UPND MPs Face Pres. Lungu

UPND Members of Parliament will have no choice but to sit through the House when President Edgar Lungu addresses parliament today.

Last time President Lungu addressed parliament the UPND MPs shunned the sitting on grounds that they did not recognize his Presidency.

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini found the MPs guilty of breaching parliamentary procedure.

The UPND has been challenging the election of President Lungu alleging that the vote was stolen from them.

President Edgar Lungu will today address parliament in line with the amended constitution that compels the Head of State to date the House.

The address will be an opportunity for the President to set for the tone for his vision during his rule.

Under the amended constitution President Lungu will be expected to address parliament quarterly with MPs having an opportunity to ask him questions.


  1. maid in Manhattan

    UPND their have known choice but to accepted him as the elected President for all Zambia and we can move forward

  2. UPND

    Upnd members will never attend any anything concerning lungu’s opening to parliament ,,,believe me only one mp from southern province attended ,what a shame to lungu,,am very proud to be Upnd member,,remember the truth is about to come out ,,,,,wait

    • bulaya

      When will be that

    • JM

      Upnd mps are useless nd ignorant rags nd wetha they dont accept the president their just fooling themselves. upnd doesnt have the aspirations of zambians at heart. zambia is bigger than upnd. hh will never rule zambians but his wife and children.upnd mps and hh cant accept president edgar lungu they should go in exile because edgar lungu didnt impose himself as president of the republic of zambia but was given a mandate to preside over the affairs of this great country by zambians so its either you accept him or leave this country. go to malawi may be they will meet their aspirations and selfish desires. mind u president edgar lungu did nt steal votes from upnd as they claim but they were denied by zambians.

      • pj

        If he won y dodging the petition.?What was chavula doing in the server room?y did lungu refuse to hand over power to speaker during petition. ?

        • Tasila

          its true.….

        • Ndombolo

          Ask them that is extremely good questions

        • Chilo.com

          My brother he was guilty that’s why he failed2hand over the instrument of power.he is an ideot.

    • CHOPET

      And you think ure solving anything by acting so childish ba UPND. U dnt knw that ure jxt decampaigning yoselves by yo acts




      A big shame to u upnd’s u will never won the 2021 elections again because of been sale fish party,

  3. frank

    very very gooooood mr president ECL thank u ,

  4. ked-sing

    Zambia is a democratic country, so i espect development.ZAMBIANS WAKE UP.

  5. mungwala

    Are you sure of what you write? Were the MPs in house when lungs gave his address?

  6. Musa

    Just expel those fools they are no good for this country

  7. j.c

    Comment let thm face th reality of life its high th law makers for upend to start thinkin properly to save pipo who voted for thm an like jst denie everithing bt wen its to mney issues u agree to hm pliz b serious.

  8. Soother

    …..set for the tone for his vision during his rule.!!

    Lets see. Which countries has he not visited yet?

    Fiji? (Nice beaches and plenty of RUM!)

    Or maybe he should pretend his tourism is part of the job?

    Chile? NO! they might show him why they started copper mining long after Zambia and are now producing 3 million tons a year – embarrassing!

    Or somewhere in Africa?

    Somalia! YES. DEFINITELY!

    I will let El Shaabab know he is coming!

  9. Mr peace

    Primitive politics.will never take Zambia anywhere.Why do these idiots attend national assembly and not parliament?Are they members of parliament or Members of National Assembly.When pipo from their constituencies are in problems who do they want to respond?So when UPND wins PF MPs should be shaning parliament?Who is victimised?The Zambian citizens.Black Man is worse than a chimpazee.

  10. kaonaaaron

    Shame for Zambian politics. People steal maize you keep quiet. They steal your votes you keep quiet. They steal your money through allowances you still support them. They go on holidays every day, the entire cabinet you still shut up your mouth. KK could have said ‘stupid idiots ‘.

  11. Pf cadre

    He thinks being president is about the ‘merry-go-round’ and wait for this constitutional periodic meet with parliament. Is he going to talk about the countries he has not yet visited? Pliz ba lungu, running a government is a serious business where you have a plan of activities and time frame for each of them, either immediate, medium or long term. Then implement them accordingly and evaluate. But am sorry, unfortunately someone calling himself leader is visionless, with no hope for the suffering majority zambians. ‘Bon voyage’ on your next ‘beneficial’ trip, sir.

  12. Justo

    Am not a protician but i can’t understand this type of polics by UPND party. His this is a United..party..for National.. Divelopment party?….. Where is the UNITY in this political?… Let end up here.

  13. Voice of BEMBA

    Pr. ECL for all Zambia

  14. jr

    upnd always do what is right to me.

  15. Cc

    Comment But why do they attend when the Veep is therein parliament, even asking her questions when they know very well that the Veep was elected together with the person they have not recognised. Does it mean they recognise the Veep mama Inonge Mutukwa Wina as a national Veep?

  16. Fg

    It means they have been acknowledging Lungu too.

  17. kimz

    Upnd are called idiots.. Yes & ok coz its u manguams, she pigs & hegoats u brot this your usesless types intimidations in politics.

  18. Akapondo munchende

    What do u expect when the blind ……others? They all become blind not so? Like daughter like son. They get paid for nothing, their pipo are suffering because they are not working their tamis are getting fatter and fatter every day.IDIOTS

  19. Justine Chanda

    Advice to Zambias elected veep mama Inonge Mutukwa Wina, dont respond to questions from upnd mps in parl.

  20. Oscar

    Let consider our grand parents who cannot hustle, hw wl thy earn k97 to buy a bag of meali~meal. ECL nt fair at all

  21. Muzambian

    They are just chilling fooling around with reality…if the don’t believe?UPND does not Exist here in Zambia maybe in Ghana or Iraq..

  22. Mule


    • beedx

      Don’t insult iwe kachikala mule.wabamabolo

    • kaya

      but how….when de president himself has failed to change things….a bag of meali meal going @ K97

    • kaya

      but how….when de president himself has failed to change things….a bag of meali meal going @ K97……wake up

  23. cts

    Dat z y yo Veep z never likd by westerners coz she has adapted de manners of stealing n yabu cruck. How can I v a prsdt wu z a thief ? Wat more bana bazapela pati nkukani yakumba.

  24. Chitamawe

    MP’s shud represent electorates in both National Assembly and Parliament. Full stop. Nothing more, nothing less.

  25. Chichi

    Is there a president in Zambia? All I see is a warlord calling himself president.

  26. vincent sakayombo

    de land z going 2 b on fire n w’ll start seeing de chameleon runng fast

  27. mmj

    Comment: The part under Mazoka MHSRIP ..was United Party for National Development …now it is united party for national destruction …

  28. 123

    They will not believe until 2031.
    Ecl worthy to be in state house .
    Unlike these who are good at dreaming and intertaining Zambians.

  29. sent one

    To those who are saying that,HH will never be president,if Zambia was created by you or any of your relatives then he will never be president because GOD is listening to the cries of His people who are suffering and very soon Hes gonna act.Keep watching.

    • aurent

      Comment: U fool, God cannot listen to the cries of stupid, and blind bandwagoned idiots like hh and gbm followers. .

  30. mya

    like father like son thats what the upnd are..ECL will rule Zambia again to all those who are supporting upnd keep on dreaming we wont wake you up until 2050

  31. cts

    Instead of telling yo prsdt on how he will swido de votes again in 2021 ,u r busy minding other pipo s businesses,,,,, u can read a human thought s,but u ll never read Gods plans.u r busy saying hh ll never rule,wu r u to tell de future ? U don’t even kno how tomorrow ll be n u r busy judging, empty tins u r.u don’t think outside de box.

  32. Pf mp

    The country is being run by our party cadres because we do not have a president. The one calling himself “president” to us, does not exist because he does not inspire. That’s why we, as party members have taken advantage of his “humbleness”, which to us, is his being dull. Period! We are the ones “ruling”, while he is busy globe-trotting.

  33. ECL

    Eyah! Ati ba president… Kubwelapofye…

  34. 123

    Ba fikala learn to comment with respect
    Your comments must aim at uniting the country.

  35. Neneluv

    Ati up

  36. mya

    ECL our President we love you and will keep on supporting you..may GOD guide you in every thing..viva ELC viva

    • Mutinta


      • kauzganga

        That’s y u cnt speak /write sense u idiot ai?

  37. Aurent

    Comment: I propose to all well meaning law makers to come with the law that will bar all abscond mps from getting sitting allowances, and legitimate their electorates to pass a vote of no confidence in them.

  38. akpata

    Fuck Pf…..Atase….Idiots

  39. upnd

    HH u’re a fool stop wat u’re doing u’l never b a president VIVA ECL VIVA

  40. Tasila

    shi Tasila was loose the election

  41. Pastor with a cigger

    To meaningful Zambians,we zambian are globally known as people with respect and honor for elders, but what is this that we are now doing? Is it because we are exposed to social media where the fear of God is not consindered, please we all know that politics is a dirty game lets remember this is christian nation and not an insult culdron repent! GOD is not mocked. Lying and insults is sin!

  42. Wamkulu

    Hallucinating hyna (hh), hakaivotela heka (hh), hakainda hakafina (hh). Upnd members ar a bogus. They dont think straight. They just have natural hate for lungu. Upnd hates other tribes and expect to be loved by the same pipo they injure.

  43. Doc

    The speaker should suspend or expel MP boycotting and let president replacements for those seats.

  44. mwansa humphrey

    kabili umuntu ingaakolwa talanda ifyamano,u did well not to be found there.

  45. Let Justice be Prevailed

    God created us and he also gave others the mandate to be leaders and others to be followers,now here in zambia followers turn to be leaders and those who were supposed to be leaders are now followers,what a sad.we need God fearing leaders

  46. Wizo

    HH We r still suportin u continue.

  47. kauzganga

    U fools y cnt u hide folly words of yoz.If u support intimidation then it marks failure to ru us

  48. mwansa humphrey


    • kauzganga

      Kamwansa dont be heartless kachikala kabunang’ani


    UPND you all have no brains at all you fools.

    • Laston

      The only fool is u whose following changwa blindly. Foolish boy

  50. kauzganga

    PF supporters u are more than fools.If u love peace y not playing fair game.Your prdnt dozes during meetings,how do u expect develpmt lk tht.U knw he’s inactive bt u dnt want truth to prevail. U come in disguise saying u ar christians but o u do z overcome truth.its evil u fools

  51. De Don


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