Pres. Lungu Heads To Swaziland

President Edgar Lungu will head to Swaziland for the SADC Heads of State summit this Friday.

The SADC Heads of State will be preceded by the Council of Ministers that will see Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba representing Zambia.

Kalaba said that the SADC summit was crucial as it was a platform for Zambia to cement its ties in the region.

“His Excellency, the President of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be travelling to Lozitha Swaziland to attend the SADC Heads of State Summit. His Excellency the President will be accompanied by myself, the Honourable Minister for National Planning as well as the Minister of Commerce and Trade,” he said.

He said that Zambia was asserting its place in the international community.


  1. xoxo

    Useless journeys

  2. MyZambia

    More and more trips with nothing to show for them.

  3. njobvu

    Kamwendo munjila

  4. Mc Prince

    Vissionless leader

  5. Sally

    So lungu afwayafye amanone ya ndeke week aft week.

  6. Sally

    So lungu afwayafye amanone ya ndeke week aft week. Funny

  7. frank

    likwatethe mr lungu sir isay wamderful.

  8. fwanya

    What a president,always on the move with no vision,,,Can people of Zambia stop this nonsense pls

  9. Bwalya Kalyolyo

    Mukatusanga mbuya fwebashakwa ishakwendela

  10. Bwalya Kalyolyo

    You will find us cousin, us who dont have the travelling means

  11. feck president

    kuwayayafye mu zambia

  12. katie

    Illegality to pretend legal by frequent trips outside not recognized by more than half of the country.

  13. Joseph mvula

    Jealous expressions,comments will not change any thing.its high time that we comment,express constructively.building international relations is not as simple as one would think.the travel the president is undertaking are of national interest,just like any other who shall be given an opportunity to become president after H.E Edgar chagwa Lungu.So zambians it should remain in us as a people with respect to our leaders.

  14. Kuku

    He is doing National duties. Don’t be jealous for nothing. God bless President Edgar Lungu .

  15. Abubakar masiye

    There is nothing wrong with that… HH can move even 100 times per week cox he is really hungry for such. Most CEOs for some institutions I know fly almost every week. Give him time to enjoy his previlege as president like you do @ your work places. ‘Ama levels’. You are in your ‘ time zone’. Yours will also come. No matter how much painful it is he is your president and will do that for the next remaining 53 months. Representing you of course. If you don’t like it find your own president but for now ECL continues to rock. It is a presidential summit. Period. Don’t change protocols because its Chagwa in office. Doesn’t work out like that. If they want HRO or Accounts officers for the workshop do you send secretaries? The answer is NO? So where is the argument really? God gives and yours will come. Just believe.

  16. Mafioso

    The i.d.i.o.t spent the entire month watching soccer and no sooner had the tournament ended than the nigga had found another adverture. Lungu u are a curse to this nation together with your freinds criminals bena Kaizala! shame on you. Hope u can stay there forever!

  17. mengmore

    Ok!that’s y even sival severnts theses they’r kamwendo munjila;copy copy bt don’t b a copy cat bane.

  18. Oskupe

    Ok Shikulu Mwamposeshako Mswati Amuti Nkesamumonapo Nga Nafwayapo Isha Kuninina Indeke.Mwende Bwino Mukesa Tusanga Ne Myau Ya Nsala.

  19. 123

    Lungu is the Republican president of Zambia in case you don’t know. Zambia should be represented at all levels ,All his movements are there because of his position and this is for the benefit of Zambians including those exposing their stupidity in the way they comment .
    Let Mr walk the talk perform his duties.

  20. 123

    Good Mr Lungu ,it’s your duty sir ,.” They talk, Lungu progresses “

  21. Mathews kunda

    Hypocrites who wouldn’t like to travel?that is the power everyone wants but for now its ECL .

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