RTAs Account For 2,200 Deaths In 2016

Two thousand, two hundred and six (2,206) people died in road accidents across the country in 2016 from a total number of 32,350 road traffic accidents recorded.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says out of the 32,350 accidents, 1, 682 were fatal, 3, 262 resulting in serious injuries, 5,683 slight injuries while 21,723 were damages only.

Katongo says statistical data indicates that most of the accidents were as a result of excessive speed at 14.7%, misjudging clearance distance 14.6%, failing to keep to the near side 12.8% whilst cutting was 10.9%.

She says Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of accidents at 17,317 where 452 persons were killed while Muchinga province recorded the lowest number with 623 accidents resulting in 76 deaths.

Katongo adds that of the 2,206 people who died, 237 were juveniles 137 boys and 100 girls all below the age 16.

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