Letter: Zambians And Juju: We’re Pretenders

Zambians just keep quiet about juju; don’t we all use it? Example, don’t we have people who say when such a player scores first then no one can score? Didn’t we all say Herve Renard’s white shirt was our lucky charm for us to win 2012 AfCON? Haven’t we seen teams scale walls when entering mu pitch? Other teams even enter with the back facing the pitch?

Just shut up and continue with congo dust, mwana apeluke and nsunko ala!

Dr. GM


  1. Sangulukani Mseteka

    I guess the Senegalese used it at wrong time.

  2. Gvb

    Congo dust,superman etc are juju for body strength boost and not for competing purpose so that you can ur fellow competitor get confused or derail him from his proper action ,disorention of someones capabilities which is witch craft to say.

  3. Oskupe

    Renard’s Charm Shirt Never At Anytime Disrupted The Game.Scaling The Wall Or Entering The Pitch Facing Backwards Has No Psychological Impact On The Players Bt A Player Throwing Somthing Strange Inthe Oponent’s Net Can Bring Psychological Confusion Among Players.Doctor Whatever Do A Bit Of Research In Psychology Before U Show Yo Foolishness.Bravo Jr Bullets.

  4. GANNY

    Comment Shut up! you wizerd.

  5. gbm

    think b4 you open your mouth!!!!!!


    serious bebelepo.

  7. Eddie

    You must be Senegalese sympathizer shut up with your juju.

  8. Chichi

    I didn’t watch the U20 finals (if they are really below 20), who won? Don’t tell me Zambia lost because I will stop watching football.

  9. Ubuchushi

    Think b4 u open yo black ass to talk nonsense

  10. Knightrider

    Typical stupid article that equates potentially dangerous/unhygienic concoctions to feetsball and tries to glamorise the stupid combination. The country is up shit creek.

  11. Mwana walungu PF 4life...

    But why didn’t your juju worked….

  12. Francis

    Check your fucker mouth before you agape it man!!!!

  13. RB


  14. 123

    Bulya buloshi bacitile waumfwa, y should we keep quiet while they even disrupted game that was wrong waigwila iyo ka?

  15. commando

    Whenever charms are used to disadvantage someone,it automatically becomes whichcraft and what ama sene sene did is not allowed on the field of play under Caf and Fifa rules.That was pure whichcraft and all the Zambians siding with the Senegales are also juju users.

  16. Midlands

    Shut up ba UPND

  17. Audience

    When u don’t have wat to post and points to defend yoself beta kip quite and think abt your life.dis z real stupidity.

  18. live

    Zambia is a Christian national

  19. 9/11

    The author should just eat nshima. ..

  20. mike cazo

    Stop prejudice and stereotepying

  21. Nk MN

    Kwena abantu bamo fipuba ,umuntu aposa umuti pa door pa mobe buloshi ,shallow minded support s nosence .ask first your grandpa he/she will tell you de Truth

  22. Noah chirwa

    If u were senegolese at that time kupezeka na juju, how did u felt? Bazimvere cifundo

  23. Shaban

    Muli mbwa yama imwe

  24. Shaban


  25. sh Darius

    juju will not take us anywhr bt only blivng in one who created us, workng up da followng day while som failes not even seing ka sunlight. mwaba amotole everyone who blives in juju

  26. Gbm

    Ma article yenangu

  27. sh Darius

    juju wll not take us anywr bt only blvng in one who created us, som workng up da folliwng day others not. mwaba amatole, everyone who blives in juju.

  28. call me

    We shall continued to be a Christian national

  29. Mr peace

    Zambians,let’s be very careful wen reacting to things.Sin is sin.No percentage.Wheather revealed or still secret.Remember,somemeone whose sin has been revealed can eventually stop it and repent but one whose sin is still secret continues without realising nothing is secret to God.To make matters worse,football will not take anyone into our Father’s kingdom.There is no football in heaven.Concentrate on the word of God and mind your own sins.

    • kimatomic Kims Ackim

      Well spoken Mr Peace!
      Instead of us concentrating on the word of God and his kingdom we ar busy judging others.
      Lets leave the Judging to God!!!

  30. zone

    kwena iwe ulimbwa idiot how can you support that nonsense kolwe

  31. Elivie

    jst kip quiet yuh idiot. Zambia is a Christian Nation,, dats y juju taimoneka.

  32. Ian

    Why insulting?

  33. shiaby flaps

    Elo nikanvele chimuntu ati Edgar chagwa Lungu sasebenza

  34. shiaby flaps


  35. Leon

    Every one of us has at one time or another used herb but always to own advantage tea is a herb just like marinara

  36. Martha Lungu

    Mr Man You Mean That All Zambians Use Juju?
    Dont You Know That Using Charms In Order To Disdvantage The Other Person Is Pure Wirtchcraft And Its A Sin Before Jehovah? Be Wise And Read The Bible Often.

  37. Mke C

    only a fool will post such nonsense about zambia

  38. toga

    Dat true remove da peak in yo eye first then anto yo friend

  39. banda

    u ryt mahn

  40. musa

    Even Zambia national team and u 20, all they used juju by sleeping at Ku ………?

  41. vyakulolavye

    Ba doctor with a small ‘d’. Learn to distinguish between herbal medicine or concoction and voodoo or magic. The two are different unless if the herb has steroid properties which can be disadvantageous to the other team.

  42. fashion

    hw dd zambia notice that wz juju mening that zambia endoshi ishine shine

  43. mmc

    O I can say is that the chipolopolo boys must continue with that spirit of remembering God and putting Him first in what ever game they are playing. I agree juju is there but what impressed me was that the boys humbled themselves before our almighty

  44. Abanayo

    Instead of using kola for it’s intended purpose, the Sene-Sene became disoriented and started casting it(sexual boosters) in the young Chipolopolo net

  45. THE STUD


  46. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    No one has been in dispute over Zambians not using juju. The difference is that in Zambia, juju is practised secretly unlike what we observed with the Senegalese. You and I know that it shall remain a mystery that my grandmother was a witch coz no one will confirm the issue. It’ll just be speculation. Our friends had shown us that with them, it’s perfectly alright to display their charming tactics

  47. Maano

    There is freedom of worship and religion in Zambia! Chritians should also stop praying before any game because that selfishness. Why should your god favour you and not your opponent. Should God exercise favouratism rather than fair play for the best team to win?

  48. mwape

    Shame on u senegal

  49. musa

    Hello anyone with football juju I need it cash 💰

  50. jah man metal

    Mwe Bantu in this life before we say any word or words we should know the results of it.

  51. Kalampa

    Waba ikandi chikala who told you congo dust is a charm dont be stupid maso yanoko stiniostix

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