Matero Police Refuse To Process Complaint Against Kaiser Zulu

The lady officer assaulted by Special Advisor to the President for Politics Kaizer Zulu has hit brick wall in her pursuit for justice as the people around the case have chickened out.

The lady cop identified as Jacqueline Nkulukusa has learnt that the price of justice is higher when medical officers washed their hands off her saying they could not process her complaint as there was no evidence of physical injuries.

Nkulukusa reported the matter at Matero Police Station but has been told that the matter cannot be prosecuted as there were no physical marks.

Police have opted to play it safe despite CCTV footage being available to confirm the attack on the officer.

Zulu turned rabid when he was blocked from joining President Edgar Lungu on the podium during the awards presentation during the U-20 Africa Cup finals.

CAF officials had none of Zulu’s pomposity and duly shoved him off the ‘high table’ which infuriated him.


  1. vuyo

    Pleease police cage this fool, i hate that this idiioot is actually so close to Edgar Lungu the man i support and he is turnishing my president’s image.
    to mr president, when are you going to be courages and act against these idiioots surrounding you, nga ni kaiza awe achila chuck him out please ba president

  2. Ray

    OK. Time will come for this man so called Kaiser. He is not Clever at all but Silly and ignorant.

  3. Ray

    OK. Time will come for this man so called Kaiser. He is not Clever at all but Silly and ignorant.

  4. Oskupe

    A Big Fish In Da River,dat’s Kaizer Nd Pf

  5. wapenga munene

    Comment Justice will be done soon as HH takesover

  6. chris chali

    She is a cop.Anyway they are same people

  7. Newbie

    Perhaps UPND can write an apology to her. 🙂
    I’m sure they won’t bother because there is no real political mileage to be gained from that.

    More importantly: the police are total cowards and Zambians should step forward to protest this.
    If police, who are paid with your hard earned taxes and who are here to protect you, can do this in an event witnessed by thousands, what do you think they will do behind closed doors??
    Next time this could be someone you know . . .
    What do we do other than write in blogs?

    • Native

      Newbie, if police can’t protect one of their own then really “Zabwino Palibiletu” (ZP). When citizens feel unprotected then expect them to begin effectively protecting themselves. If the woman officer attacked by KZ was from Zambia Army that would have been the assailant’s end and not even ECL would have protected him. It is this kind of helplessness that has stirred women to begin killing their menfolk. As for the Police Command, look after your officers and they will look after you. They carry the AK 47s and are in the majority, the command only have pistols, they can begin to protect themselves better than the command has protected them. KZ attacked a police officer and does not realize he has offended the others. They may let this one slide for now but will find an opportunity to get even in future, after all they are “trained criminals” from their academies mind you.

      • Newbie

        Native – dude, RELAX and read the entire post before you get a stroke.

        • Native

          Strokes are for the unhealthy, I’m as fit as a fiddle!

  8. Chris B

    Against all the hard feeling i do not understand this matter now, you people you where quick to report to the nation that a docket has been opened, confirm you where just speculating cos there is no docket which can be opened without a medical certificate.
    how then was that docket opened and by who, CCTV is not the guarantee if our lady failed to produce practica exhibit they how does she expect to be helped??
    Moreover she of all mare citizen knows that any assult case goes to court with medical proof. This leaves one to wonder what kind of a cop would do such after what transpired in our law cctv is not enough evidence were bodily harm is concerned and we all know this fact.

    • CHris B, do you know what assault is? from your comment i can see thatb you need to read more. The Penal Code is readly available. You dont need to be stained in bllod or be swollen to have been assaulted


  9. Ubuchushi

    Ba zp nt until u c sam1 n comma u cannot react,ther are internal injuries.which sch dd u go 2?

  10. Hasty

    No police in Zambia.

  11. Sanchez

    Big big Fish kaizer.

  12. Victorkondwani

    Mr President please, discipline the people surrounding u especially those close to u, if its firing the, please fire them, they wil tarnish ur name nd reputation…
    too much headlines of Kaiser Zulu’s mischiefs nd conducts in the public,
    he doesn’t hv humility,as a diplomat he should know hw to conduct himself in public,he shouldn’t be too pompous because he is the resident’s right or left hand man.. the world is watching.

  13. Prince k

    It is very sad that a lot of Zambians, especially pf cadres have not reacted to this barbaric act by the so called Kaiser Zulu. What secrets does he hold such that he can’t be fired? ZNBC also couldn’t even bother to inform us! What kind of media is it? Nowander everything in Zambia right now is distorted!

  14. Prince k

    Who is kaizer Zulu? Where was he educated from? Where was he born and bred? When did he join politics? Surely, if you are to answer all of the above questions you will discover that the chap is a relative to lungu. That is why he can’t fire him. To tell you the truth, you are a disgrace to Zambians and you must apologize to Fifa and Caf.

  15. mengmore

    Ati ba police to arrest zulu ya!bt if it was me kawayawaya they can’t wait even a single medcle repot,any way baliyimba ati chiwamila hu pa mee not mee pa hu.tiyeni mumangeni adviza cadre zulu kayili!ati medcle repot u mean u didn’t wat hapnd with yo vima chintako eyes and don’t u know that even insult a person z asalt bt u o wat u need z medko rep,any way mwandini since mapapatila ka nchito kuli Ba prezdo don’t do it bt again muzibe kuti lesa eko aba for us the poor and one day,buzuba bumwi mudala

  16. mengmore

    Balitanfya rud boy kambwili kuti bashaleko nachipondo chimo kayili banwa chapamo na bakateka so ni chakolwa pa chakolwa and that’s y he actd like that thinking if we say a national cup nishi in cup ya mobs,bena balemona kwati niku biyawolo kuti ba sense chikombe noku nwisha ubwalwa ya!rubbish iwe zulu thnk like an educated monkey nt uneducated gorira o the timz busht.

  17. Mr Dave

    DeadNBC Chabe

  18. Leon

    Police against fellow police that’s good news so they can one by one feel how zambians feel when justice is denied how foolish no support for even fellow police

  19. ndolesha

    ithe police cannot protect their own sure what about a mere citizen A senior police officer was even quoted ati “apishisha nchito bambili uyo” That is how our professionals in govt have sank so low. They have lost dignity and politicians have taken advantage. They are willing to be abused in the name of keeping their jobs.

  20. Jm

    Please document the case and the lady keep all medical and police reports. The case never rot we shall open the docket when he leaves out of Iron Curtains.

  21. сомвзажжт

    Іоок nw

  22. сомвзажжт


  23. Chichi

    Why can’t he be executed? I don’t think this baboon’s life is worthy. He stinks as ugly as he is.

    • gm

      Chichi who are you to judge if ones life worth live or not ichinyo

  24. gm

    Chichi who are you to judge if ones life worth live or not ichinyo

  25. John Phiri

    How I wish I could have an altercation with this Zulu boy and deal with him ruthlessly.

  26. samuhanga konsolo chinyama

    were are we heading if it was mumba,hh,gbm iyo bekateni ati no one is above the law by the were is this kaizer frm

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