More Post Assets Seized In South Africa

post-trucksThe harvest of concealed Post Newspapers assets is growing with 14 more trucks confiscated in South Africa.

Post Newspapers provisional liquidator Lewis Mosho has been ruthless in his tracking down of the publication having assembled creditors for the paper in a legal suit before the High Court.

The 14 trucks were confiscated from a private garage in Johannesburg where they had been stashed away.

Mosho said criminal proceedings will be instigated against The Post Newspapers for concealing the property.

So far 30 trucks mainly from the Post Courier business have been confiscated and will be disposed of once the litigation process has been exhausted.

The Post Newspapers faced liquidation following a disputed debt with the Zambia Revenue Authority.

Some former Post Newspapers employees have filed a motion of winding down operations for the once mighty paper that over the years ruffled feathers of successive Heads of State.

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