LAZ Summons Makebi Zulu For Speaking Out On Nchito Brothers

Lawyer Makebi Zulu has been summoned by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) over remarks that he made alleging that the organization had hired itself out to the Nchito family.

Zulu who is also Eastern Province Minister said that he had written back to LAZ acknowledging their summons.

He said that he will appear before LAZ next week to answer to charges.

Zulu said that he had been summoned for allegedly addressing the media on a legal matter.

LAZ’s decision to render legal services to lawyer Nchima Nchito who has landed himself in trouble for defending the interests of Post Newspapers in liquidation Editor in Chief Fred M’membe.

The decision has received some criticism from lawyers like Hobday Kabwe who has also been summoned before LAZ.

The zeal with which LAZ has shown in protecting the interests of the Nchito empire has become a subject of public debate.


  1. wags Miami

    He must appear to law and charges will follow

  2. mungwala

    Because the nchitos are genuine unlike others

  3. saint

    LAZ is now like a rabid dog.

  4. Jm

    Lawyers you are the one who has run down this country to it’s knees. You forget the ethics you are supposed to uphold when you are appointed to those public offices. Your aim you have in your brains is how much you will make before you leave office.
    Shame I can’t even think of being a lawyer today because there are associated to thieves or crooks. Law used to be a noble profession not any more.
    The noble profession today is medical and Engineering because when a mistake is made it will result in death or mulfuction immediately.

  5. headman yolani

    mungwala.try smoking fresh weed if dried ones are proving to be too strongfor you.

  6. Sikota

    They are 2 different pipo tho related

    • Mfumukadzi

      Ever heard of conflict of interest?Show maturity in your contributions instead of allowing hatred and bitterness to determine your stance always.

  7. vuyo


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