Letter: Ponga Liwewe & His Role As FAZ GS

Ponga-Liwewe1..Dear Editor,

I write with utter dismay after learning that FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe last week travelled to Gabon for the Africa Cup and is expected to be out for a whole month.

It is common knowledge that Zambia will next month be hosting the Under-20 Africa Cup and the preparations so far have been very poor.

Honestly, how can the chief executive officer of FAZ travel out of the country for a whole month especially that not too long ago, the same gentleman decided to close operations at FAZ for Christmas holiday and even travelled to South Africa to be with his family.

Much as there could be nothing wrong with him spending time with his family, sometimes national pride calls for the suspension of such privileges especially when you’re faced with an important assignment like the Under-20 tournament whose preparations are already pathetic.

Mr. Liwewe must know this moral fact. It’s obvious that the GS has purely gone to Gabon for personal reasons but he could have easily delegated his deputy and I am sure that would have made sense.

I call upon the government to immediately recall Mr. Liwewe from this unnecessary trip lest we’re further embarrassed over the Under-20 hosting.

The real work is here and the entire FAZ executive should not let such wanton stupidity and irresponsibility to continue.

I now see why Andrew Kamanga wanted Simataa Simataa to be the GS and not the former commentator we have as CEO of such an important national association.

And since Mr. Liwewe is out, when will he start preparing for the FAZ AGM especially that the constitution of FAZ requires him to circulate the annual audited accounts and all necessary reports 45 days before the meeting is held by the end of March?

And when will he go round the country educating, lobbying and talking to councillors on the FIFA requirement to reduce the FAZ electoral college?

Mutale Bowa, Ndola.


  1. zedoc

    The writer sounds bitter. There is nothing wrong with any employee taking Christmas break. Anywhere in the world, employees go on Christmas break. Secondly, it is important that somebody from FAZ is able to be part of the Gabon Afcon. There are certainly lessons to be learnt from there despite Zambia’s absence from the tournament.

    • Stimela

      A christmas break in the middle of battle? Does that make sense even to you?

    • Ukusabaila Takwalinga

      Anywhere in the world, employees go on Christmas break. Bufi. In Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, China, Tunisia, Indonesia, Russia, North korea people dont take christmas breaks

    • Musonda

      That’s very foolish of you,you not result oriented and have no management knowledge. From the issue at hand,seems Ponga is a bottle neck to us hosting the tournament.

  2. chiposa

    Plz deduce this ponga.Xmas break ok.but hosting uber 20 should be taken seriously.nowonder the nation is performing poorly.mwebeni abwele nombaline ngakana tubikenipo Zambia yambe ukulawina not ifyabupuba balepanga.we have to prep adquately.ayamba ifimano fyabena masala.if boys won’t do well akapilamo.how can he rush where we did not qualify?

  3. Frabktok

    And the writer doesnot hide the fact that there is delegation of duties! So why the mourning since his deputy knows his roles?

    • Rabson Mwale

      u’re saying the truth my frnd, there’s no break at the middle of the war bcoz once u make a break the enemies will attack u.mr. ponga resume ur travellings and get prepared 4 hosting under-20 afcon.

  4. Piss Off


  5. kwa senanga

    Dora siliya is busy photographing with Tyson in USA wen arm worms hav bin declared s national disaster,wats wrong with ponga going to Africa cup/cin his family? Umamale wena!!

  6. Bos bos

    The under 20 should be taken seriously kalaba, Clifford,sunzu,mayuka, fwayo,Andrew sinkala,gift kampamba,emmanuel Zulu moses sichone to mention but a few these all great players came through the ranks of the under 20 though some of them never recheged their full potential coz of indispline but these where and are talented players which where discovered at the tender age but its now 12years and we have not seen players coming through the under 17 or 20 therefore the chipolopolo has never been the same coz the last under 20 we produced have aged now can u imagine kalaba and the other guys are now in thirties and we have failed to produce another kalaba.so pliz mr ponga and faz take this tornamment seriously we need to win it and the boys have to be at the world cup

  7. Prince Mande

    True, in view of this important tournament Zambia is hosting next month Ponga should not have traveled at all. Preparations for a tournament of this magnitude requires the full involvement of the top brass of FAZ and the presence of the SG is critical. The successful hosting of the under 20Afcon tournament will open the chances of being deemed fit to host the big one. Ponga needs to be recalled, we cannot afford to mess up the upcoming tournament.

  8. mwansa Musanse

    The Xmas break he deserves to have gone. But if it is true he is going to be away for a month when Zambia has not even qualified and we are supposed to hosting under 20, then it is scandalous.I for one do not rate Mponga as CEO material but rather a sports commentator. The chap is not up to the job. He is unaccessible to the media and others. I hope he is still on probation and Kamanga can look at alternatives as so far the boy is failing.

  9. Senior Observer

    Comment> Leave Pongo alone he has something to do for this nation


    Ponga has decided to go to Gabon maybe all because of stiped/ allowances attached to the trip. This is typical of black people. They tend to loose focus over monetary issues, even able to sell theur children…kekekekeke

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