Opinion: UPND MPs Are Out Of Order

The boycott of President Edgar Lungu’s address by opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament on Friday takes the country several strides backwards.

The UPND has taken the country back to where it was when the opposition MPs boycotted parliament and were censured by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.

On December 22, 2016 UPND Chief Whip Garry Nkombo apologized to the House for breach of parliamentary procedure and etiquette. Nkombo and his lieutenants pleaded for leniency and promised not to be disrespectful to the house.

This was after 54 MPs were found guilty after they had shunned President Lungu’s opening of parliament on 30th September 2016.

Barely three months have passed the UPND is back at it with their act coming out of the blues. It is a kind of confrontation they could have done without.

Nobody denies that they are an aggrieved party given the outcome of the August 11 elections. But to want to grind the entire country to a halt just to ensure that things are tilted your way smacks of recklessness. Why should it be so important that they convince everyone that they won the elections when the count was declared otherwise? Is it good politics to open up so many war fronts? Do they really have to be quarrelsome all the time? What was the point of absconding parliament? Does it bring their leader Hakainde Hichilema any closer to State House than he was before the boycott?

On one hand they have been scandalizing the courts of law labelling them corrupt and incompetent and on the other they are clinging on to their belief that the court has to give them justice. Have they not called the court corrupt?

They have scandalized the Constitutional Court, demonized High Court judges handling their cases and even taken their war to police officers providing security at court hearings. What do they expect society to do when they are all over town picking fights with everyone? Will it not be more productive for them to get down working and looking forward to 2021 with more preparedness? Why not just save up the resources and share with the poor than pouring them on top drawer lawyers? Why is it so important that Hichilema gets to State House? There is even an impression that Hichilema going to State House will be a favour for Zambians.

If Hichilema wants to be President of this country, let him come through the front door. If it is written that he will be President, then he will be President but he has to be ready to work for it through winning over the electorates and not intimidating anything in his way. Otherwise that act by UPND parliamentarians was out of order.


  1. matias

    Its very disapointin to the Mps….they shoul just disolve their sit,so that serious people should be voted in who are ready to selve for the people of zambia

    • Pastor Samuel Ngwira

      If We suport politics Of this type then we in trouble. let us be one and esteem other pipo’s opinions over this matter. Lungu And HH think of the pipo behind u. if the election were fair, why is the court of law behaving like they dont knw their duties ? Zambia Is A Christian Nation, and we thank God for the declaration, but wat we dont want are the so called leaders to start behaving as if they are thieves. wat am seing its like HH has gathered enough evidence and even the court fails to setle the matter. we are a christian nation, good! wat is the ministry of religious affairs and national guidance doing ? let the ministry give guidance on this matter. His Eccellence The President Mr Lungu, Please Be Proactive! We are falling if this type of life can continue. hve been blinded by the force prophecy that you cannt hear the cancel of the wise and all you see is power,honr and money in your pockets ? i love yr humble steps you have tken in the the things of God, But Wat We Wnt Z To See God’s Glory In This

  2. still diamon

    thnx to our mps

  3. PF MP

    Pliz, let the courts hear and conclude their elections petition. Otherwise, if not concluded, they will continue absenting themselves from any meeting that is addressed by Lungu, as they still cant recognise him as the legitimate national president. The judicial system must fairly hear, conclude and put to rest the issue. For it is said that ‘justice delayed, is justice denied’

    • Alex

      nakuti majaaji alilwa kuti amane makani aya nkuzwa nkaambo balaleta nkondo mucisi cesu

  4. kasman

    It is indeed sad,even the people who seem to be educated are acting very irresponsible and dull.this kind of selfishness and irresponsibility will this nation nowhere and if their constituances are not developed whom are they going to blame? At the end of the day they will even be demanding for allowances,what kind of people are they?”Selfish indeed”.

  5. chomz daka

    yes it was right for them to do such, they practised their duties….moreover parliament boycotts are not new

  6. Leave upnd

    Comment: y cikubabaani nindalama za uso? Olo kapena za nyoko? HH is our president moreover which ever decision he has made is welcome! They boycotted an adress from lazzyness lungu, SO WHAT? Ala!!

  7. ce

    Very disapointing & a big shame to the august House and the Nation at large, it’s a wake-up call for us all, God bless Zambia!!

  8. captain

    Useless party and useless hh. Idiots fools.

    • Alex

      nakuti majaaji alilwa kuti amane makani aya nkuzwa nkaambo balaleta nkondo mucisi cesu

    • Alex

      Mazyu a ko yebo ociyanga nkaambonzi nchofubazya HH?

  9. Hakainyela heka

    HH chisushi sana. This is madness to the highest level. In parliament they recognise the vice president who was on the same ballot with the president but failing to accept that EL Won the elections. Their stance of not recognising EL is a sheer waste of time and nothing is going to change. Lunacy at its highest level.

  10. chambo fr

    Incompetent scoundrels……….they hurt Zed tell em to find a country of thier own…UN is willing to help I bet!!!!

  11. frank

    Mr president sir show them, why are they showing off there egoism.imwe ba upnd if you have nothing to do- just sweep your surroundings.

  12. none

    you want upnd to hear wat you want while ecl refuse step down wen upnd petitioned the election of ecl.don’t be selfish pf.

  13. Lolo

    Truly Lyng u is humble. Coz me can’t coup up with such.

  14. lolo

    I pray for mother Zambia. May the good come in and expose every evil behind all this In Jesus name.

  15. Lasty Mizinga

    Well done…….How can you recognize a thief to be a republican president….Kalasamba cisi kuti mukalekelele.

  16. Ba hh

    Pamatako pao a hh na ma MPs yao,behaving like cattles panyo

  17. Tito

    Learn this some of you who doesn’t know how Parliament is being conducted there are code of conduct that the Parliament disciplinary committee acts upon and some they cannot for a reason being limited when a person is elected as member of Parliament from any constituency he becomes a product of the electorate and is empowered by those so it is the electorate who has the powers to remove him from that mandate or maybe in an event of malpractice or breaching the electoral code of conduct and not where by a member of Parliament abscond an address by the President not even the speaker has the right to punish or suspend or not even the the president him self so you people who are saying Mr president show them what is he going to show them can any one have power to show some one on something that does not belong to him if you want those mp’s to be shown go and ask those who voted for them to reject them of which it’s not possible and if maybe any election to be held same political party will win which means it’s work done is equals to zero but what is needed is the government to do things in a transparent manner that will not hurt people’s feelings

  18. milk

    fools at old age

  19. Alex

    one Zambia on Nation siya 2 lungu ba HH don’t say Sam one

  20. Chipya Mulilo

    What do u expect frm a polygmist?

  21. Gabriel

    Zambia is lost hence that we got no direction and we are lacking morality especially the top leaders yyyyy is this happening…..

  22. Gabriel

    Zambia has lost hence that we got no direction and we are lacking morality especially the top leaders yyyyy is this happening…..

  23. Akapondo munchende

    These fools are bringing us backwards Mr speaker chase them for good. Or freeze their seats so that we replace them with ones who can think propely. Idiots

    • fc

      u 2gether with yo spika ,including yo so called President ecl ar thief’s foooools .muvileya muvosena idiot

  24. given siame

    Does hh want to pass through the front door or the back door,coz who pass through the back door is a thief.

  25. Happs

    Am disappointed with the opposition, just wondering why they should be in pariament.

  26. Leon

    Tell the nation the truth, who won the elections, I for one as a voter has been denied my rights coz up to now I do not know who won

  27. TI

    Comment shit


    Bushe takwa kutanfya UKU SALABAMBI? ABAKWETEKO AMANO!

  29. Ahmed phiri

    Comment. we want peace in Zambia lord may you hear us.



  31. Umukankala

    Zambian politics kuwaya-wayafye

  32. mya

    there is nathing like tell the nation who won the elections when every one knows that ECL won..this people lack maturity and understanding.

  33. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    In Zambia, we are ill educated. We may not be educated at all. I think we are lacking critical thinking and analysis. Look at the UPND MPs that boycotted the presidential address, are they telling us they will be constantly out each the address is debated on? Let them stop being MPs so that others can take those positions that are ready to move the country forward

  34. fn

    wat the opposition mps are doing not gud

  35. sinx


  36. nengy

    These mps are just bring unfair to there own people who voted them into power.these mps promised alot of things for their electorates but instead of delivering there promises they are avoiding such platforms.how can the govnt know problems from different constituencies if these idiots keep walking out of there responsibilities.and they think they can form govt with such foolishnes?NO!

    • Juez

      Thats very true weh…..they must be disciplined and we all know where such kind of habit is coming from, the leader of the UPND himself….

  37. Idi amin

    I wish EL Classico continues to address the Parliament every so that we see were fools will get their allowances from by boycotting.

  38. lungu was not chosen by God and not by the majority zambians hence he his an lmporster

    Lungu was not chosen by. The majority Zambia ns and not by God hence he his an lmporster

  39. Sikota

    Is it check & balance? Or wat

  40. Aurent

    Comment: My fellow well meaning Zambians, what do you expect from these cow Dung, cattle ass fucking political assholess? They ‘re led by two hard heartless headlogs who believe in nothing else but their folly, so they are.
    Just as it is said, ‘show me your associates and I ‘ll tell what you are’, therefore you can know these idiots by knowing their empty headed leaders. In bemba we say ‘insamba ifyala insamba ibiye’.

  41. maid in Manhattan

    Upnd must accepted the results

  42. Anny

    Yaba but IT is bitter mwe! Power is really sweet. His poor electorates are really yearning for development yet their leaders are so selfish and foolish. Ajibe!!

  43. ked-sing


  44. pf fikala

    Leaders should be brave like upnd Mps enomo, only fools can support thief lungu in a country called Christian nation this guys have got evidence and ba court they don’t want to do their job to be justice no one reached 50 +1 so ni rerun nimwe ba pf mwasaine fishi fwakoso amuba amat….

  45. 123

    That’s being stupid . who will suffer? Lungu or their electorates?


    Pa first mwalibakanina listening to their petition. I remember very well lawyers for ECL at some point left that court during petition period, this was deemed right in their own eyes. We didn’t call pf names, why do you have to call us names because it was also right for us to boycott parliament in our eyes. Don’t take us for a ride because we are not fools! You should have listened to our petition and such was not going to be happening. What you do to others, it will also be done unto you. Nganachimikalipa #ikulikeni!!

    • Mbo Mbubo

      You failed English Exams. You are jealous and not Gerious.

      The presidential term of office started in September, 2016 an will come to an end in August, 2021.
      If we sympathize with HH and give him the presidency,right now, he will not be able to govern.
      Why not?
      In a House of 150 members, minus the 8 nominated ones, HH has only 58 members.
      How then can he govern?
      Use your common sense jealous and realize that HH wakaluza.
      Prepare his mindset for a 6th loss in 2021

  47. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    In my opinion, if the president is honest enough and if indeed he won the election, he would have used his powers as the Republican president to clear the air. He could have told the Concourt to speed up the process to shame president HH. His silence speaks volumes of the real thing that happened to that election. In Bemba we say, mumbwe pakulila, ninshi naishibekokwa shintilile! HH knows why he is misbehaving!

  48. kauzganga

    I wonder y courts run away from their duties,maybe its becoz of intimidations.We shud let judges frank i beg

  49. Eastern power

    Comment Vachabe chabe vonse nivachabe chabe chi hh GBM vima MPs vimasuporters vao vonse nivachabechabe

  50. Sperm Donor

    When JESUS had 12 disciples, they ensured that they worked with one accord. This made things possible 4 him 2 accomplish his mission. The only way out is 2 get rid of them coz they are useless!

  51. one management

    They are great MPs please keep it up

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