Hichilema Is A Political Disaster, claims Given Lubinda

Hakainde Hichilema is the biggest political disaster Zambia has ever had and it is unfortunate that he has allowed to abuse the courts of law and disparage the judicial system in the country, Justice Minister Given Lubinda has charged.

Lubinda, who is the Kabwata Lawmaker, was reacting to the pronouncements by Hichilema that Zambian judges, were a disaster.

He says Hichilema has been abusing the country’s judges and judicial system with impunity for a long time and that it regrettable that the opposition leader has been using democracy to propagate his hatred against the countries judicial system.

“How can one appeal to a local court over a matter that has been decided upon by the constitutional court. I do not know what Hichilema is thinking, taking a case that has been decided upon by the constitutional court to a local court,” Lubinda wondered.

Further Lubinda described Mr Hichilema as the biggest disaster “I have ever known, he is fond of abusing the courts of law and discrediting the judicial system.”

Lubinda, a former UPND MP, said the opposition leader is hell bent on castigating judges whenever they did not rule in his favour

“There is no need to castigate innocent judges and that you should instead report to judicial Complaints Authority,” Lubinda said. “You should seek redress from the courts whenever aggrieved instead of venting anger on judges.”


  1. Efford ngobola

    That HH for you zambians that man is confused i dnt know if anyone can control him

    • Glorious Joe

      I conquer. HH is a political disaster of epic proportion. Can you now retire. Please ba mudala. How many elections will you lose fair and squarely?

      • Native

        It is PF and not HH that is a political disaster. The opposition leader is just aptly describing the country’s judicial system as it ought to be described, not courageous and impartial in the dispensation of justice. Couple that with the economic and moral disaster that PF is and you sum it up.

  2. Efford ngobola

    That HH for you zambians that man is confused i dnt know if anyone can control him

  3. muna ki tau

    Which case did the constitutional court hear Mr Kabwata man. Did HH or Vodaka ever stand in court?
    Come on you cant full the Zambians we have seen what happend & we have not forgotten

  4. muna ki tau

    Coming to think of it when are you paying back the money to the zambian people

  5. Chivunda Samusungwa

    HH is the only hope for Zambia.
    Given Lubinda forgets that his president,dictator Edgar Lungu,is an illegitimate head of state.The 2016 elections were rigged that’s why HH,as a law-abiding citizen,took the matter to courts of law.
    Lubinda should stop misinforming Zambians.

    • Jj


  6. Maano

    Mr Lubinda, was Petition ever ” decided upon by the Constitutional Court” – wasn’t it simply abandoned by the so-called ConCourt, denying the Petitioners their Constitutional rights?

    Yes, the Hearing was to be done within the fourteen days of its submission, but was Petition itself Heard, Tried and Adjudicated/Determined? The Constitution demands substantive justice rather than the form of legal letter, jargon , or technicalities. What then do you want the UPND to to do, war?

    • Ubuchushi

      Lubinda think b4 u open dat yellow dark stupid mouth,jxt keep quet if u knw nothng,can u nw show us an aeroplane u got after spoiling your friend’s name 4 nothing? B wise.

  7. captain chanda

    Hh is becoming mad that’s why you hear him tolk nonsense. Try to forgive him he needs original prayers. He think s so that he is trying to Win the majority of Zambian people. It had to be in opposition without a vision
    Data won the majority when he was still a governor. His critics always based from the fact findings from the surbodinates that he received overwhelming support from the Zambian people. Mr hh sir have more listening skills than tolking skills. You can make it only when you appreciate what is due. Yes not every things the government can do is correct because it run by people who are human beings and are abound to make mistakes. Just help the government on checks and balances and advice what can be done. Am telling you this is what we did with sata in ten years in opposition. If you don’t do this 2021 you be number 4.

  8. Ulwambo

    Lubinda think befor u open your yellow dark stupid mouth,keep quet if u knw nothng,don’t misinform the country, can u nw show us an aeroplane u got after spoiling hh?be wise!!


    Petition was a legal process mandated by the constitution of Zambia that such a case should be concluded in 14 days. If the constitution did not state the duration even now the issue could ‘ve been live in the concourt. In short there is no end. Time for you 1diots to accept that elections are over and now is time for work.

  10. Lubinda

    Mr Kabwata Given lubinda u dont knw wat u ar saying,,Zambian people ar more literate and u cnt fool them coz they all knw wat happed.

  11. ked-sing

    Iweeeee hh forward zambians ,we need you sir

  12. Wasiilaughter

    Yaba chilubinda tawakwata amano,what nonsese is gettin out of that head,please think b4 posting ,Mr jemason your so called president can never do any good to our country u just wait tiLL tha remaining 4 years is done .this chakolwa will remain blind and fullish just wait.

  13. mya

    hh never submitted the evendence and the votes were never rigged,hh wil never be President of zambia never in his life time..

  14. Mr . Speaker Zambia.

    Let us all zambians learn to unite regerdless of the 2016 general electuons.lets let it go and think of ways foward.

  15. chikomeni

    HH is a fool as normal with 5 seases human being should learn to admittes things and forget then perpential playing to his Almighty God for his originally period than keeps on disturbing our fleshly peace.HH was good but has been destroyed by these dogs GBM and WILLIAM BANDA cause references on past elections as never performed useless,stupid ,idiot move than 2017 election and I can a sure him that is still CRYING EVEN 2021 THINGS WILL BE HECTICAL FOR HIM.

  16. L. Kabutu

    Comment Bo Lubinda if you can’t see with something wrong with our Judicially now then it worries us especially coming from the Minister of Justice. Just check the High court, Supreme Court and Concourt just how many are just put aside just to buy time. Concourt ruled sometime in August that you remained in power illegally and you were ordered to pay back but you refused to pay back but you rushed to appeal and yet we are told no appeal when the Concourt has made a ruling. So if GHana is a di

    • Abishai Chaungwa

      H H will never rule this country, unless he changes his bad behaviour and frash out his foolish one called GBM, then he will be able to rule Zambians.

  17. tantwe

    You idiots why didn’t you present the facts to the Con Court in 14 days. That is the disaster he is talking about.

    • the grave

      Given dont be a fool okay…u’re trying to mek us forget about the man with vision nt your Lungu who is visionless

  18. kbs

    If its true that HH believes Zambian judges are “corrupt” and incompetent, what makes him believe that the judges at ICC are” not corrupt” and competent. Judgets at ICC are not from heaven. They are as human as our judges in Zambia. If he doesn’t believe in judicial system why go to court? The only reason one would purse justice in the courts of law is cos one believes justice can be done. Accepted the outcome, remain focused and move forward.


    hh taba normal

  20. jk

    one wounders why people fear to compete favourably it’s like there’s an ad clearly outligning the requirements for the respective discipline and then you go on tell responsible people not to interview that one cause he or is over qualified I mean why is h h a threat it’s because he track record is as good as Anderson one of whom in Africa earned his wealth out of school the most of you will never hence your talking we know if you went to school to learn to know and just to pass,remain focused and I would want one day your minister of finance to face h h on a phone in programme so that we weigh there KNOWLEDGE.ENOUGH is enough of the attacks against him.we know you who marery obtained results you didn’t fought for.

  21. owen ngandu

    Iwe kalubinda,which case did your judges handled?you are a fool.chola boy wa Jameson & pliz live H.H alone you idiot

  22. jellyfish

    H.H. grow up ? I need a leader not a boss.

  23. chiposa

    Accept what Lubinda is claiming,saying and actually alerting you.hh is indeed a political disaster and misunderstands politics.let him go to political sch to get more about politcs.Plz.

  24. Ă ggrey

    Mr lubinda if you are dull never speak like a child your comment sounds so premature i wpnder how a man of your capacity can vomite such rubish .just because you are blind folded to be a minister and you think thats enternity you better repent .now look at the insults youve invited niswabile a hulu

  25. vyakulolavye

    Bola ni 90 minutes. 14 days is 14 days. If you don’t score you can’t say add extra time until you score kulibe, You can’t spend 90 minutes playing in your own half and then ask Janny Sikazwe to add more minutes so that you can score. Honestly 14 days (2 weeks) olo mulafwaya ukumfwika. Rules are rules kwamana! Period.

  26. Webman

    Lubinda, its you who is a disaster. Apparently you don’t even know the workings of the judiciary which you are supposed to be heading. Here is an example that might help you: a higher federal court of appeal, the ninth circuit, recently overturned trumps illegal immigration ban in the US and now they ( trumps team) are appealing the ruling in a lower district court. Now I don’t want to hear some dimwit telling me that ‘ this is Zambia and its different from the US’ Law is law and is universal!

  27. Webman

    Lubinda, its you who is a disaster. Apparently you don’t even know the workings of the judiciary which you are supposed to be heading. Here is an example that might help you: a higher federal court of appeal, the ninth circuit, recently overturned trumps illegal immigration ban in the US and now they ( trumps team) are appealing the ruling in a lower district court. Now I don’t want to hear some one telling me that; ‘ this is Zambia and its different from the US’ Law is law and is universal!

  28. Sylvester Kambowa

    Lubinda and your supporters, are shallow minded. with pertition what was the results from conCourt ” dismissal”? judgement instead. Others are saying campaigns and politics are over yet LUNGU is day dreamer of 2021 eligibility waisting our resources and time on unsuccesful debate rather than procuring farming inputs on time, yet zambia is desperate in economical circles. So who is disasterous? it is you who have totallly failed to deliver to the expections of zambians.

  29. Sylvester Kambowa

    So who is a biggest political disaster? HH complaining about the dissmisal of his pertition and PF complaning over nullification of both lusaka central & munali seats respectively. Mr lubinda i respect you, the bible clearly states that whatever you want to do to others shall be done to you as well. nakumishi kwami nukuhosha chatama.

  30. lasford chibinga

    I think Mr lubinda is confused because he don’t understand his position as justice minister because if he understand he wouldn’t have been allowing his party to compromise the judicial system.as citizens we concerned about these thugs who pretend to know the consititution.

  31. vincent

    Comment.honestly which part has abused the judges in our courts,pipo of zambia are watching,he is the one abusing the courts.

  32. prophet John

    HH will be da president in 2032,,,,go go hh for lyf

  33. tintoz

    better to listen to th noise of frogs than this moron

  34. 2121

    hh we ar tired of u, even if u ar proposing a lady and keeps giving xcuses mo dan 15yrs jst know dat she doesnt like me so my freind pelafye uyo wine gbv kwamana.

  35. sunta sunkutu

    Independent election monitors: 1. carter centre 2. european unio observor mission. 3. african union monitoring team. 4. fodep 5. anti voter apathy. all the above had monitors in each district transmitting results from every polling station. this enabled them to conduct a Parallel Votes Tabulation. meaning: they had these results even before ecz officially announced them at command centre in lusaka. Question for all u HH asshole lickers: which of these observors are in agreement with HH. which of them reported that Hh got more votes and is therefore the winner of the 2016 GE. Non of them. are they all compromised? lubinda is simply telling under 5, that should there be a complaint on any judicial officer; the procedure is to report such an officer to the judicial complainants commission with the accompaning evidence not ranting every second day in the Mast newspaper. its a simple thing lubinda is saying. he is right HH is the greatest political jackasss the nation has ever vomitted.transimmitting result

  36. lubbieLubbymukelabai

    foolish people will be castigated what HH is complaining is a true. now phantoms you are busy denying him. why 1 o 4 stupid hyena will be jailed.

  37. Mya

    hh should forget about this and start planing on 2021…dnt cry over spilld water Badalah..

  38. ronald

    all comment there coming from one Trible fake pipo tonga. Mr lubinda is light those who ar insult lubinda ba Tonga ndi MWe boipa mitima.

  39. zone

    hh for life ba pompwe,u want to continue stealing ba pompwe. out.

  40. Scorpion

    …former UPND MP, or FDD?

  41. Mankundwu Eddie

    HH Is Just Good Politician

  42. Harry loss the politian

    Fuck all your.

  43. Richard

    Comment mr lubinda sir u ar right 100% nd we stil vote 4u in 2021. P F for life.

  44. Dickson

    Comment HH is a tonga god for its tribe nd he will lose again in 2021.

  45. SIMON SIkalumbi


  46. collins

    Chi lubinda IDIOT

  47. Mulenga

    Chi lubinda idiot mazaaaako

  48. Mutale

    idiot chi lubinda

  49. Mutale

    Idiot lubinda

  50. musa

    HH pis don’t stand for 2021, because we are going to loss again……

  51. Chamson

    Plz Zambian pipo stop insulting one another,let us continue praying 4 peace & security in our contry.Zambia is now ruling by an elegal president 2021 HH will b a heard of state.Mathew 24:7-12

  52. Saikumba

    Lubinda givenho what hell are u talking? Do u think u can reach were HH is? U will of course remain crying with your fuckin illegal president Edgar..and u are able to see were zambia have reached but u are just busy fucking yo ass. U will never win him again ….future future future of the zambians is hichilema hakainde mwana musankwa! Thanks to all those bringin fuckin shits of mashamoz on my real and voted and very wanted by all zambians…for the end of yo fuckin utterances u go lose(;(), then us we (win) :D.

  53. upnd

    lubinde what you said its true that man is cow

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