Ex-Minister Leads Call To Revive Barotseland Secession

The Barotse National Council (BNC) has recognized the urgent need for a roadmap for the implementation of the BNC’s 2012 resolutions.

This follows a recent meeting with the Kuta of Barotseland at Limulunga which was followed by a courtesy call on the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II to express concern over the non-implementation of the Barotse National Council Resolutions of 2012.

The Council in 2012 resolved that the Barotse government should within 30 days put in place a transition process leading to taking over all government functions in Barotseland and the election of the Katengo Legislative Council.

BNC member William Harrington says the council has also observed the need to draft a constitution for the Barotseland and guide dialogue with the Zambian government on the disengagement process of the Barotseland from Zambia.

Mr. Harrington says the Council is of the view that dialogue with the government should be premised on orderly disengagement of the Zambian governance structures to pave way for handover to the administrative set up of the Barotseland government system.

He explains that the Council delegation also emphasised that any engagement with the Zambian government over the matter of Barotseland must not depart from the letter and spirit of the BNC 2012 resolution that Barotseland will separate not secede.

Source: QFM


  1. GBP

    What is the diffrence berween separation and seceding.

    • RR

      A few points to remind ourselves about the original litunga and his subjects that came to the land we know today as Zambia. The litunga and his subjects were war mongers fleeing shaka zulu they caused destruction and death to the local population and ultimately occupied the land by force. This today would amount to nothing but war crimes. The successive litungas and his subjects occupied the land illegally until faced with another conquering force, the British. The litunga then, asks the British for a protectorate to be declared over the land.
      One just has to ask the question. Can an illegal occupying force ask for legitimacy from another conquering force (the British) with complete disregard to the original inhabitants of the land? From a legal aspect the document signed between the litunga and the British was never a valid document anyway.
      Fast forward to today, I find difficulty in understanding the idea of separation from the view of the so called BNC. In Zambia and most of Africa you may find many groups tribes and kingdoms seeking the same claims as the litunga which involved invalid or illegal concessions and agreements between colonial governments, business enterprises on one hand and local kingdoms tribes on the other going way back to the slave trade. If anything the litunga and the so called BNC today should be thinking about compensating the original tribes for the injustices they caused and not asking for a land that was never yours.

  2. GBP

    What is the diffrence between separation and seceding.

  3. Gevy Army worm Phiri

    Mr Harrington is now becoming insane i believe. My questions to him ‘re: How far hav u gone with yo madness? Don’t u know where Chainama mental hospital is? As old as u ‘re, can u manage 2 run with a gun? Is what is happening in Syria, Ukrain etc valentine according 2 your stupidit? Just wait 4 yo D day & rest in pieces u idiot!

  4. Jedoz

    They should fix the shit’s fuckin council offices, y up to date?

  5. Trespho Chitamfya

    If there is consensus that these people should “seperate” as they put it then issues of the borders should be agreed upon first with the Govt of the Republic of Zambia. Then a general refrendum to test the will of the people. After these parameters are met then the issue of changing the Zambian consititution as a process should kick in. Only then can the negotiations start. We do not want to create another “South Sudan” next door and create refugees in their own country. Few pot bellied selfish and greedy “leaders” will always be among us, but it takes good leadership to steer a nation to unity.

  6. Battery Yahstzhitszwa Albertina

    Barotse people accept to be ruled by zambian its united zambia help zambia to claim for barose in Namibia and Angola were there diamond , how can u claim in zambia only don’t take as fo granted.

    • commando

      Nshaishibee ati umutende ulakola ngobwalwa.It’s like we admire what go on war torn countries,inkondo ibii sana.Bushe barotseland tayapili mu Congo DR,Angola Zimbabwe elo na Botswana?Now how can one tribe claim to be the owners of such vast land,what of other tribes who they found here and what if those tribes don’t want to be under the litunga where will they go?The most painful thing is to be told by a late comer to vacate from a piece of land as he is claiming ownership.Am not a prophet of doom but i asure you that separating any part of Zambia will ensue into war and this i can guarantee you and the people calling for seccession will run away together with their families .

  7. captain solo

    Bafilala mukafwa bones

  8. Luciano Mulilo

    We would very much like to hear the views and or opinion of His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema on this issue which is somehow a dilemma. Sincere views I mean.

  9. Gevy Army worm Phiri

    Ba William Harrington mwabetol… shame on u with that foraign colour of yours. Your ancestors came from Namibia, so u shud just park your green scrotum & leave us in peace, u idiot with that colour of a big cocroach. What do u want 2 archieve when Zambia goes up in flames anyway? Do u owe arms dealers something. Mwasauka chabbe bachikala imwe ataseeee!!!!!

  10. Mr Dave

    But Kaunda signed the Barotsi agreement recognising Barotsi land.

    • Gevy Armyworm Phiri

      Imwe a Davy muzakafela ku banthu, kkkkkk! yaaaba! Is Dr Kaunda your God? Where did the Litunga or KK created land 4 his people 2 inherit? The lozi people found this so called Barotseland already occupied by the most humble people who ‘re up 2 now resisting 2 be ruled by these troublesome new comers & they ‘re still existing. And these ‘re the people we can assist in fighting these Lozi invaders or war mongers mind u. Be careful iwe chi muzungu bbelela ( Harring- ntoni ) coz u were not there.

  11. Chitambo John Lobe

    Good let us separate from Zambia peacefully because the PF government promised to recognize Barotseland Agreement of 1964 but they are just liars so they have to free Afumba Mombotwa he is innoncent and he just said the truth we are tired


    Luitumezi we need to be free and develop ourselves let us separate now and Lungu must release all our brave brothers Barotse fighters from different prisons in Zambia where they are giving them homophobic treatments we need out Akafumba Mombotwa and his colleagues

  13. Tyson Bismark

    Masipa alyanganu zesweli kulyanguka zebisazibi,Luna malozi bilukeni hahulu bishobo bebimu

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