REVEALED: Kamanga Stands By COSAFA To Oust Hayatou

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga stood by the decision made by the regional body, Cosafa, to oust football’s longest serving leader Issa Hayatou.

A Ghanaian journalist Saddick Obama has published a list of individuals who voted for who at last week’s CAF elections.

COSAFA had united to remove Hayatou, who had served three decades, and installed Madagascar’s Ahmed Ahmed as new leader.

Kamanga spent the three weeks preceding the CAF elections with Hayatou as Zambia hosted the Cameroonian for what turned out to be his last official duty. Hayatou was officiating at the Under 20 Africa Cup of Nations.

Kamanga, a Cosafa executive committee member, did not betray Cosafa and stayed true to the body’s agreement.


How your FA presidents voted for president in CAF elections


Anjorin Moucharafou (Benin Republic)

Sidiki A Roko (Cameroon)

Victor Osorio (Cape Verde)

Andres-Jorge Mbomio (Equatorial Guinea)

Pierre Alain Mounguengui (Gabon)

Lamin Kaba Bajo (The Gambia)

Mohamed Souare-(Guinea)

Augustino (South Sudan)

Manuel Lopes Nascimento (Guinea Bissau)

Jafaar (Libya)

Vincent Nzamwita (Rwanda)

Ravia Idarus Fahinda (Zanzibar)

Jamal Malinzi (Tanzania)

Mohamed Raouraoua (Algeria)

Augustin Senghor (Senegal)

Reverien Ndikuriyo (Burundi)

Kossi Akpovy (Togo)

Tourqui Salim (Comoros)

Abdiqani Said Arab (Somalia)

Mutasim Gafaar Sirelkhatim (Sudan)


Mclean Letshwiti (Botswana)

Edouard Ngaissona (Central Africa Republic)

Mahamoud Moctar (Chad)

Souleiman Hassan Waberi (Djibouti)

Jean Michel Mbono (Congo)

Domingos Monteiro (Sao Tome e Principe)

Omari Constant Selemani (DR Congo)

Augustin Sidy Diallo (Cote d’Ivoire)

Boubacar Diarra (Mali)

Hany Abo Rida (Egypt)

Elvis Chetty (Seychelles)

Juneidi Tilmo (Ethiopia)

Kwesi Nyantakyi (Ghana)

Salemane Phafane (Lesotho)

Ahmad Ahmad (Madagascar)

Walter Nyamilandu (Malawi)

Mohamed Ally Samir Sobha (Mauritius)

Fouzi Lekjaa (Morocco)

Alberto Junior (Mozambique)

Frans Mbidi (Namibia)

Melvin Amaju Pinnick (Nigeria)

Isha Johansen (Sierra Leone)

Sita Sangare (Burkina Faso)

Danny Jordaan (South Africa)

Adam Mthethwa (Swaziland)

Musa Bility (Liberia)

Wadie Jary (Tunisia)

Moses Magogo (Uganda)

Andrew Kamanga (Zambia)

Phillip Chiyangwa (Zimbabwe)

Ahmed Yahya (Mauritania)

Nicholas Mwendwa Kithuku (Kenya)

Artur de Almeida (Angola)


  1. Hasty

    So what ? He is now the past.

  2. Soccer Fan

    Obviously, Hayatou was out-lived. He had become another ‘Robert Mugabe’ in football cycles. Surely, we needed to bring in youthful minds with morden know-how in football administration. Hayatou had done his part, now time ‘go back to the land’

  3. prince

    kamanga didn’t do anything wrong. Change is good

  4. The great one

    Well done Kamanga…

  5. Max Mulapati

    Congrats Ahmed, Improve African Football,

  6. Chitamawe

    Isn’t the one’s vote a secret. Won’t Issa feel betrayed by Kamanga after that togetherness during U-20. Y publishing names.

  7. Jimmy shaba

    No news here

  8. shabby lex

    Kamanga is powerful.

  9. mims

    upnd its pity they cursed

  10. kay

    Kamanga was right??

  11. cts

    Am wondering y pipo r busy blaming n condemning Hayatou for staying so long in de position,now my question z ,” was Hayatou used to vote for himself or pipo used to vote for him ? Stop all sort of nonsense it was de pipo s love n right dat kept him so long in de office .stop de manners of muzungu anikonde,just congratulate Ahmed n wish farewell to Hayatou ,period.mwaona kanyowani mwazonda kakudala,thoz r bad manners.

  12. Katete Kakoma

    Thanks Kamanga for acting with integrity.
    Isaa’s presence in Zambia was a formality and I am glad that didn’t sway the voting which must be based on performance of an individual and not corruption, etc
    By the way! What is the position of Kalu in caf ? Hit name seems missing from the list one of the tv channels flashed?

  13. chiposa

    No btrayal.this guy foma caf aged.chikamba chakwe let him go.maybe we host big teams

  14. Royd Mbulo

    Camp under 20 in Japan. Good training facilities,

  15. ussy

    Comment young blood n young football

  16. Leon

    Kalusha could have voted for the former

  17. blessing mwansa

    Kamanga was right. he just exercised his Democratic right by voting his best candidate.

  18. Umukankala

    I like the voting pattern.. It’s not dundumwezi

  19. peter

    Time for change and new minds, congrats armd

  20. Aurent

    Comment: Wonderful! Its high time for a southerner to be at the helm of the continent’s football mother body.

  21. Sikota

    A change in footbo top position has cam at a good Tim, coz every change bring devlomnt.I salute change!

  22. blinded

    This is the past so let’s move on ok

  23. Mbo Mbubo

    Kamanga must be commended. He is intelligent

  24. vincent

    Comment: so where is the problem issa had his tym ..we appriciate by allowing zambia to host under 20 but his tym is gone ..nothing lyk mugabe wamu yayaaaaa

  25. Thomas Chilewa

    Times change and so do leaders. At country level we changed the FAZ President and good results are apparent and so maybe at international level it will be the same. In short, fresh minds can do the work.
    Good decision by Him.

  26. Sokahuka

    It was a good voting pattern: not chitulika

  27. wako ni wako

    Principled FAZ P1 with wisdom congrats NOT like LUNDAZI VOTES by ESSAU CHILI of ECZ 2016.
    Keep it up Andrew Kamanga

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