Pres. Lungu Is Being Brutal On M’membe’s Wife, alleges Hichilema

Leading opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has visited detained Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta Mazoka-M’membe at Kabwata Police where he accused President Edgar Lungu of giving undemocratic orders to victimize private citizens.

Hichilema was accompanied to the police by his wife Mutinta and Mazoka-M’membe’s mother Mutinta who is a UPND Member of Parliament for Pemba.

The opposition leader said President Lungu was turning the country into an undemocratic state.

“They exercised undue force. Based on the reports we have received, the police acted in a brutal way. They harassed Mrs M’membe, the security guards…this is very unnecessary. The police is getting brutal by the day. This is unacceptable in a democratic. I think its an instruction coming from Lungu and whoever else.

“This is the wife, they are looking for the husband, why harass the wife? You can’t be indifferent to this sort of behaviour being meted on innocent citizens,”

Hichilema has urged Zambians to rise up against the PF government for what he alleges were undemocratic tendencies.

Meanwhile All People’s Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni has charged that the action of the police at Post Newspaper in liquidation editor-in-chief Fred M’membe’s residence last evening was barbaric.

Msoni says what the country witnessed yesterday at M’membe’s residence can only be likened to the infamous Criminal behavior of the Janjaweed militia of Sudan invading and attacking the innocent people of Darfur.

He says state terrorism has no place in a civilized democratic dispensation.

Police are still keeping vigil at M’membe’s residence who is reported to be in Jamaica.


  1. afghanistan

    Why troubling innocent family, i think we ‘re no longer democracy.

    • miyanda

      iyeee! i wish i was a police man.Ngati ninaka nyenga kumaselzi.Im upnd member and nt happy with pf. but tax is tax m’member he should have been paying tax.Thats the money that the is paying us Dr’s us Teachers.

  2. carrington kasalwe

    I wonder wat my role model membe will do wen power lands in his hands

  3. carrington kasalwe

    I wonder wat my role model membe will do wen power lands in his hands am sure he will do shaka and mfunda .am against wat police are doing

    • Thomas banda

      I don’t think so cause the police they are doing they work

  4. josphat mwanza

    why would president do such a thing is true or false.

  5. Nasho

    arest the armworms and wife stabers.

  6. Ba nyama

    why accusing lungu, its law that takes its course .if you are given warranty search why to tore it apart ?that’s clearly shows disgrace why can’t you let those people do their job useless you arecwho supports mediocre.

  7. Truth

    Edgar is a very cruel person period!

  8. Truth

    Edgar is a very cruel person

  9. Bunda

    Imwe mwebantu ninshi tapali umuntu uwinga chita assasinate uyuchikala,Iwe chikala lungu the day u will cease to be a president we will cut ur balls and feed them to the dogs

  10. Jackson

    ECL is very good person, but check out on people you are trying to protect. How do you tear the search warrant? What is it she wanted to prove? Don’t dear the Police when you know that your husband is a crock. All that was needed was for her to prove her innocence in the case at handand not to do what she did. Just let the Police do their job my friends.

  11. Church

    Lungu is innocent don’t not involve him in this case

  12. chambo fr

    Iwee ECL is not cruel…m’membe is the one who is been cruel to his wife here. Why not coming out & exchange with the wife..? Moreover bakulamutwalilako nayakaba to bath whilst in detention……the wife is bathing cold water there.

  13. chambo fr

    Am sure he is even eating umunati bakamba…….not ulya kuchibolya we talking about original.

  14. haisha

    ???? law is maybe meant for selective people .no one is above the low including the lawyer himself?

  15. madaliso

    truth be told.law is law.no one is above the law.the king maker must follow the law.if he breaks it arrest him

  16. MUZHO

    Lungu you don’t know what you are doing time will come when you will be jailed wait and see

  17. one

    Not only cruel but stupid person

  18. awan

    another DRC or Sudan in the making. shame for mother zambia.

  19. Desert

    Excuse me Zambians I want to know and lean from you is Lungu a Cop, is the one who issues warrants and why always HH , when is on media he talks about Lungu instead of talking what is going to deliver to Zambians, no wonder he is losing he likes commenting in all matters, if he is a good talking ,why he didn’t advice m membe to be paying installments

  20. kasman

    Am surprised Edgar is now a centre of the story!! Is he the one who ordered the judge to give search warrant to the police? Personally against the arresting of the innocent m’membe’s wife, but I don’t think Lungu is involved here.

  21. Cyril Meja

    Why bring the President into this. Only a simple mind can do that. The lady tore the search warrant, did you expect the police to smile and go back to report like children. Zambians let’s grow up and start to reason properly. I believe we still have our on top of our shoders.

  22. Truth

    whats wrong with you hh?why do you like accusing the President every thing that happens..the police are just doing there job.whats the problem with that..dont drag the President into this if the m’membe’s are wrong then let them face the law period.

  23. Indigo

    They’re suppose to arrest M’membe not the wife, y troubling her.

    • OneNation

      Indigo – Coward Mmembe is using his wife as a human shield. The rude woman also plays game, even ups the game by tearing a Court Order – she will be collateral damage. I have no sympathy for her.

  24. Northwestern

    Comment: I don’t know who to believe anymore coz what am seeing now is a country with selfish politicians.

  25. Philip

    why accusing the president? police officers they can’t just stand and arrest the person who is not guilty.there is something wrong to that person u are supporting.and be careful with those insults u are insulting mr president muzabvutisa bana

  26. Dock m

    Wen you’re wrong yes indeed you’re wrong, wen you’re right yes indeed you’re right. Thànx.

  27. diaspora

    “….for the two shall become One…” Now where is your other half? ehh!

  28. M2


  29. God our leaders

    my warry is with former workers to membe wat ar dey eating. Mr membe y can’t you make things straight if is what is required.

    • Magenge

      What about former workers for UBZ, Zambia Airways, Contract Haulage, Miners etc. Do not worry a human being has a way of surviving. The former employees are surviving. After all they will be paid by the liquidator.

  30. Pf

    Lungu Should Jst Die Mwee We Ar Tired Of His nonsence

  31. bamwine

    what u re u pf God knows and cencell that holyday the 18 octoba God is watching u

  32. Mwaka

    Sad happening indeed. Its time we zambians start taking matters in their right context. Lets not politicise everything lest we be blinded to reality. We need free flow of information unlike this situation of always reading between the lines and there by making inappropriate conclusions. Good citizens don’t insult each other, lets live in harmony were the rule of law excels unreservedly without bias.

  33. luck muwaya

    Go Police men go no nosence

  34. Prisona

    Comment. Democracy died a long time ago. Mu pf tamwaba

  35. google villa

    let lungu in #peace y CNT u mind yo businesse

  36. big mole

    who killed uriah the husband to bethsheba the woman king David snatched the mother to king solomon. orders came from king David Uriah took the written orders of his death to Joab and Uriah was killed by a philistine but God through Nathan told David that he had killed Uriah when David himself was by then at home . so, is the case with lungu he gives orders but he is himself not a cop open your eyes Mune and where was ZRA for post news paper to accrue such a lot of money in taxes ? and why to day open your eyes because tomorrow it will be your wife or child or business . its a join us thing you fail you are gone.

  37. Eng Paul Mpabalwani

    Zambia is President Lungu, some of us, we don’t even know him. Zambia stayed without a president for two times and we enjoyed peace. Thieves have resurfaced the post times directors, who the f**k are they, we need Danard Trump African countries are hopeless and useless. Look at SFA the zumas, bull sheet

  38. WABWINOYAI 147

    dear pipo of zambia,am appealing to you dat we shudnt just think inside de box but outside too.you shud knw dat all wat u are commenting is seen around de grobal nd shows political instability in de country.I wonder wats goin on coz all de post in zambia reports,de comment to de pres z not missin y?torin de warrant z a serious offence accordin 2 civ.ed rules..diz rule dnt concen de presdent…compain z no more lets jst think nd work hand n hand 2 develop our country mother.I support none bt condemn de so cod HH.bamudala campain yesila…lets uz our blessed senses wisely coz we ar pozin a threat upon our country.our fellow state wil b sein visilu uvo!!!I knw dat u hate ECL bt nt n this mata.lets thnk pliz b4 commenting.thanx GOD BLES ZAMBIA WITH WISE SENSES.

  39. Mwansa Kabinga

    In civilized countries of this world opposition political parties play the role oc check and balances. They are ruthless in situation where corruption and thieving of public funds are rampant. Surprisingly the UPND party has exhibited the dubious character of promoting corruption and supporting, colluding with dubiously rich persons. HH’s open support to Mmembe who has been defrauting ZRA and banks etc is shameful.

    Mmembe and Nchito brothers, along with Dr. Mahtani have been the architects of State Capture by dribbling Mwanawasa and Sata to control judicial machinery. Other members of the Cartel (Kabimba, G. Scott, M Chona, M. Mushipe, D. Patel etc) have stealthly sent solidarity messages to Mmembe.

  40. its not vegency


  41. T.lungu

    Iyeeee umwaume uyu balungu sure y

  42. Nega Nega

    leave Ecl alone you fools.Did you see the President anywhere near that woman?
    Let him come out if he realy loves the wife.Atleast that is what i would do.M’mumbwe is a coward hiding behind the wife’s skirt.Given a chance,i would sqeez him against the wall.Let him go to hell together with all Useless UPND Magots!!

  43. ACC

    The chicken has died president ecl, your lazness is for ecl, your stupidity is ecl, your dog has died for angry is ecl, etc y always ecl, if you think that u are better than the other be as well like ecl in you won country…. Period.

  44. upnd

    u people suporting membe’s wife u re wrong

  45. kasman

    Among the ten commandments,there’s one which says don’t mention the name of GOD I vein! How can someone relate the issue of David in the Bible into politics? Don’t force God’s judgement to come upon u fast.May God forgive u…….

  46. cleanser

    Hh is a leader and must behave like one. We know that he is related to mutinta and he is the administrator for the estate to mutinta’s father including the shares in the post newspaper ltd now under luquidation. This however should not be the reason to talk about ecl in such a manner. If mutinta did not tear the warrant was she going to be arrested? Be a leader hh

  47. Zambian

    Every thing the president is to blame kanshi nama Amy worms he is to blame. kikiki Zambians Jesus is coming soon let’s prepare our hearts for his soon coming.

  48. america njikata

    Mu zambia umungulu too much,nkakuka mweh

  49. kamz

    Any way the pf has been turned into one piece of hell it want to remove the right of free private press so as to intimidate the opposition .don’t forget that with the prevalence of social media people remain connected and terrorising your own people will result in another Arab spring.mark my words.we should not have room for oppressive guys in the ruling elite.

  50. Antu omwe

    Am not clear. Am not getting it, are some bloggers here saying tearing a search warrant is just a normal thing and any one found wanting should just be left scot free? And is HH and his entire UPND executive are in support of such behaviour? If so am Let me try to imagine HH who is aspiring to be a president Of the republic of Zambia would allow that to start happening in our country . What a wonderful Zambia it could be, not so?

  51. Antu omwe

    It was HH who was running from one court to another seeking redress of the presidential election results what could have happened in an event where someone from PF had shredded the court summons he was saving them was he going to keep quiet in or was he going to keep quiet about? HH what I have learnt from you is that once you are elected as president you will be a president that will allow lawlessness . A search warrant and a summon are documents which are valued in any country by all citizens but why should Mutita be above the law? With the law there is no ignorance and as such she has to face it. She asked for it

  52. Nason

    Ok continued

  53. Mumembe

    Tax ninshi tax,why been ignorant?lungu is not ZRA and is not the policeman,

  54. cub

    the devil is in state house,if I head power to kill this dog called lungu ngakale

  55. Mmmmn

    I think all is not okay in Zambia!!!! Insteady of concentrating on developmental issues, u re concentrating on arresting people! How I wish I never voted for u ba pf. I jst waisted my vote, the cost of living is creasing every day that comes! Now its the introduction of tpin on jst having a bank account, someone from a district n’ wants to open up a bank account, has to go to a provicial center to apply (ZRA) for TPIN, its so expensive for people staying in rural provinces such as muchinga, northen, luapula, north westen, western, Estern, Southern………… Where ZRA only exists in Provincial center!!!!!!!! This is

  56. chitambo john

    No there is nothing like tax the problem is the PF government is undemocratic and homophobic they don’t want press freedom and the rights of LGBT people in Zambia since him is homosexual and Lungu knows that so that is why they are persecuting him that is all

  57. Zuze

    baninenu u are failing to arrest the dangerous criminals my calo but busy kubakayele

  58. chitambo john

    Dear Zambians and all journalists we need to fight hard this PF government and Lungu they cheated us when they were in opposition that they are going to respect freedom of expression and freedom of the media in Zambia now contrary their promises since they came to power they are busy fighting all journalists and medias who are against them starting from the King Cobra Sata to the prince Cobra Lungu they are killing freedom of the press in Zambia by arresting all journalists,censored and closing likZambia watchdog,Post newspaper,Muvi Tv,Komboni Radio, to mention just a few this is dictatorship no press freedom no real democracy in Zambia we should conmend these arrests

  59. chitambo john

    Imwe na imwe ikaleni fye tondondolo nga tapali ifyo mwaichiba pali homosexuality (LGBT) B stand for what? B stand for BISEXUALITY ni muntu ulala na banamayo elyo na ba ume nangu aliupa na kwata abakashi ku nganda kuti aba homosexual so mwita ati BISEXUAL MAN so i know what i am talking about and in Zambia we are many bisexuals and ask your president Edgar Lungu why did he reveal M’mbe sexual orrientations in his presidential election campaign ? So we know each other and we are fighting for LGBT legalization in Zambia

  60. chitambo john

    Imwe na imwe ikaleni fye tondondolo nga tapali ifyo mwaichiba pali homosexuality (LGBT) B stand for what? B stand for BISEXUALITY ni muntu ulala na banamayo elyo na ba ume nangu aliupa na kwata abakashi ku nganda kuti aba homosexual so mwita ati BISEXUAL MAN so i know what i am talking about and in Zambia we are many bisexuals and ask your president Edgar Lungu why did he reveal M’mbe sexual orrientations in his presidential election campaign ? So we know each other and we are fighting for LGBT legalization in Zambia because all of us we are Zambians even LGBT journalists need to be free to express themselves on radios,tv and in newspapers no to discrimination in Zambia

  61. Tom

    Criminals,crooks ,bapompwe,they have no chance in this government.wait and see what will happen to you criminals cartels.

  62. Mwape Kapaya

    Mmembe should pay our money in tax why runining away?

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