Take Your ARVs, Ministers Urges Christian Patients

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has expressed concern that some church leaders have continued advising their members who are HIV positive against taking drugs.

The Health Minister says this will not help the nation in fighting this vice.

Dr. Chilufya has reminded the church that they are a critical stakeholder in the fight against HIV/AIDS saying government would embark on an aggressive community testing for HIV, which will need the support and help of the church.

He has also urged patients on antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) against absconding their medication in order to surpass the viral load and ensure that the country’s records HIV free.

Dr. Chilufya says the church should use the platform to reach out to everybody that ARVs are a hope of today and that children must take ARVs so as to have a better nation for the children.


  1. hummer where it hurts

    Fake churches and false prophets are behind this ,take much caution when registering them.To many back yard churches that have mushroomed of late.

  2. Chatoowa Ndhlovu

    It’s really a sad state of affairs that we still have church leaders who in their ignorant manner of service are indirectly killing innocent souls by preaching sermons of distraction..

  3. GBV

    i dnt believe HIV is real n no desease God cn fail to cure all u need to do hv FAITH so u so called doctors,these ARVz are jst weakening the IMUNE SYSTEM of the human bodies who ar taking those drugs,thz so called whites jst want to finish us africans bcoz thy know our land is fertile them thy dnt take that.jst lyk condoms,no family planning n then u kip sayn its not hundred percent.its u to control yo feelnz.becoz u already know how many JOBS can be cut off if u jst stand n say medicine is there.the one who discovered it has made trillions of dollars jst see how many NGOz are doing ths programe.someone is a TB patient u start giving him o her ARVz its becoz u hv failed n u get happy becoz u hav put them on treatment.there are deseases injected by witches including HIV that u cnt ditect with yo machines.me i truly stand n believe that JESUS is the medicine.

    • double t

      You’re a nut & a rotten one for that matter!

      • same

        thanx, its bcoz u are not learned n u hav neva tested. Ask the doctor if u wil be given to read the paper written precautions on the same tester.

    • Larry

      Nice GBV. Let’s get in touch probably we can share notes on Christian Healing.

    • Bwalya Kalyolyo

      @GBV. Please that when healed on earth he used several methods, at one time he just said your has healed you go your way, on another occation he spate on the ground and rubbed the sand against the blind mans eyes and he got healed. Why didnt Jesus just say” you are healed go your way” at every healling occasion? God has given us knowledge to help ourselves, he also wants to participate in his healing. We are not to seat domant because God is a healer.NO!

  4. Alvin

    Comment point

  5. James Badoo

    Engage the churches as major stakeholders in information dissemination for health. The clergy can then use this understanding and provide appropriate guidance to their church members . Bring them on board, train them and let them be partners in prevention and treatment not only for HIV/AIDS but other societal ills.

  6. Larry

    GBV I like your stance please let’s get in touch probably we can share notes.

    • gbv

      check on me on fb as john,bt iv to keep my line for privacy. Thanks man n a brother indeeded

  7. wilson

    Faith without waks is dead .take anythig just believe u er free from HIV in Jesus name.

  8. samfya pvt

    gbv u ar the most idiot wth ur outdated faith

    • same

      thanks its bcoz am a believer,stay blessed always

  9. king temple man

    Enact the law that will punish the would be offender,these pastors,man of God the need to be seriouly punished if found wanting.

  10. jah man metal

    Let the most high God judge both the righteous ones and unrighteous ones

  11. chosen

    If you don’t have faith in christ Jesus.Don’t even waste your time or open your mouth to talk anything about God. Healing and answered prayers belong to believers who recognize christ Jesus as their personal savior and not for the Pharisees or sadducees.Read John 1:12.Because the Pharisees are far to see and the saducees are sad to see and they can’t perceive anything good out of the Lord.

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