Letter: Teacher Promotions At Chibombo’s Mwayasunka Primary School

Dear Editor please hide my ID and post this for me.

Am a concerned parent from Mwayasunka Primary School in Chibombo Central province. As a parent and member of the Schoold Parents Teachers Association, i have noted with sadness the leadership vacum that is continuing at Mwayasunka primary school, Some senior teachers where promoted to be Deputy Headteachers at Mwayasunka and other nearby schools about 7 months ago.

On the other hand, the current office holders at the schools who seem to be veteran Headteachers have delayed all efforts to hand over the offices to the authentically promoted teachers and this has caused a lot of commotion at the school.

Teachers are seemingly frustrated because they nolonger know who to report to and the work performance has reduced as witnessed in the low pass rate the school recorded in the last grade 7 examinations.

I would like to appeal to authorities in the ministry of education at provincial level to take keen interest in this matter and save our beautiful Zonal school from total paralysis.

Concerned Citizen

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