll victory, President Edgar Lungu makes history yet again this week as the ‘first Zambian head of state’ to be on all book out-lets globally when a book featuring him entitled ‘Against all Odds—Zambia’s President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s Rough Journey to State House,’ by author Anthony Mukwita goes live on Amazon.

The award winning journalist and diplomat said his chronicles of President Lungu’s journey to State House commenced in 2014 and only received Presidential consent in 2016. He’s nevertheless happy the project is now a reality.

Mr Mukwita said the Edgar Lungu book ‘goes live on Amazon no later than Friday this week, give or take a few days,’ and ‘the buzz from analysts and critics alike is that President Lungu’s ‘Against all Odds’ book is potentially set to be an ‘African bestseller,’ buoyed largely by the fact that he is a living and serving President of Africa’s second largest copper producer.’

Mr Mukwita said it ‘will take between 30 to 45 days for online book resellers globally to upload the book on their systems’ from this week in order for readers in Zambia, Africa and beyond to access through the more affordable copies but it will nevertheless come alive on Amazon before that.

‘Apart from Amazon, President Lungu will be available on Barnes & Noble, including Ingram and to other distribution outlets of high repute in a few days. This means within a month, you can walk into any international airport and book-store, go to the African section and find Edgar Chagwa Lungu looking right back in your face for the first time in Zambia’s history of literature, ’ said Mr Mukwita, the author.

Published by Partridge Africa, which has a working relationship with Penguin Random House of South Africa, the 200 page potential ‘master-piece’ is in a nut-shell a turbulent and nail-biting, adrenaline raising journey of ‘a humble man’ (President Edgar Lungu) that shattered all conventional political barriers and myths to become the most powerful man in Zambia in 2015 and 2016.’

The arduous race to State House—President Lungu has convincingly won twice—as described in masterly fashion only typically Mukwita, a former Editor in Chief of the Zambia Daily Mail, Zambia’s leading daily newspaper has now made Lungu ostensibly something of a ‘fighter’ in African politics and beyond according to political analysts.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu chronicles will also be available in more than 70,000 libraries around the world and Mr Mukwita, ‘humbly hopes it will add value to the ‘body of knowledge of Zambian politics, African democracy and traits of true leadership through the prism of Edgar Lungu in more one ways than one…including Zambia as nation of peace and Zambian people’.

President Edgar Lungu book, without letting the cat out of the hat is set in the back-drop of the unfortunate demise of President Michael Chilufya Sata in October 2014 that inevitably thrust Edgar Lungu, Minister of Defence then (among the many hats he wore) into the sizzling harsh local and international media spot-light.

Mr Mukwita, Winner of the 2012 World Bank ‘Best Investigative Journalism Award’ that saw him attached to the prestigious Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) in London is according to some reviewers of the book a ‘master story-teller’ who brings alive President Edgar Lungu, in a light never seen before in ‘Against all Odds.’

Apart from being a former Editor-in-Chief, Mr Mukwita (currently Deputy Ambassador of Zambia to Sweden) graduated with six distinctions (3 HDs) from Edith Cowan University (ECU) where he successfully completed a full-time, Master of Professional Communication degree-specialisation in Mass Communication in Australia. Mukwita is also a United States alumni of the IVLP of 1994.

Mr Mukwita said the ‘humble, tenacious and ‘go-get it never say never’ spirit President Lungu exuded during his journey to State House (twice) made the book a much pleasurable assignment to execute, his (President Edgar Lungu) willingness to be available to the author for further perspective and introspection despite his heavy presidential schedule makes him a ‘model’ African leader’ with nothing to hide in my view as a writer.’

Mr Mukwita said the Edgar Lungu ‘chronicle’ is one ‘libraries and book-stores and Embassies accredited to Zambia and beyond must have on their desks or libraries. It’s a historian’s collector’s piece, a real page turner.’

The publisher, Partridge Africa will through their website offer advice to all Zambian book-stores and beyond on how to purchase copies of Edgar Lungu’s ‘Against all Odds’ whose interest is already shooting through the proverbial roof according to pundits.

This is the first time a living Zambian President is being chronicled by an equally first time author.

Approved for publication by the book author Anthony Mukwita, Stockholm, Sweden. @January 2017. Cover picture by Eddie Mwanaleza.

NOTES below:

Amazon is probably the single largest most sales platform of ‘anything’ that has consumer value globally starting from shoes, dresses to books.

Barnes & Noble, Inc, is a Fortune 500 company, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products in the USA and beyond.

Patridge Africa is one of Africa’s largest publishing houses with affiliation to Random House South Africa.

Print orders for the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu book my Anthony Mukwita will take up to 35 days to be printed and delivered on order by book stores in Zambia on order.

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