PF Cadre Defends Kaizer Zulu’s Conduct At Heroes; Claims It Was A Trap

Patriotic Front self-style die-hard Max Chongu is one of the few ruling party supporters defending the embarrassing episode in which presidential political advisor attempted to burst protocal last Sunday.

Zulu was hounded out of the Heroes Stadium pitch after he clashed with CAF officials for attempting to take a place at the high table where he was not counted.

Zambians across political divide have condemned Zulu’s behaviour as embarrassing demanding he is relieved of his State House job.

However, Chongu – a former television reality show star – says Zulu was a victim of CAF protocol laced with foul play.


Good evening fellow country men and women, comrades from the patriotic front Party, friends from other political parties, all protocols observed.

This afternoon i wrote an article over what transpired at hero’s stadium between match officials and our very own special assistant to the president on political matters stately KAIZER PETER ZULU.

In my article I seriously suspected foul play between the football association of Zambia (FAZ) and the government officials.

I have been proven right as a senior protocol officer whose name i shall withhold for security reasons has openly accepted that it was actually senior protocol officers that erred.

According to the information availed to me, am reliably informed that its global standards in the football fraternity of such magnitude to only allow the Republican President of the host nation, CAF President, Minister of sports from the host nation and FAZ President to present medals on the podium.

However before the presentation is done protocol officer foreign affairs has to communicate with protocol officers from both CAF and FAZ who latter conveys the deliberations to our protocol officers for operations.

It is from here that senior protocol officers are expected to inform government officials on who is suppose to accompany the president on the podium and whose not suppose to.

I can confirm that this information was not conveyed to stately KAIZER PETER ZULU and other government officials, who latter took it like any government function that the president attends and as they are mandated to accompany him to the podium.

Therefore i conclude that the embarrassment was caused by someone who did not execute his duties professionally and people should not put the blame on KAIZER PETER ZULU.

On the alleged assault i would not comment for their is no official notification from necessary authorities proving that a case of assault has been reported hence for now I will treat that as a diplomatic rumour.

On exchange of words or insults which might be verbal abuse I will choose not to comment because only those that were near would prove that, for most of us were very far away from the scene hence it will be wrong to conclude lest you have audio or video evidence to prove that.

Let us not make our personal hatred towards one another make us rejoice at our friends misfortune thereby using such to settle our battles.

I rest my case may God bless you all.

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