Margaret Mwanakatwe Keeps In Touch With Constituency Ground Work

Mwanakatwe MarketsCommerce minister Margaret Mwanakatwe is one of the few MPs that has kept in touch with her constituency making sure all systems are underway. This week Mwanakatwe has been going round her constituency checking on markets and clinics.

“When Traffic is not smoothly flowing within the perimeter of Trading, business is affected and when business is affected,The economy will be affected,” she said after a tour of Kulima Tower Bus Station in the CBD.

“In my capacity as Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry and Area member of parliament for LusakMargaret Mwanakatwe-Police Campa central Constituency I toured Kulima Tower bus station to see how we can deal with the drainage system and also discuss on how we can handle the issue of Traffic in Freedom way and cha cha cha road.”

Mwanakatwe announced long term and short term plans to improve drainage at Kulima Tower.

“For now we will make sure all blocked drainage’s are worked on immediately and find a quick solution on traffic flow as we work on the long solutions,” she said. “When the government is committed, the citizens are willing, nothing is impossible.”

Mwanakatwe urges her members to keep make Lusaka Central Constituency clean.

Later, the MP visited Civic center Clinic which is under renovations.

“I was impressed with the services offered at the Hospital,and all we can do is support them to do more.”

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