Wedson Nyirenda Threatens To Quit Chipolopolo; Cites Interference From FAZ ExCo Members

Chipolopolo national team coach Wedson Nyirenda is reportedly threatening to quit his position citing interference from some Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) executive committee members.

Nyirenda, who was also technical advisor to the Zambia Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations winning team last week, has told his close confidants some FAZ executive committee members were attempting to impose backroom staff.

Since arriving to take over Chipolopolo, Nyirenda has operated without his own team and is now in the process of reconstituting the technical bench.

The former Zesco United and Zanaco championship winner is frustrated that some FAZ executive committee member who are allegedly working with outside forces are rejecting the reshuffles he has made to the technical bench.

According to the Zambia Daily Mail, Nyirenda has constituted a background staff that includes Dabid Chilufya as assistant coach, Stephen Mwansa as goalkeeper coach, Chris Chibuye as team manager and Gerald Sakala as logistics and equipment manager.

The ExCo members in the forefront of rejecting Nyiremda’s reshuffles include Dr Christopher Mulenga and Elijah ‘Shenko’ Chileshe.

“The biggest problem now is that FAZ executive members don’t feel they have a say in team selection like the case in the past. They all want to be consulted even on the players being called to the national team.

“All the national team coaches are infact very happy that they are no longer under pressure from FAZ executive committee members to selecte their prefered players. So, they want to bring back the old mentality of picking players and making decisions for coaches,” a source close to the technical staff has said.

Nyirenda has a history of frowning at attempts to interfere with his selection. He once was national team assistant coach and during an international friendly when Zambia played Chile, he was made stand in coach due to the absence of the senior coach at the time.

When attempts were made to select a team for him for the said match, he abandoned the technical bench and sat in the stands the entire match.


  1. Zambia fans

    Zambia coach must work independent with out interference from faz exe

  2. Zambia fans

    Zambia coach must work independent with out interference from faz committee member

  3. chris chali

    Iwe ci shenko Let wedson work.if he quits ukaponokwa

    • Michael Sakala

      That is the problem with Zambian football, very one at faz wants to be a coach but after a lose they point there fingers at wada wada Nyelenda

  4. Perkins

    Comment let the coach work independently


    Me i don’t know teacher.

  6. Last M

    Allow the coach to do his job

  7. Last M

    Allow the coach to do his job

  8. number1 fanatic

    Executive perform yo executive duties. Coach and team should be left alone to do what is required of them.stop thinking with yo bellies

  9. number1 fanatic

    Executive perform yo executive duties. Coach and team should be left alone to do what is required of them.stop thinking with yo bellies! Start thinking with yo brainnnnn!!!!!

  10. Joseph banda

    That s kalu’ s style , let the coach be independent and c the results

  11. Football fan

    Pliz leave the coach alone. No politics…. We don’t want political interference in our beautiful game. Wapya ba FIFA ban iwe! Ask Nigeria.

  12. Umuntu mutwe

    Abenefye Real babombelepo

  13. Brian

    Imwe bakapompwe do your job and let the coach do his job.

  14. commando

    Since the executive members want to select players for the coach and if we lose it’s the executive members who will be fired instead of the coach.I remember when Herve Renard was coach kalusha wanted to do the same but renard refused.It’s like these guys balalyamo akanono ngabasala ama players and give the list of players to the coach saying “these are the players we want”.I mwe bane let the coach do his work without interference.

    • Coach

      Bushe kanshi why do you like farting lies about Kalusha? Herve Renard himself told the media he liked working under Kalusha because he never interfered in Renard’s job but ZR and it’s hired bloggers always want to shit cheat and lie about Kalusha. Is this ZR’s mission?

  15. Fannie Hangunyu

    He is not even a world class coach and he is making noise. Prove yourself first before becoming a diva

    • number1 fanatic

      @fannie don’t have to be a house hold name to prove your self in wat eva you do. Wat every one wants is freedom of expression. To be free to use wat is inside them. Interference impedes creativity. Where this happens real development doesn’t take place. Let’s learn to give each other space & time to exercise our abilities and God given talents. That way we will appreciate one another & achieve more. Dear Zambians, let’s stop thinking with our stomachs bt with our brains. SAY NO TO REMOTE CONTROL.

    • Albert Nyirenda

      Please leave the coaches allon u were saying Kali used to interfere but now that z gone who z interfering

  16. chips

    Ba hangunyu the coach Canot prove himself wen he is being interfered plz let him work as to his plan.we want wonderful results.that’s why we suport.

  17. Archfell sichinga

    Comment let the coach chose who he wants to work with,the committee is there to facilitate not to chose players.

  18. Zambia 1

    Y mulemuchinga inchito iyo mwamwingishe fye mwebene?

  19. Emmanuel

    Leave Kalu alone the coach should be helped bcoz he is still an amateur.

  20. Michael Kaluba

    Do staff (both full time and part time) at FAZ understand their job descriptions .It is important that FAZ invests some resources in training to avoid misunderstandings.To our coach please exercise some tolerance. Some interference may be as a result of limited knowledge or one track expertise.Without prejudice.

  21. Mike Mazabuka Boy

    Why disturbing things which are already in good terms and forms……Executive this is not good,our did his best and his still bringing wonders to our nation.

  22. X.M. Stereo

    Why do we bring irrelevant issues where they’re not due. Wedson is talking about interference. You bring in Kalu, Renard and when it’s clear that’s about Faz Exco members… Lets be issue based when we comment.

  23. pd

    Leave the coach along so that he can do the best.

  24. HOMMIE 24

    am tired of cetain individuals alwas posting lies about kalu.he wos n stil is a good son of a bitch who made such a good name for this country with his achievments.its about time we acknowledge his efforts n regard him with respect.mukanyela

  25. Aurent

    Comment: Wedson, you know very well that you can’t perform,therefore resign and let the right people to take up the position.

  26. Himakoma

    Leave the coach alone, and allow him to work independently period.

  27. piss off!!

    Animal farm

  28. TOP MAN


  29. Iferietion

    Don’t make a master look like a pupil

  30. Akapondo munchende

    Too much ukulyamo ba mambaala. Leave Nyirenda to work properly

  31. JUDAH

    Let Wedson work.

  32. Chris Kam

    Wen u choose a coach let him do his job unless he fail that’s wen u cn change

  33. Mwile

    Not zambian coach he just work them not alone

  34. Umukankala

    Why employ some one and later tell not to work…he’s going fail…leave wada AlOne

  35. Edward

    Please, talk about the issue at hand.Don’t bring other people’s names here.some individuals have done good things for mother Zambia and its high time we appreciated them despite their short comings as they are human beings.Why should some have interest in the selection of players? If their job description says so,let them go ahead if not,let them do other things and let the coach do his job.

  36. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    In Zambia, we are allergic to change! It’s the more reason we are still grappling with a simple copy and paste constitution. I think Shenko nomunankwe babe careful! We ll bullock them!

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