MPs Insults Worry Speaker

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has noted with concern a disturbing trend by some Members of Parliament to resort to use of abusive language and threats of physical violence in the house.

He said this kind of conduct not only offends the rules of the house, but also, unfortunately undermines the decorum and dignity of the entire house.

Dr Matibini said this when he delivered ruling on a point of order raised by Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili on 16th December, 2016 who wanted to know whether Government Chief Whip Richard Musukwa was in order not to cite the Daily Nation newspaper for contempt of the house for misrepresenting facts when the paper reported that he had threatened to beat up Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo but was only restrained.

He said Dr Kambwili was himself out of order for making a personal attack against Lusambo, did not correctly the Copperbelt Minister when he referred to him as a boy and also used offensive and un-parliamentary language against him.

Dr Matibini further said that while to some extent the Daily Nation newspaper reflected what Dr Kambwili said on the floor of the house on 15th December, 2016, the article in question was embellished with opinion and expression that were not part of what transpired in the house.

He said at no time did Dr Kambwili go vile in attacking Lusambo as stated by the newspaper in its article, adding that the records show that at the time the Roan MP was debating, Lusambo was already in the house and did not walk in during his debate contrary to what was reported.

The Speaker established that the Daily Nation newspaper was out of order for misrepresenting facts.


  1. Native

    And what are the consequences, under the law, for a newspaper that acts in that manner?

  2. pc soldier 4rm CAMBODIA

    Upnd ebatemwa insele mulimbwa saana bonse na hh chikala cakwe.

  3. citizen

    The Speaker has taken so long to make a ruling on such a straight forward “point of order”! I think he is a good candidate for the ConCourt.

  4. chris chali

    Its good that Mr kambwili now knows the type of media he was supporting when he was a minister.Thats why we advise these ministers to be fair when they areoccupying this offices.Now he is crying foul

  5. waltsido

    Some of the issues happening in Parliament are so disgusting.MPs should be role models in society who should uphold peace and traquility.it is so sad to see MPs inciting violence on the floor of the house.shame on you forgiving a bad example to your political cardes



  7. Leon

    We will have law and order when we change the President

  8. hummer where it hurts

    Character assasination,this is the best our News Papers can do.No wonder they align themselves to political parties.Kambwili was once a darling to the Daily Nation just like the Post was to PF.So Sakala and your team be carefull as you are singing praises in your MUZUNGU ANI KONDE crusade.Tomorrow may be a day for boot-lickers to cry foal.

  9. hummer where it hurts

    Character assassination is the best our News papers can do. Kambwili was once a darling to the Daily Nation just like the Post was to PF.Sakala and your team be careful as you are singing praises in your MUZUNGU ANI KONDE crusade. Tomorrow maybe a day for bootlickers to cry foal.

  10. TRIPPLE B.

    The house is on fire.

  11. Abubakar masiye

    These so called law makers are just swindling us of our hard earned tax payers money. Its even better to reduce on their contact time as they are behaving like pre- school kids or those @ a kindergarten. They offloading their political bitterness in parliament instead of discussing development. The bridge in Ngombe compound is on the verge of collapse and jean kapata is no where to be seen. Soon old ngombe will be cut off from new Ngombe. They are fighting over govt tenders instead of discussing what they will do for a common man. Abash useless MPs. God will punish you for your betrayal.

  12. The Sai J

    Mps nowadays are not very perfect to be mps, am sure.

  13. chiposa

    Why are they called law makers when they portray their stupid senses in a respectful house?can the house come up with penalties of deducting a good amount from their siting allowances.batumpa sana.we sent them to deliver not to concetrate on theirs stupid isues.naimwe ngamwaisa kuma constituency yenu twakulabomfya abusive languag muletusambilisha with extra

  14. pf chika...

    Kabwili u was the minister, u was direct ama media ukulanda ubufi pali ba upnd umfwa ifyo cuufwika chika

  15. awa na Moyo

    Ive been absent for sometime. Blogers bwanji

  16. John Mwila

    No wonder I have stop voting.politicians in Africa are useless especially here in Zambia.

  17. mutuli

    This is unprofessional why insulting each other in the House of Law, the Members of Parliament are the Law Makers and they have to show leadership if they have some differences they have to sort out their differences in a mature manner, Zambia is a christian Nation the spirit of Love should start with some leaders first not to insult each other in Public it is really sad.

  18. Longinus

    Kambwili, oh ka khasu or ka hoe.

  19. Banda.

    It’s a sad development more especially if it’s coming from the government side.

  20. American horror story


  21. mwape

    The daily nation shud b closed for spreading false hoods about my uncle mr kambwili y?they shud b arrested with hh.

  22. Chibwe

    looks like it isn’t Hakainda who needs to be disciplined UPND MPs need to be disciplined

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