President Lungu Meets Millers Over Mealie Meal Prices

pres-lungu-accPresident Edgar Lungu this afternoon turned his attention the mealie meal situation in the country by meeting the Millers Association of Zambia.

The Head of State was accompanied by a battery of ministers strategic to the food situation in the company notably Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya.

Mealie meal prices have been a sticky issue having leaped to over K80 in the final stages of last 2016 and remain a problematic issue for ordinary Zambians.

Below is statement issued by State House:

LUSAKA, (Tuesday, January 10, 2017)——

His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia has today held a fruitful meeting with the leadership of the Millers Association of Zambia on the escalating mealie meal prices.

The President was accompanied to the meeting by Finance Minister Hon. Felix Mutati, Agriculture Minister Hon. Dora Siliya, Commerce and Trade Minister Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe, Agriculture Permanent Secretary Mr Julius Shawa, Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Executive Director Mr Chola Kafwabulula and Senior State House Aides, while the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) was led by its Chairperson Mr Andrew Chintala.

The two parties exchanged an open and frank conversation over the price of the staple commodity and the President emphasised that the Government and millers were partners hence should always work together to ensure that the interest of the people especially the poor were protected.

The President has directed the Minister of Agriculture to hold another follow up meeting with the Millers and Grain Traders Association tomorrow to work out final details on how Government and relevant market players will work to ensure that market fundamentals were not manipulated to exploit consumers.

Meanwhile, the maize export ban will remain in force until further notice.
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  1. Nesto

    Now working

  2. Black water

    OK now his eyes are opening. let’s continue endorsing him for 2021 may be things can improve.Try to act on every sector otherwise 2021 it revolution.

  3. Hana Hahn a

    That’s the spirit Mr press

  4. sauvyelo

    he’s now doing his job and let put confidence in him

  5. Ba ZOOKa

    More TALK TALK !!!

    Let us wait for the ACTION !

    My bet is that the next thing we will hear is………….. a PRICE INCREASE ! And this is just to shift the blame away from Lungu and Co.

  6. Bilanga


  7. Not Guilty

    Chachine boss twachula

  8. Boko halani

    Let the price of mealie meal rise up,so that bembas wil thnk deep.

    • Army worm Phiri

      Which Bembas iwe Chule? is there a shop 4 Tongas & 4 Bembas? wabe tooooool….

  9. Zulu Bernard

    Dats gud help the poor mr President we’re behind u 2021 is yoz

  10. Damien t

    Mealie meal price should not exceed k65, in fact it should be the cheapest ,because it is the staple food in our country.

  11. Lampi Chipulu

    ku bafunyapofwe tapali efyo ba lebomba.

  12. jobs mawere

    Grow yo own maize so that u see how much is spent to ve a 50 kg bag of maize b4 u condemn the price of mealie meal

  13. mususu uswezi

    Another ball is toasted to Siliya minister of army worms and red locust oooh!! Sorry Agriculture and chite–chitee!!!!!.

  14. mususu uswezi

    Another Ball is toasted to Siliya minister of Army worms and Red Locust ooooooh!!! Sorry Agriculture and chite—chite.

  15. Native

    The 2015/2016 production cost per 50kg bag was about K93. 2016/17 is likely to be higher owing to the increased fuel pump prices (although now reduced albeit late) among other factors. Unless govt subsidizes from road toll fee revenue, the private sector will not likely absorb costs as they have a legitimate right to make fair returns on their investment. Let’s not forget that this is the same govt that has messed up the mining sector due to poor fiscal policy. The energy sector has been mismanaged. Might I add on a smaller challenge of the “re-commissioned” Mulungushi Textiles that still does not run despite having a very ready “AGOA” market for its products. We shouldn’t hold our breath in the very sure hope that prices will definitely come down. Rather what we prioritize and reduce or refrain from consuming non essentials like alcoholic beverages to appropriate more of the domestic budgets towards essentials domestically.

  16. Armyworm Phiri

    Which Agric school did Ndora Siliti went 4 her 2 be warming that Agric Ministry seat? I myself voted 4 Pf in 2016 but mmmm am now regreting & am very sure am not alone in this regret. It’s like these politicians ‘re forgetting what happened 2 UNIP. Am urging all gud reasoning Zambians to not suport just 4 the sake of suporting. As 4 me whatever gud Pf ‘ll do in future i ‘ll count it 2 b a capaign gymic finito ba pompwe.

  17. Shadrack Kabwe

    My President continue with the same spirit,as a Zambian citizen I am very happy.

  18. kel d nick

    Comment pliz help us mr president that is why we voted for u to help us

  19. Kanyenda Aaron Musonda

    People In Zambia There Good In Talking Than Action Especialy Politicians

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