Police Arrest M’membe’s Wife

Police have arrested Mast owner Mutinta Chico Mazoka-M’membe. Mazoka-M’membe is wife of Lusaka-based award winning journalist-turned-lawyer Fred M’membe.

The M’membe’s have been at loggerhead with President Edgar Lungu’s Patriotic Front government following the liquidation of the once flamboyant independent daily The Post.

According to a tweet by Slyvia Masebo, Mutinta is currently detained at Force Headquarters in Lusaka.

Masebo, a close ally of the M’membes, is an official of the UPND which was founded by Mutinta’s father – Anderson Kambela.

It’s unclear why she is arrested but indications suggest charges are connected to the work of The Mast which has emerged as a critical voice following the closure of The Post.

More to follow


  1. South Park

    Does anyone know the Mast website?? or you can’t access it via internet?

  2. Ghost Protocol

    You cant have a democracy without a free and vibrant press, if the Pf government want to be praised and worshiped by the press, they should work hard to develop Zambia instead of the bullshit they are doing.

    • OneNation

      Ghost Protocol: A culture of insults and innuendoes by the so-called Press does not foster democracy.

  3. Tito

    Media freedom in zambia is a thousand miles to be attained especially in this dictatorial governance in a country were media freedom must only be to those who are praising the government which is very sad any way let’s wait pantu in our language we say icilaulula indao menshi (what separates the tubers is water)

  4. Jedoz

    This is the government we wanted, they’re even busy arresting were there is no fuckin clear evidence or information! ;(

  5. pfools

    Chakolwa you very stupendous person I have ever seen ,cause your many interest is to arrest fellow Zambian people,pretending to be a Christian but whats inside its full of evil ,,zambian people agree that we are being ruled by drunked or chakolwa ,,,,foolish government stupendous continue you will die fast within this year ,arresting people it has become the work ,failing to arrest thos criminals who were murdering their husbands,busy arresting innocent people,I wish to be a sex work then to be chakolwa chagwa ,chapoona’)—)

  6. upnd

    no one is biger then other just wait and see hw madam she going to lose weight

  7. pfools

    I wish to be a prostitute than to be like this criminal chakolwa ,changwa.chaapoona ,drunked leader just like that ,God protect our mother amen ,,, kalungu careful with your useless mother it will take you to hill

  8. Sky

    Comment nebo nafilwa mayo temisango ati Christian nation bufi sana tefyo nakulaloleshafye!!!

  9. Cc

    Comment Zambia reports this posting is not adding up with the facts. {1} Mmembe is on loggerheads with the law and not with Lungu’s PF. {2} ms. Mmembe cannot be detained at police headquarters, do they have facilities there? No. She is either at Kabwata police station or at police woodlands. These are gazetted police stations. We are not in the first republic where people were being detained anywhere. I am with the view that online media must strive to do investigative Journalism before posting anything in order to allow bloggers also comment positively.

  10. Chilubo

    News is posted on media for us to submit positive and not insulting comments. Critisise namano ukuchila ukutukana, kulufyanya.

  11. miketown

    the under 20 they can make it of afcon Junior 2017 Africa cap of nation

  12. chambo fr

    Some1 myt start wondering which cadre really owns ZR……the mast is totally not good for any moral Zambian.

  13. Behind upnd

    Bad people always go for acausing others with a good reputations just wth stance to deform up the characters . I will definitely speakout a tangible thing which is in hands our government indeed its truly that zambian government is the most worst government in Africa couse its there just doing some opposite things now look lungu is there but he can’t control the situation, now how can we address this normally? thats dictatorship…. Any way big shout to you all out there

  14. joseph hampota

    awe not ama insult

  15. Native

    PF is like a cancer. It’s not only harmful to the country but also to itself. Fortunately because the country is much much bigger than this “malignant” political party in govt, it will soon and very soon, consume itself so that zambians can begin to wholly re-build their lives again. The M’membes were not too long ago part of the upper “echelons” of this same destructive party that took unkindly to any kind of objective criticism. They (via POST EDITORIALS) called those of us that raised genuine concern about the direction the country was being led towards as lazy, lay about armchair critics. Now that PF is consuming itself, it’s taking them along with it. The M’membes tried to fight the “malignancy” of PF using an “antibiotic drug” called the POST but the “disease” (PF) seems to have developed resistance to it. Now the re-engineered “MAST anti-biotic” is facing the same brutal resistance from the “cancer”. For now I can only say that we (the armchair critics) warned you (Fred M’membe) of the then impending danger of supporting a party criminally premised on deceit. Re-think your strategy and align with honest and truly spirited patriotic zambians massively to correct the mistake(s) you made in allowing such a brutal group of people into public office where public resources are now being used to terrorize the very citizens that supposedly own those resources. There is nothing sophisticated about the bullys in public office today because if you trace their origins properly you will truly find that they are just “overgrown bullies” from the municipal townships they were formatively raised in.

  16. pelint

    alelapila boma ni boma

  17. TINTOZ

    these are the bigging of dictatorship ladies and gentlemen.Waint and see.

  18. jk

    If I may ask ,is this a Christian or military government?I say so because the happenings to certain people is unbelievable ,it’s purely out of hate and if those that are in giving orders do go to church and do hold the bible which was inspired by God and believe that God shall tolerate it for along time ,they should wait on what time shall soon catch them

  19. One Zero

    We have no journalists pressing for press freedom in this country. ..what we have are cartels of mafia characters hiding in the name journalism fighting for political power. ..so that their business can thrive. . Mmembe is such a one. ..and now he is paying for his wrongs. You reap what you sow.

  20. tj

    Membe is at loggerhead with the low not with the president!

  21. Dununa reverse ziko

    Lungu is being used by Rupiah to settle his scores against m’membe.They are taking advantage of his foolishness

  22. Guy scot

    Lets know and see the heart he has got to determin what kind of a president, before we turn against him better. Together we stand we are beter placed to morniter elections.

  23. mya

    nathing like Dictatorship here..lets be carefull with what we wish four!its writen in the Bible that what ever you say with your mouth so it shall be for there is power in the tougne..if you wish to be a prostituty so it shall be.carefull oooooo

    • Emmanuel Hantumbu

      It’s there time now. Time will come for them. Make my words they are not here to stay five 5years is nothing. Pf has nothing to offer Zambians.

    • Owen ngandu

      What a shame ba pf?God save us.

  24. John Goma

    fellow citizens let us not politicise the arrest of mutinta what she did was not OK and I’m sure that even mmembe knows that what mutinta did was not in order so please let Hh know that he should not support things that doesn’t make sense , Hh should know that if there is any lawyer who is cheating them that mutinta did not commit an offence then those lawyers are just after money so Hh just prepare to lecture mutinta that she should learn to control her temper. Fred mmembe just bring yourself running away from this won’t help. Hh and Mwamba you have money just pay for mmembe to zra and buy him a house.

  25. chitambo John

    Why ? Lesbians,Gays,Biosexuals and Transsexuals journalists they don’t deserve this in Zambia as a christian nation,realease her she is innoncent and let us protect press freedom in Zambia from this PF dictorial leadership

  26. Pittsburg USA

    Mutinta is simply a whore. She cheated on her ex husband here in the USA with one of my boy’s here. She doing the same to Fred and now the chickens have come home to roust. Fred is just as bad as her so maybe they can have a 3some with the judge and get the case dismissed.

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