Mwamba Kalenga Dropped As Sports Council Chairperson

Long time sports administrator Mwamba Kalenga has been dropped as National Sports Council of Zambia chairperson.

Sport Moses Mawere announced Kalenga’s dropping yesterday saying the entire board has been dissolved.

Mawere says the dissolution is in accordance with the Laws of Zambia that state board members will be in office for a tenure of three years.

Kalenga’s board was constituted over three years ago by Chishimba Kambwili.

Kalenga was recently linked to underhand attempts supporting the impeachment of FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

The official had recently forced FAZ to abrogate its disciplinary procedure and constitution to protect suspended vice-president Richard Kazala and committee member Blackwell Siwale.

Kazala and Siwale swindeled FAZ out of K150, 000 which was part of the proceeds from ticket sales for the match involving Zambia and Nigeria last year.


  1. Chichi

    So what? Who is this Mwamba Kalenga? I doubt if any white person knows him. Sorry, he’s not worthy the news.

  2. OneNation

    Isn’t this the man who wants to be called “Professor”?

  3. Chitamawe

    Ba ZR, Kalenga has not bn dropped. Bt the entire board has constitutionally bn dropped after its council’s constitional mandate.

    • mmj

      Comment mmm ya the whole board dissolved not dropped …may be I miss understood?? …factual reporting bane…

  4. 111

    Not bad

  5. Mimbulu

    Good riddance he was the invisible hand trying to save Kazala and Siwale.
    ZR is alright the entire board could have been retained if the Minister had wanted.We need to remove all cobwebs in sorts especially soccer

  6. Ubuchushi

    Weldone kalenga leav job 4 others and am sure u were always a back bencher

  7. Oskupe

    Players On The Pitch R Strugling 2 Score 4 Us Nd Yet 2 Thieves Outside R Gambling With FAZ Money.Can U Surely Support Them Nd Hate The Hardworking FAZ President?Thats Bull Shit.Nakafikepo Takakwete Incito.

  8. Ethan fwanyanga

    Too bad for him

  9. zeman

    i said all those who are corrupt has to go first was blatter next plattin next kalusha next hayattou and now mwamba kalenga

  10. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    This is what Trump refers to as fake news! Really what’s wrong with you Zambia reports? You mean you can’t write that the National sports council has been dissolved instead of singling out Mwamba Kalenga only? I think change your reporting style. It’s outrageous to say the least!

  11. Native

    Well Jeffrey Trump will normally provide “alternative facts” when disputing fake news. Is it an “alternative fact” that old man Kalenga is still sports council chairman? If Mwamba Kalenga indeed is still chairman then indeed this news is “fake”. If Blatter can go and football is still being “kicked” what makes anyone think sport will die because the old man is no longer chairman? Let’s emulate our zambian friends of indian origin, they are almost always leaving a positive inheritance for their children’s children because their succession plans are deeply inculcated into their culture. Let us be honest and do the same.

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