Murder Cases on the Upswing in Lusaka

Murder cases have risen in Lusaka district with the police recording at least one killing per day.

Police service spokesperson Esther Katongo said that a pattern was emerging of with people being murdered usually in the night in similar circumstances.

She said police had launched a manhunt for the suspects but urged members of the public to be on high alert.

Two back to back murders in Lusaka’s Chilanga area last week set alarm bells ringing with the suspects still at large.

Meanwhile police have arrested four people suspects believed to be behind a spate of burglaries in Lusaka’s Chelstone Township.

The suspects have been identified as Solgious Mwanza, Davie Njovu, Pierson Shamutete and Twaambo Muzyamba.


  1. samfya pvt

    cage them plz sori jst hang them tho its caled xtian nation

  2. musa

    Its bad just hang them Tu.

  3. Chitamawe

    Crtko tymz hard 2 deal wth hv come. Lesa twafweni!

  4. frank

    please chanky them out.

  5. Rash

    Why should anyone want to take a life only God knows when we die very sad

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