Lusaka-based Plastic Recycling Firm Shut For Exposing Workers To Harm

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has closed a company in Lusaka’s Makeni area for subjecting its workers to hazardous working conditions and polluting the environment.

Sabstic Limited which is specialised in recycling plastics was shut on Friday after a night raid by ZEMA inspectors.

The company further had its director arrested for repeatedly disobeying ZEMA orders to comply with environmental concerns raised by the agency.

ZEMA director general John Msimuko disclosed that ZEMA acted after receiving frequent complaints from the community about the fumes emanating from Sabstic and the indiscriminate disposing off of plastics that posed a health concern.

“We have been following this issue for quite sometime and after the complaints we repeatedly got from the surrounding community, our officers were sent to the company premises several times and discovered that even workers were working without the necessary protective gear,” he said.

“We then wrote to the company management advising them that we had suspended their operating license until they put in place the measures we had recommended but we were disobeyed.”

He said ZEMA was left without any option but close down the company.

“This matter is proceeding to court because we have further discovered that the same company has completely gone against the conditions under which they were given their operating license,” Msimuko added.

“We don’t take pride in closing down companies but the business community must abide by the laws governing environmental issues around the areas they operate in.”


  1. Tito

    Lusaka based companies don’t comply with environmental or safety regulations it’s not only that company alone most companies subject there workers in un health working conditions not only ZEMA to do that but where are safety inspectors people work in safety hazard areas and no action is being taken Then health inspectors people eat un health food ministry of labour please put your people first twapapata

  2. Mr peace

    Everywhere,law is key.It doesnt matter how many pipo the company has employed.The fact is that if it is tempering with human life then it’s unfortunate.We dont need to tolerate such nosence in the name of employment.If all pipo die,who is that company going to employ?ZEMA,job well done.

  3. Trespho Chitamfya

    While this is a commendable job for fighting to protect not only the voiceless workers but the environment of our great nation, let us see one big company (mining) closed for dumping toxic materials into Kafue river as well as polluting the underground water in some areas of the copper belt, then we will take you seriously.

  4. Prince Mande

    Some of these companies operate like you are at a dump site or buseko market. Health of the workers doesn’t matter at all. Let factory inspectors enforce the law. Health inspectors are no longer there, if they are there then they exist only in name.

  5. JERRY

    this is a commendable job i must say,having for the stated company,i know….but also inspect chinese firms,the worst culprits must say,eg shunya plastics

  6. challenger

    Thank u for the job done zema,but there ‘s another company in the same area yamene ikamba ati lamulo ili mumanja mutumba yanga plz visit as quickly as possible.

  7. chilanga friel

    Big up to ZEMA plus my job deals wit community health.pliz ZEMA close as many companies as u can as long as they ar nt complying wit health nd safety rules.

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