UPND Pick War With Judge Chitabo Over Petition Hearing

The opposition United Party for National Development has shifted the fight from the petition hearing to judge hearing the matter who they want removed from adjudicating on the case.

Judge Chitabo has been hearing the case in which the UPND want the High Court to order that the Constitutional Court hears their petition that was thrown out last year.

But the UPND now have picked quarrels with judge Chitabo adding to their blacklist of judges after having rubbished adjudicators at the Constitutional Court as corrupt but still want the same body to re-open their case.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba have filed a motion for Chitabo to recuse himself in the matter.

The duo alleges that he has been biased in his overseeing the process of their right to be heard before the High Court.

Hichilema and Mwamba have petitioned the Court seeking an Order directing the Constitutional Court to hear the presidential petition.

Judge Chitabo adjourned the matter to today after being forced to put aside hearing of the preliminary matters.

The call for him to recuse himself adds to the scattered motions the UPND keep lumping before the court stalling progress on the main matter.

Hichilema and Mwamba are seeking an order that the manner in which the Constitutional Court construed the 14 days in Article 101 and 103 was ultra vires Article 18(9) of the Constitution.


  1. Rux Killey

    Chitabo shud be punishment loudly!!!

  2. ricky

    Sure chitambo should b punished

  3. munaz we

    yes indeed that person must be punished physically

  4. Zambian citizen

    UPND. just forget about it coz you are just consuming yo time for mahala plz plz!!

  5. Abanayo

    Yabaaa!! Twists and turns at play here; comedy of errors at its best bakamba, let the movie unfold.

  6. hilary chipunza

    please let the petition be heard we re sick and tired of adjourns

  7. renoh Muzambalika

    the victory is for the reds

  8. fest

    pliz let them jagee as fast as possible. we ar waiting for that .and chitambo must be punished.

  9. Temple

    Comment, Plz Bane, Lets Have The Petion Be Heard, Why Dilly Dalling By The State We Are Tired. Ba Zr Why Do U Like Twisting The Stories. 14 Days Is Clear On Filing A Petition, Proceedings Can Take Longer Than That, Just Like In An Apeal Of A Court Case Of 30 Days It Doesn’t Mean The Case Should Be Concluded No. Poor Fellows

  10. chisang

    Iwe pf siya vitu vakuvuta GBM AND MR HH GO GO

  11. Frank

    iwe dont u think that ka small gbm and ka small hh full of milk in there head to rule this beutiful country gerauti vane.

  12. chitulika bastard

    The whole treasury was given to these judicial embaciles, i think the local avenues are not available for this case

  13. mwale

    Local and corrupted zambian judges will not solve this isse pliz try ICC.I don’t recognize lungu as president as well

  14. Jimmy shaba


  15. Pmc

    what madness, numbers dont lie, we never voted for this people. what is their problem?



  17. army king

    Patience and no revenge guys,,,,,,God is able.

  18. John

    Comment Chitambo must be punished physical & spiritual.

    • Mose

      Leave judge Chitabo alone you animal fools. Ati hh and GBM those are loosed they even loose to 1Kelvin Sampa

  19. j.c

    Comment hh and gbm jst forgeet abt tht petition of yos u cnt defeat these guys thy r using state machinery u r jst makin lawyers to become richer instead give tht mney to youths and women as soft loans.

  20. Ronald Mil's

    Chitabo shud b punished physically.this man z not suitabo 2b a judge.throw him away.
    Evn F they dont want HH to be in power,they ar just wasting their time,HH&GBM wu takeover.

  21. Prince k

    Hh what are you waiting for? Just take the petition to ICJ its like those fellows are corrupt and their boss has told them a strategy of delay on this matter. Plz hh do not let the presidency slip out of your hands.

  22. HH

    Pliz ZR, UPND is not and are not in anyway attacking an individual. They are simply against the incompetent judicial system. Let the incompetent judge therefore just recuse himself for the sake of justice.

  23. Perkins

    CommentToo bad



  25. Rocco

    Which leader was abandoned in court by its powerful team of laws if I may ask? Why did those laws abandoned the Case is it not that they knew that its a nowhere to go Case? Let them waste time in court while his friend busy working by the time they will come to realize its another election time.

  26. Rocco

    They were abandoned by a team of powerful lawers because it was a no go where case that’s why lawers left,after making money.

  27. mwape

    Thums up judge chitambo am excited for adjourn this petition thing am fed up hearing it HH n GBM are wasting your time,they ar time wasters.HH n GBM its better they drink doom.

  28. kauzganga

    Kachikala mwape unamwa ma sperm? Idiot ataa! Uona monga zambia niyaambuye ako?
    We dnt want stupidity.
    That’s y munachinja ndalama kuti muibe.New money same value then, y changing?HH z comin wt fire bafikala!

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