Pres. Lungu Insists On 2021

pres-lungu-accPresident Edgar Lungu has added flesh to his declaration that he will be available to contest the 2021 elections by saying the pronouncement was meant to give direction to the ruling Patriotic Front.

President Lungu left for Ghana on Friday in a whirlwind of debate over his eligibility for re-election after having stood for elections twice.

The Head of State said he wanted to calm anxieties in the ruling party over the candidate for the 2021 elections.

He said that he had done it early to avoid divisive speculation over who is going to contest under the ruling party.

President Lungu said that he would now focus on delivering the campaign promises.

He said that he also wanted to curtail schemes of some senior members igniting a succession plot.

President Lungu said declaring his intention to stand did not mean that he was going to impose himself on the country.

He said that he was only making it known that he was still available for adoption even in 2021.

“In fact, it is not time to worry about 2021 but I wanted to put this to rest because others were jostling and positioning themselves and bringing confusion in the party,” he said

“You know very well people who have been going round the country positioning themselves for 2021 so I also added my voice to them that I am also available in case they didn’t know. So should that offend anybody? No.”

Some senior members notably Chishimba Kambwili has been building up their case for a possible look in 2012 on the PF ticket.

Kambwili has emerged as the symbol of dissent asserting his weight whilst picking on former MMD members as being not true green PF.

The Head of State has left Ghana for Zambia after having attended the inauguration of Ghanaian President Nana Akuffo Addo.


  1. Owen ngandu

    You better rest coz you have failed the people who voted for you.period

  2. brushk




  3. Owen ngandu

    Yaba bakolwe nabaseka nabo Endicar Chainama Lutex, Ni foward chabe


    ZR too many spelling errors and gramatical ommissions.Lungu’s stance seems to make stability sense hopefully energies will be directed towards delivery.That however should not stop others from being ambitious.

  5. zambian

    You need to be challenged do you want to to be the only candidet no mwana.,especially that you have finished your two terms aund these failuis ,corruption maize scandle kumalawi uko awe yup have to rest

  6. TJ

    President ECL should contest for presidential elections in 2021 to enable him speared his new projects. I will only mention a few projects which he needs to implement such as the re-introduction of the national airline, Zambia Airways. One of the companies which HH sold was the first Zambia Airways and quite embarassing, Zambia is the only country in africa without a national airline while countries more poorer than Zambia have their own national airlines. The economical railway line connecting Zambia and Angola needs to be revamped. The construction of another economical railway line in the NACALA CORRIDOR i.e. Chipata -Serenje railway line and many other numerous new projects for a better Zambia of tomorrow. President ECL is completing what late President Sata started MHSRIP. President ECL should stand for presidency in 2021 to enable him complete his new projects so that he can be better remembered by the Zambian people after his term of office. VIVA ECL AND PF

  7. Native

    We want serious issues dealt with efficiently. Army worms outbreak not contained yet, FISP in chaos, anthrax outbreak debilitating cattle population in western zambia, and to that add the cholera outbreak in lusaka which health officials are hiding instead of alerting the public so that precautions are taken not to escalate the outbreak. STOP THE NONSENSICAL SELF PRESERVATION AND DO THE WORK YOU WERE EMPLOYED TO DO!

  8. Hamasowe Ntomba


  9. Hamasowe Ntomba


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