Pres. Lungu Creates 3 New Districts

President Edgar Lungu has established three new districts in Northern Province.

Local government Minister Vincent Mwale has named the new districts as Lunte which has been created from Mporokoso district and Kanchibiya and Lavushimanda districts from Mpika.

Mwale has told Parliament that the creation of the three districts is in government’s continued effort and programme of taking services closer to the people.

He adds that this is also part of the implementation of the decentralization process and continued fulfillment of campaign promises.

Mwale states that the potential the creation of new districts has to create the human, social, economic and sustainable development cannot be overemphasized as it has been appreciated by people in the newly created districts from 2011 to date.

He also defended the decision to create two new districts from Mpika district explaining that Mpika was the biggest district in the country.

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