New Vision Boss Blasts FAZ Over Poor Publicity For Under-20 Tournament

New Vision Newspaper editor Macpherson Muyumba has FAZ officials for a laissez-faire approach to preparation for hosting the Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations kicking off in under 10 days.

Muyumba says with the tournament kicking off on February 26, FAZ has performed below average in preparing the country for the event which has attracted eight nations.

“The 2017 Africa U-20 Cup of Nations kicks off on February 26th to March 13 and this FAZ of theirs has not kick started any ads.

“What is wrong with those heads at Football House. Who do they think will do their job? Busy posing at coffee shops but doing no real job. Can u be serious we don’t eat ma pose..sha!,” he stated in a Facebook post.

“We don’t want another Muppet Show kind of FAZ administration at Football House. Even weddings are publicized months before the actual date.”

There has been some feeble effort to hype the event in the last few days with FAZ sending out officials in “UNIP days style” of using a Mobile Public Address system to publicise the tournament.

FAZ has also unveiled more than two mascots for the event. Top artistes Jordan Katembula aka JK, Wille and Mozegator have since released a shoddy piece of work which has been adopted as a theme song while observers suggest a collaboration of Izrael[Exile] and his wife Nalu is a better piece of artwork.

The tournament will kick be played at Heores Stadium in Lusaka and Levy Mwanawasa in Ndola.


  1. masewela

    Aona monga nimanyengwe come on……

  2. masewela

    Aona monga nimanyengwe come on…..


    Give FAZ a break !This is a bakadoli show .Besides the press a supposed to take it upon themselves in national interests to publicise and sell show piece.I dont see how FAZ should be writing articles in newspapers or talking on radios ,its a give and take you see an opportunity write a proposal .The media owe us that favour FAZ needs linkages and partnerships .Not blaming them, they have broght Africa Cup convinced GOVERNMENT to pay, supplement by publicity find sponsors for that content.

    • Enlightened

      Imwe bakoswe it’s there Job as FAZ to look for advertisers what do you know of such things are you from the village?

  4. luck muwaya


  5. Daywalker

    Iweh McPherson ukaponokela pa Rhapsodys. Who told you that this chimwana cha pa nyumba (CPN) chimbwi no plan (CNP) FAZ is supposed to be criticised….tamba che English League over a Heineken ….ala….. Ba Chelsea imweh…..
    we know the only soccer boots in your house are those ones you used to use for your pub team on Fridays ! ya mwana Ali na talent palibe!

  6. Eng Paul Mpabalwani

    The fake tom and Jerry, it’s not easy as those guys thought. You run kabwe warriors and you think you can run national team, bull sheet. Leave it to people who know. Koboni football atah!!!!

  7. Enlightened

    I think he is right how can we be given bigger things to handle wen we have failed to handle small things like this one…ZambianS Are just used to poor performance that’s why we can’t develop

  8. Humphrey

    Even boom does it better ,letting pipo knw about there new product

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