OYDC Food Tragedy: Lawmaker Demands Inquiry; Raises Question

Parliamentarian Dr Jonas Chanda has demanded an inquiry into the death of eight people and a free food church distribution programme in Lusaka yesterday.

Another 28 people were injured during a stampede at the Olympic Development Centre in Lusaka on Monday

Dr Chanda, an MP for Bwana Mkubwa, says there are a lot of questions needing answers from the disaster.


Just arrived in Lusaka a while ago & learnt that this morning during an outreach program for the Church of Christ at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka, 8 people died during a stampede for free entrance & free food parcels when 35,000 people jostled for food. 28 others were injured.

This is being reported on all international news channels and is a TRAGIC & SHAMEFUL event in our country.

1. What security arrangements did police put in place for a crowd of 35,000 people in public (Public Order Act)? Was a Police permit issued for this gathering?

2. How practical is it to distribute food to 35,000 people in one place at the same time?

3. What was the criteria for selecting beneficiaries/recipients? Why weren’t our poor people targetted for such help in their households & communities rather than summon all of them to the stadium at 6:00am, waking up early only to die or get injured?

4. Was food being used as an inducement to poor people for statistical purposes by distributors?

5. Or is it a case of good intentions with tragic results by the church group?
An inquiry must be conducted immediately and answers provided by distributors, Zambia Police & Ministry of National Guidance & Religious Affairs.

There’s NO DIGNITY IN POVERTY. Let’s produce more food to feed our people. We can do better as a Nation!


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