Congratulations To Zambia’s Raja Bobbili For Hitting Forbes List

BobbiliA Zambian based in the United States of America has attracted global attention by featuring in the 2017 Forbes 30 Best Financial professionals.

Forbes is a globally acclaimed publication that is deemed an authority of the who is who in the global play of power and politics.

Raja Bobbili is a Zambian of Asian origin who works for Abrams Capital in the United States with the firm specializing in hedge funds and is worth US8 billion.

Bobbili’s achievement is notable as it credits the best 30 financial professionals in the United States of America.

He attended International School of Lusaka before heading to MIT where he graduated in electrical engineering and economics in 2008.

He later obtained his MBA from Harvard Business School and is a Law graduate from Harvard Law School.

He was also named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper in 2012.

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