UPND Says Sorry To CAF On Behalf Of Zambia For Kaizer Zulu’s Behaviour

Opposition UPND have issued a statement making a public apology on behalf of State House official Kaizer Zulu for alleged thuggish behaviour during the crowning of Zambia’s Under-20 last Sunday.

The UPND has asked CAF and FIFA not to punish Zambia.


On behalf of our country, we wish to sincerely apologise to FIFA, CAF, and FAZ on the thuggery behaviour exhibited by Mr Edgar Lungu’s Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu during the presentation of the awards at Heroes Stadium on Sunday following Zambia victory at the under 20 African Cup of Nations tournament.

To all the dignitaries that attended the event together with the many fans from Zambia and abroad, we are really sorry for such conduct which was very unfortunate and unZambian as it only exists inside State House and among the unruly PF thugs.

Zambians have been known to be welcoming, peace-loving and hospitable people for years now but PF thugs like Kaizer Zulu are working tirelessly to turn Zambia into a non welcoming state.

However, for us living in Zambia, what you saw from the senior State House Official is just a tip of what the majority of the population has been going through under Mr Edgar Lungu who has tolerated such thuggery right from a supposedly dignified office.

And we can guarantee FIFA, CAF, FAZ and the country that Lungu will not take any action against Kaizer Zulu despite such a high level public embarrassment and nuisance behaviour.

The conduct exhibited by Kaizer Zulu is just a snippet of what has been happening because that is exactly how they work and have been living since the time they forcefully pushed themselves into State House against the will of the Zambian people.

As UPND, we would like to commend you for giving us an opportunity to host such a high level tournament and we hope you can ignore the thuggery from State House and give us a chance to host many other tournaments in future including the senior AFCON, and others.

To Kaizer Zulu, we order you to keep your thuggery inside State House and within your own PF leadership circles as opposed to exhibiting such public nuisance to the international community which eventually puts our country on the spotlight for your unwarranted behavior.

Though typical of PF cadres, Kaizer Zulu should have applied simple knowledge that AFCON was not a PF event nor was it an opposition party event where you can easily send thugs for confusion and nothing happens to them.

Therefore, we want to strongly condemn Kaizer Zulu for his thuggery conduct at Heroes and that he must know his boundaries and stop such behavior.

Citizens should now know that Mr Edgar Lungu has a thug as his Special Advisor for Politics in State House, who must be held accountable for all kinds of violence in the country.

Lastly, we once more thank God as no major incidents happened during the event other than the PF teargas and Kaizer Zulu’s thuggery behaviour of assaulting CAF officials while his master, Mr Edgar Lungu looked on.

Stephen Katuka


  1. wajimona

    No comment. Not even from NEZ.Katuka is embarrassed and being used like toilet paper.

    • singolongoma

      Black remains black ,meaning the truth stands.Kaizer’s behaviour was devilshy.Any one who is upright in mind will agree with me politics aside.If you don’t agree then there is a devil in you which makes you his twin brothers and I will know you by the swiftness you will respond to my blog………LOADING…………………..1%….

      • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

        UPND’s comments on their apology is short of being called childish. We know the stupidity that KZ exhibited but for UPND to come out the way they have done is very unfortunate and lacks maturity. Politically, we need to grow up in Zambia. It is said that two wrongs don’t make a right. UPND must mature and Katuka must grow up and show leadership. That’s not an apology at all, it’s mocking! They are mocking PF!

    • Leon

      Wajimona you are also pf

  2. Collins Zulu

    Stop politics of dullness mr HH

    • Bk

      UPND should.tell their President to apologize to the people of Zambia for the ZCCM sale,the pensioners he never paid and the Namwala land he grabbed from poor Zambias the CAF nonsense

  3. fine@mwwwmbu

    We are tired of k/Zulu all times its the same fellow on TV/radio/news papers Ahh its too much Eddie fire this pagan is he a sagoma you fear

  4. Hakainyela heka

    Kulibonesha ta! Are you in power to apologise? Panyopanu a katuka. Leave the sleeping dog lie, do not provoke.

    • vex

      Comment nd who told u dt apology is only for those in power

  5. Glorious Joe

    Ba UPND please stop making political mileage out of nothing. The whole lot of you issuing nonsensical statements.

  6. Confucious

    UPND is being very childish. Trying to get political mileage out of a football issue. I don’t think this will make their leader win elections he already lost. Shame on you

  7. Confucious

    Katuka is being very childish. Trying to get political mileage out of a football issue. I don’t think this will make their leader win elections he already lost. Shame on you

  8. Confucious

    Katuka is being very childish. Trying to get political mileage out of a football issue. I don’t think this will make their leader win elections he already lost. Shame on you

  9. Confucious

    UPND is being very childish. Trying to get political mileage out of A football issue. Does Katuka think CAF can reverse election results for HH? Shame

  10. Confucius

    UPND is being silly and childish. Trying to gain political mileage out of a football issue. Does Katuka think CAF will reverse the election loss for HH? Shame on you

  11. Cmmpunwa

    This can’t be an apology to all intents and purposes. It’s completely childish and emanates from a very deep rooted position of hate. Of course this is typical of UPND leaders. I am not in any way supporting Kaizer Zulus behaviour if what I have is true. UPND has just expedience of the situation. If you think you have impressed the international community you have another think coming. You cannot impress people by demeaning other people. UPND take caution one day you will be in power and the opposition in your time will behave exactly like you are doing only to pay you back in your own currency. Akatanshi takalisha. I am non partisan and non political.

  12. OneNation

    So, what is the difference between Mr. Katuka and Kaizer Zulu with this type of behaviour by Mr. Katuka? Let’s have shame and let sleeping dogs lie. There is no need of amplifying Kaizer’s foolishness by writing to CAF ba Katuka.

  13. mulakwe

    hh who are you to apologize?get lost with your masonic behaviour.ati leader pakamwa pochoka mau yosasa yachizondo yeka-yeka.with your hatred speech sir,you’ll never going to became the president of Zambia.Mark my words.Your apology is a fake one cause it’s sound so stupid and hatred.

  14. chris chali

    Ilyashi ilyo.Nokuicindika pa cintu bwingi kusuma

  15. Idi amin

    No wonder you are a Useless Provocative National Disaster party.You want to gain political mileage over what happened.Grow up! Zambia is our country and not for your Useless party which wants to have political gain even when we have funerals.You are indeed a desperate Party.Thats why people will keep rejecting you as long as your leader is the one on top.

  16. Juez

    Unqualified Party in Need of Discipline(UPND) What are you talking about??? Who even put you in the position of apologyzing on behalf of the country???!!! You should be ashamed of your foolish selves mweh!! Honnestly how has football become something political,,,,, your problem is that you are always condemning the ruling party specifically H.E, even something thats not political……is it ECL who told the man to act in a foolish manner??? muleichindika naimwe ataseh!!! Welu your hatred will not get you anywhere , much less mu State House……..I officially hate the UPND now, yabaaah!!!

  17. christopher mukuka

    Agony is pretending to be head of state

  18. Ubuchushi

    Kaizer chikala u hav embaranced my president hh,ulimbwa waunfwa,naumfwa tapali ichigayo.

  19. RB

    Ughmmmmmm!! !!!!!

  20. One Andy

    This is more the reason I think this man will never rule this country. So full of hate.

  21. Wachingo

    Childish apology

  22. amuna ngaongao

    UPND you’re useless fools if you don’t have anything to say better keep quite who are you to apologise on our behalf apologise for your failure party.

  23. Audience

    HH and your group mapolo yanu.

  24. Hatase hicilema

    Useless apology ba UPND want to get sympathy he he he he and who are you to apologise on the behalf of Zambians? Apologise on your behalf party of failures

  25. KK

    Political milage at every conceivable opportunity taaa. Pretty childish

  26. Kapande

    Ubusuma bubili

  27. Kapande

    Ubusuma bubili

  28. mya

    ba hh naimwe muleikalafye what are you trying to gain so childish eewccchhh

  29. FuManchu

    What’s Lungu’s comment on the matter?

    • OneNation

      It is a non issue for the Head of State to comment.

  30. Hakainyela heka

    Very stupid hh chikala chakwe. Why behaving like you are the head of state and the party in power? Childish idiots satanyinenu.

  31. Jm

    This whole thing reminds me of Zuma who has messed up as a president but the way Malema reacts makes u even love Zuma more. In the same way Kaizer Zulu’s behavior was bad but UPND’s reaction makes one condemn them than Kaizer.

  32. ez

    Kaizar Zulu mapolo yako

  33. Audience

    Up to now u r still dreaming dat u will rule did country,am sorry learn to understand dat if u r not chosen by god u can’t b so stop dirtening de name of lungu.ba iiiii…….

    • Prince k

      You people it seems you are very happy with KZ’s behaviour. That’s the problem when tribalism is at its peak in the country. Why insult an Innocent man who is apologizing on behalf of all of us? Why do you think you are the only tribes that can speak sense? Please, brethren from the east and north let’s call a spade, a spade. Remember that whatever goes up must one day come down!

  34. kangaroo

    Commen everyone insulting the upnd and the good leader hh are foolish and stupt go and insult your own parents who taught you to insult not the stupt you are doing is hh your relative?? nonsens we njatuwe mubwa

    • Hakainyela heka

      Mapolo yamaibako chikala kangaroo. Tell your hh to grow up and stop tarnishing the image of our country to the out side world. Chisushi zoona katuka the mouth piece of chikala hh.

  35. Chisenga


  36. Mutolo

    This is the lunancy that we need to get rid of in the Pf govt how do you have a presidential advisor do such a thing. no wonder ECL stole the election from HH its a kaponya government of thugs

  37. WalasaJJ


  38. Jovanna

    When you see UPND rushing to issue a statement, just know that they are behind that activity. believe me you this was stage managed and as one politician put it…someone was paid to embarass him. shame on upnd

    • Native

      Has UPND become so powerful that even CAF have become its surrogate, Jovanna? If UPND can be so powerful as to plot such an incident with CAF while in opposition, just imagine then what they could be capable of had they the governance power? Don’t give us “bufi” spins, it was ALL Kaiser’s doing.

  39. Chilubo

    I’m not surprised to hear this from a leader like her excellence president of that polotiko best known by his relatives becoz he has forgotten that it has taken this long for our UPND to form government by not going to convertion. Please Mr hh weigh yoself by going convertion if you make it there then 2021 easy for you

  40. Chris B

    In the first place yes indeed Kaizer foolishness is acknowledged by all of us Zambian’s all of us have detested his nuisense and we all wish to see him being punished for that crocodile behavior.
    I however see no point and no relevance for HH to open his mouth on this matter which is under the care of the state. Like Zulu in upnd there is a similar and worse off the same kind of people well known for such behaviors example of one fat albert GBM he is worse than that fool we saw strangulating someone @ heroes stadium.
    Why should HH bring the name of His Excellence in this matter when he also went to watch Soccar as an individual and humble as he is best known for President Lungu was as astonished as any of us at the stadium and equally very disappointed to see such nonsense being exhibeted by someone he list expected.
    Now i must say that your fake apalogy to CAF and FIFA raises serious and painful concern considering what happened in Namwala and many other events of thuggery exhited by upnd cadres at your instruction why havent you at any time apologised to Zambians over the deaths of all those who where killed by your tribe after the August general electins and all those who have been evicted by upnd and your tribe just because you lost an election.
    what with that devilish apology from you? You of all Zambians should have kept quite because the log in your own eye is way too bigger than the grain of dust in the name of Kaizer Zulu you are talking about.
    Your insatiable apetite for power has made your to even forget your own wrong doing.
    Off all Opposition Leaders HH you are the worst you still far from true leadership i urge you to concentrate on your cattle runch other than talking such misplaced statements when your loop is worse than the small hole you are talking about mr UNDER FIVE.

  41. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    UPND man up! Katuka you are embarrassing UPND leadership. Get good advisors if you are to show relevance to mature political dispensation which we are in dire need of!

  42. Native

    There are times in life when the “proverbial head” goes astray in a household and lower members of that household will render an apology to seek forgiveness and understanding from the greater community. Zambia is a “household” in the african community in particular whose youth sportsmen we hosted. Generally we belong to a greater global community so what our govt representatives do reflects on all of us. There was no extreme provocation to warrant KZ’s ballistic behavior at the stadium and there would have been nothing wrong in him seeking the assistance of a uniformed high ranking state house police officer to negotiate for him to get closer to the “spotlight”. It is needless to insult the UPND for exhibiting some semblance of decency via their apology. The best govt can do is to pick up on that and render a “national” apology encompassing the UPND apology. Thereafter it would be advisable to deal with the errant official’s behavior because the zambian taxpayer is not getting good value for their money by having savages on their payroll. KZ is a civil servant who fought international visitors and our own law enforcement policewoman while on NATIONAL DUTY. If KZ was at heroes stadium in his personal capacity then why was he “pulling rank” on CAF security who were oblivious to his “status”. This is the problem when you enlist “kaponyas” into the public service without proper orientation. Assault is a criminal offence and when charged one is dismissable from the civil service according to govt rules and regulations. Do not focus your anger on Mr. Katuka but on the errant “civil servant” on our payroll. That employee is not remunerated to assault people but to raise the service delivery standard to the zambian people.

    • Newbie

      @ Native, your eloquent post is missing the point. Everyone here agrees with you on the behavior of KZ and no one is condoning it at all.
      The point here remains, as pretty much everyone has alluded, it’s shameless and immature opportunism on the part of UPND to involve themselves by apologizing to CAF. They are entitled to their opinion, which many of us share, but they need to role and stop being so shamelessly political.

      • Native

        But who in govt has taken the responsibility to apologize? Since no one has the opposition has done the decent thing. There will come a time (if it hasn’t happened yet) in your life when you will err and it may take one of your “charges” to apologize and facilitate to make peace with those you will have offended. Meanwhile deal with your errant “servant” newbie because taxpayers aren’t getting good value for their money!

  43. double m

    This is shameless political opportunism by the UPND official.Shamuna shame!

  44. Efford ngobola

    Comment……..That was a bad thing they claim to be gud pipo,it all start with leadership if your leadership is bad this is the results

  45. cts

    @ JM,u r very right on dat.am also wondering y pipo r insulting much of upnd than their stupid ,childish ,bully KZ.dat apology was supposed to be done by lungu ,n if he apologized he was supposed to do it publicly,y in private.it’s sad dat some pipo were brot up in environment where insults r part of their living.these r de some pipo who don t give respect to their parents,,,,, coz their souls r addicted to foolish bhvior.

  46. real

    Nice comments, however, its biased and no one has convicted KZ

    • Native

      You do not need a conviction for a physical confrontation that took place in “plain sight”! I’ll give you a precedent. In 1983 Joseph Kuluneta (MHISRP) assaulted his director at then ZBS (now ZNBC), he was immediately charged, suspended and subsequently fired before he was even convicted. He served 6 months sentence after. On being freed he became a gentleman that kept his fiery temper in check and went on to work for INDECO, ZPA and BP. No one is helping Kaiser by making him think he is untouchable with that kind of behavior and so close to the presidency. What would you say if because of his unruly behavior he started a physical fight on the presidential challenger plane or chopper endangering the lives of those on board (and possibly people on the ground too)? Will you still need a conviction after the aircraft crash (GOD FORBID)? The logic here is to prevent a catastrophe as opposed to waiting for it to happen! That’s the essence of management. At this rate KZ is an imminent threat to the presidency because even the security detail is “afraid” of him. It’s logic NOT VOODOO!

  47. Katete Kakoma

    Where is Mr Lungu in all this? His silence is deafening.
    UPND is a national party and can speak on behalf of the country and, indeed citizenry

  48. innocent

    Wannabe,if wishes were like horses I would have riden one.Keep on keep on.Apologising on behalf of an”enemy”,#one Zambia one nation

  49. G. M.

    t’s up to Zambians to contine electing sensible and mature leaders. If if indeed Kutuka wrote that letter then he’s no different from Kaiser, they are both competing in the same race of stupidity! Last year a number of people died at a known stadium in France but the French were united. I

  50. concerned

    This apology yamusebanya. Sometimes one can say he is reporting someone when in the actual sense he is exposing his foolishness or uselessness. Here there’s nothing like exposing how zambia is or how the president is but exposing how far leaders in UPND think. So uselessly.
    Ala bukateka tabwisa mumusangoyu. PLEASE STOP exposing the nation in this manner to the world!!!!!

  51. G. M.

    t’s up to Zambians to contine electing sensible and mature leaders. If if indeed Kutuka wrote that letter then he’s no different from Kaiser, they are both competing in the same race of stupidity! Last year a number of people died at a known stadium in France but the French were united. Our Parliament has become a money generating House where MPs either talk rubbish or sleep and paid! With no development to point at in their constituencies. Party politics will never develop this country it appears. Truth is that only Mulyokela s Party has no thugs . When UPND supporters are brutalized in Lusaka we ‘ve seen equal atrocities against PF in Namwala. It’s not a mistake that there are 70 plus tribes in Zambia. We ‘ve been a good example of Unity to the World. Let’s keep it up. One Zambia One Nation.

  52. makaveli

    Upnd apologising its like the wat to imbalance pf ad on kz s behavior towards the caf officials was bad ad imbalance to Zambia. caf official were just doing there job ad the didn’t know dat he’s the advice to the president kz was just suppose to introduce himself to them than being above law kutusebanya

  53. Barak

    Let’s stop insulting one another, we are all made in the image of God. Let’s unit and fix our economy not buying bundles just to insult ur friends. Divided we fall and united we Stand,one Zambia one Nation

  54. kasman

    K zulu’s misconduct cannot be condoned at alllllll and deserves punishment,, but on the other hand no sensible person can take this as an apology,but only those who sides with them even in wrong things..

  55. Mwana walungu PF 4life...

    But upnd owner never attended any match,meaning he was not part of it…ba katuka tumifwaile icishala namwamba ukupena….

  56. Kabengele s

    Stupid apology frm a tribal party.Its only FAZ who are mandated to.That is cheap and salaula type of doing things

  57. Easterners

    Comment This is foolishness at it’s best upnds are fools idiots pompolyongos hh katuka GBM fools idiots just like kz

  58. Woooh !

    Wooh !!! Pf rule the country as good men of One True God, do not be dismayed when the Day star is concealed from your eyes…

  59. I Am Not Tribal C.E.O

    Never underestimate the number of fools before you attack them, we have become so blind folded by theย rulling govt that u keep on supporting and taking wrong for right, shame on you ba PF you speak as though you don’t leave in Zambia but the eqitorio lands, its so sad that we have created such enmitie aganist our selves and this will bring terror in the future,,,,,, Don’t be miss leaded.


    You fools leave HH alone if you supporting PF you just continue support your local team
    PF government it is dormant…….

    The people who supporting HH like me
    and we are not stop supporting him HH for life beacause when jesus came here on earth some people
    didn’t believe him
    so even you sinners
    you not going believe him but at the end!!
    you need help
    when time for helping you sinners is over……..

  61. Emmanuel Ngenda Jr SESHEKE SOLDIER

    ๐Ÿ‘‰Well done upnd๐Ÿ‘ˆ I wish you could proceed with the same spirit!๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  62. Jkn

    Maybe for the sake of learning who is a Zambian? Bcoz I feel Zambian have bn categorized as upnd and not of. Secondly where is the state house of Zambia based? Then more needs to be clarified what an apology letter could be, I feel I was the one addressed to pardon Zambia that statement in the apology letter would yield nothing in that for as long as we remain decided and can not show brother hood to one another, more needs to be done beyond politics.

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