No Confusion in PF-Mumbi Phiri

The Patriotic Front has moved to dilute the heightening bad blood among some senior officials by saying there is no confusion in the ruling party.

On Friday, Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili and State House Deputy Minister clashed with the former labelling that latter brainless.

Kambwili has also had a frosty relationship with Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo with Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini ruling him out of order for having made unpalatable remarks.

But PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri said that confusion in the PF was a matter of perception.

Phiri said that the party was standing in unity and that senior members were standing together.

“The confusion the people are talking about we do not see it. I do not see I am at the secretariat everyday and people are in harmony,” she said.

Phiri said that secretary general Davies Mwila had the support of the PF members and leadership.

“Mr Davies Mwila has been with PF from inception and people are comfortable with him,” she said.

Mwila’s stay at the helm of the PF chief executive position has oftentimes met resistance with President Edgar Lungu having been forced to come to his defence.


  1. Hon mp of mazabuka central.

    MUMBI PHIRI you are such a idiot, which people are you saying they are mascaraeding by saying thers confusion in the pf ? Ok if so, why only in pf can only be party which people are saying they are confusions among all political parties in Zambia,

    The other thing you should know mumbi Phiri is, both of you mwila and you people don’t want you to be in those positions because of your bad behavior, añd if you continue to stay as pf secretaries, you will die fast am advising you MUMBI PHIRI and Davis mwila to step down your positions, I feel like to vomiting you whenever I see you ka MUMBI PHIRI. Idiot.

  2. Prince k

    Mayo just try to bring your children together around the table to solve matters amicably instead of pretending that there is no internal confusion in pf. Surely, if the big fish have started fighting and insulting each other it means there is pandemonium already.

  3. mengmore

    Trying to blind us by sayng,u’r nt cry since we can’t here yo voice it won’t help u any more!any way iliche nayo bamayo diva phiri and tiyeni nayo mpaka umodzi chimudinge pamukosi then will here yo cowsh voice with those tumisozi we see which u say u can’t see them kayili u’r enjoying now koma pali seka seka ndiye pali Lila Lila.

  4. Nkomamatwi Sakala Richard

    Mumbi phiri admit there are problems in PF. These problems in PF may become insurmoutable in 2020 if they are not sorted out now. The Daily Nation is busy maligning Kambwili and belittling him as if he is a nobody. Truly speaking Kambwili is a force to reckon with in PF. Kambwili will not win the 2021 elections but PF will also lose to UPND in 2021. make no mistake about it. I am PF member on the side of Kambwili but not in big politics. I have done some snap surveys on the Copperbelt by interviewing cadres from the streets and the general feeling is that original PF members have been sidelined. They are PF but they are saying they will teach PF a lesson in 2021

  5. Katuba old boys

    Ba Mayo ba Mumbi confusion yena emoili pantu ilamoneka nkufibansa fyamupila , uko ba KZ baleimya intulubundi mu menso yaba kateka ! E confusion ilya ine taichila palya

  6. PF die-hard

    Is this Mumbi phiri, miss or Mrs? Otherwise if she is married then however has married her should be in problems. How does one always refute anything that we can all clearly see? The party is no longer in existence. The lady should marry Frank Bwalya with whom she has everything in common, madness..

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