Opinion: Kamanga – An Alleged ‘Failure’ Destined For Football Success


They touted him to sonta epo wabomba [show us your work]. By November last year – eight months in office as FAZ president – the closest he could come to was Computickets. Computickets was a fulfilment of his campaign pledge to restore transparency and accountability into the management of gate takings.

Sadly, they saw nothing in it. Reason being they could no longer pilfer public resources carelesslelly. They wanted results on the pitch. They accused him of failing to inspire Zambia to appear at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, a qualification that was lost 72 hours after he became president. Can you blame him? No. But they said he was a failure, that is why Zambia was not in Gabon.

Today as Andrew Ndanga Kamanga clocks one year in office, they have all scampered; they are ashamed. Nothing to say. But being the meek, cool and calm person he is, he keeps inviting them to his table. They are unashamedly still plotting to impeach him.

Wait a minute. Isn’t this the man moulding a winning team? Who changes a winning coach? The football theory repudiates such thinking.

Popular blogger, FAZ councillor and a fervent advoacte of transparency and accountability in Zambian football MUSONDA CHIBULU could not have put it any better.


It came as a shock to the world as Andrew Kamanga became boss of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) at the expense of then incumbent Kalusha Bwalya.

Around this time anxiety gripped the Zambian football fraternity on March 19, 2016.

The executive committee members came from the Bwalya camp.

The successful businessman’s camp was worried as the vice-presidency was scooped again by the opposite camp.

It looked like a toll order for Kamanga. Then after midnight, FAZ Legal Committee Chairman Sukwana Lukangaba dropped a bombsell.

“Cool” Kamanga had defeated the Great Kalu.

Kamanga’s reign started off shakily as his choice of General Secretary Sims Simataa was rejected by the executive.

In came Ponga Liwewe deputised by Lombe Mbalashi.

Zambia failed to qualify to Gabon 2017 and suffered a shock COSAFA Cup exit. His detractors went to town. “We told you he was a failed administrator,” they cried excitedly.

Prior to the failure to qualify there was the unsavoury travel by ferry incident in West Africa.

To add salt to the injury, the Zambia Under-17 national team under Osward Mutapa was booted out of the COSAFA Under-17 Youth Championship on account of alleged age-cheating.

Boy! The frenzy that greeted that news was like Zambia had qualified to the World Cup among his enemies.

“This failure shall take us nowhere,” was the chorus of the funeral, if not celebratory, dirge.

The ignominy of losing the first World Cup qualifier compounded the situation.

“Under this failure Zambia has won nothing competitive,” we heard.

This was despite Kamanga and the new FAZ bringing Wedson Nyirenda to replace George Lwandamina who was allowed to concentrate on Zesco United.

United were to reach the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League losing only to eventual champions Mamelodi Sundowns.

After the Nigeria match, a ticketing sells scam led to the suspension of vice-president Richard Kazala and committee member Blackwell Siwale.

Electronic Comput-ticketing debuted against the West Africans as Kamanga sought to bring transparency and accountability in gate takings.

The takings were announced in public for the first time in many years.

Then Zambia went to Cameroon and nicked a point. It was a turning point.

Though the draw was criticised, the manner in which Nyirenda picked up a draw from a side who only months later became champions of Africa was creditable.

Then the Zambia Under-20 travelled to South Africa and won the region meet with a 100 per cent record.

This was despite heavy criticism on the team’s preparations. However, Beston Chambeshi technical advised by Nyirenda, assisted by Bilton Musonda exceeded expectations.

Kamanga’s detractors played down the success as only “COSAFA” in a rather strange and subdued tone.

Then the mother of all success in the short period came.

But like birth pangs before the birth of a first born child, it did not come like manner from heaven.

Zambia was hosting the Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations. The organisation of the tournament was criticised.

Some prayed that it could fail so that the ‘failure administrator’ tag could stick on Kamanga like glue.

With incredible support from the government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Kamanga had camped the Zambia Under-20 in Spain.

This too was criticised heavily. “No, the weather in Spain is unsuitable and all that jazz,” was sung without real instruments.

But the tournament was a resounding success as Zambia emerged champions of the continent for the first time in history before crowds never seen at junior teams’ tournaments anywhere in the world.

In fact, the cup victory was icing on the cake as the rampant and impressive Zambia Under-20 qualified to the Korea Under-20 World Cup after only two matches.

The qualification was sealed with an incredible 6-1 mauling of Mali at Heroes Stadium.

CAF stopped short of announcing Zambia as the next host of the senior Africa Cup after a well organised junior event in Lusaka and Ndola.

This was Kamanga’s defining moment as leader of FAZ.

Prior to the continental tournament, immediately after the regional tournament in Muruleng, Kamanga had been elected as an executive committee member of COSAFA.

This was a demonstration of recognition from his peers in the region of his leadership acumen.

Kamanga made a good gesture of handing his predecessor Bwalya a much cried about FIFA Council elections’ nomination letter despite COSAFA appearing to favour the nomination of sitting Football Association (FA) presidents to run for the FIFA elections.

Surprisingly, Bwalya was later to withdraw from the FIFA election race despite the nation clamouring for the 1988 African Footballer of the Year to go for it.

Now the Africa Cup triumph the country’s major achievement since the ultimate success of 2012 was Kamanga’s mother of all administrative brilliance in his short time at Football House.

During the junior Africa Cup in Zambia, some disgruntled elements wanted to disrupt the smooth flow of things by calling for Kamanga’s impeachment on flimsy grounds.

It was claimed Kamanga wanted to take away voting rights of lower division teams.

This is despite FIFA’s very public directive that Zambia reduces its Electoral College by 31st March 2017 or face an automatic ban.

This lie is still being propagated today.

Imagine Zambia being banned and missing the Korea World Cup where the Africa kings are in Group C against Portugal, Iran and Costa Rica for failure to enact a new constitutions as per FIFA requirement!

Undeterred, Kamanga has already secured a four nations invitational tournament scheduled for this week until 31st March, 2017 for the Zambia Under-20 to have a feel of Korea and the sort of opposition expected in May at the World Cup.

This is the sort of preparations the country of our magnitude has craved for and deserves to have.

Kamanga seen the Under-20 national team secure sponsorship from FNB. No junior team in this country has ever had sponsors.

In another show of previously rare sound judgement seen in football administration in this country, Kamanga and his COSAFA colleagues masterminded the change at CAF backing Madagascar man Ahmad Ahmad to oust long serving Issa Hayatou.

It has been quite some year in office for Andrew Ndanga Kamanga.

With proper support from FAZ councillors and internal unity among the executive committee members, Zambia is on a sound path to regaining its lost football glory under Kamanga.


  1. Spectator

    Bravo Kamanga! He who laughs last laughs the best! We love ur administration, ur humbleness, ur coolness & the way u love ur work clearly demonstrate ur worthy. U’re the right man for that job. We’re behind u BIG man!

  2. Spectator

    Well done Kamanga!

  3. EMC

    Well narrated….we need to give the current FAZ executive all the support they need and the sky is the limit for Mother Zambia in football.Those calling for impeachment must be denounced in the strongest terms and should not be entertained at all costs.They will never succeed.LONG LIVE FAZ, LONG LIVE MOTHER ZAMBIA…. Proud Zambia UK

  4. Paul

    this is the best ever committee, we love it and we trust it. viva kamanga

  5. Peter Kaputa

    Zambia had home ground advantage during the under 20 afcon cup which contributed a lot to their winning. Kamanga cannot be deemed successful just after this tournament held in Zambia. Remember the senior team failed to qualify for Gabon 2017 under kamanga and seemed destined to fail to qualify for the world cup in Russia. So what success are you talking about and what criteria are you using to deem Kamanga successful? Let’s be real !

    • Upondo

      Awe mudala learn to appreciate

    • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

      Peter, do you know why Lwandamina was sidelined? It was conspiracy. Chicken was conniving with Great Kalu’s henchman Kazala to embarrass AK and hence the failure to go to Gabon. Kamanga camp saw that and made sure the bad eggs are thrown out, which has been done hence the turn of events. Just watch the space

      • Robert T

        I did not know that Zambian football has such bad and hate politics. Kamanga you are doing fine. Do not allow any body to distract you eye on the ball. You have support of ECL and GRZ what more do you want. Make sure you do what is right for the Nation.

      • Roots

        What a tall story! You expect any sane man to believe such toilet shit?

    • Aurent

      Comment: Peter, u ‘re brainless that’s why u ‘re uninformed. Unlike Kamanga, u hve nothing to Ur name, therefore I urge not to harbor jealous against men of Kamanga’s caliber.

    • chanda

      Ba peter mwakula kulafye kanshi tamwakata amano ? Mwilaisebanya Ku media. Kananga alifye bwino sana.

    • Vks

      Ba Peter Be Honesty.Dishonesty May Be Described In Terms That Sound Less Morally Offensive.Lying Or Cheating Becomes ” Cutting Corners” Or ” Being Competitive. ” A Bribe May Be Described As Merely ” A Favor” Or An “Expediting Fee.” So Which Side Ba P.K.

    • Zedian Soka fan

      When people are in a hurry to praise you must find out what is fuelling them. The guy has not even done one year and you want to give him praise for what he inherited! ba pumbafu

  6. vuyo

    #KalushaBwalya&his minionsMUSTFALL

  7. J tembo in Ndola

    Zambian /African culture of not wanting to let go.

  8. muma

    Kamanga must break the marriage with Zambia report desk team and concetrate on uniting his exective staffs success at football depend the friendship with your staffs.My brother is no office were u dont have people opposing u.Learn this avoid media likings focus on work than labels.

  9. prince k

    Truely our confidence has being restored in the Zambian football big up kamanga.

  10. director

    Well done kamanga

  11. Emmla

    dyaniko beans yamafuta yapa lundazi yakathyethye. call0955432329~ 0978165716 NEGOTIBLE Per tin. sugest yoself the the worth price.

  12. Louise zulu

    Well written article. Go Kamanga Go!! You have our support

    • We all have eyes

      Well written article? Such biased crap written by a FAZpaid propagandist? Think!

    • We all have eyes

      Articles should be about the boys who won the cup but journalists who receive brown envelopes are busy telling us about Kamanga because he who pays the Piper is dictating what to write. Its Mwepu Fashion Sakala Mangani Banda we should be reading about

      • Jinja Pensulo

        very true. Ba ZR have been paid to write trash by Kamanga

  13. Zewe

    Hello guys what is good is good let’s not starting bringings that are not there. What is difficult for to congratulate kamanga jealousy is very bad.

  14. Native

    Fwe bakalamba tatupusa akebo, tupusa akabwe! Twali myebele ukuti “disciplined pragmatic management” was the KEY, not sloganeering ati “eyes on the ball” while the long fingers were plundering match ticket sales revenue and league sponsorship. The article has neglected to highlight the fact that the SA 2010 bus gift Kalusha failed to deliver to zambia landed in lusaka immediately after AK took over as FAZ leader. AK’s disciplined leadership style is what this country needs in the political arena to transform this country. ACCOUNTABILITY! Thank you Andrew and can the rest of FAZ please work with their leader to rid the association of thieving Kazala and “black sheep” Siwale. We don’t want criminals anywhere near public resources.

  15. Abanayo

    Vibantu vinyake kaduka unga dabwa chomene. Pala mwana wamunyinu wanozya ongani waka amambala imwee, cifukwa acitilatu.
    Kamanga mwana wakwithu pitilizanga nanchito iwe uku gwila, vicitewaka ignore vizeleza; koma nga nivo

  16. Chitamawe

    U work, mwana wakwintu, they tok. Yo outcomes wl soon silence them. Jst work harder dan Eva b4. Ncito za m’manja zikucitile umboni. Viva!

  17. Ernest mukosir

    Lets support him together as on3 we cn put zambia on 4he map 8n tems of football

  18. Aurent

    Comment: Comrade Kamanga, I salute for bringing sanity at football house, and plz keep a deaf ear to discouraging comments coming from Ur disgruntled opponents.

  19. Conerlious Chawa

    iwe ka Peter Kaputa that doesn’t make sense that becoz Zambia

    was the host that’s why they won what about Brasil 2014 world cup Germany won,Garbon 2017 afcon Cameroun won pliz grow up and nice observation ba Muzo

  20. Antu omwe

    Congrats bo Kamanga!!!

  21. Bernard Mutambwa

    I had no doubt about Kamanga’s capability to run Zambian football! A business of immense proportion!

  22. Sikota

    Best opinion, I lov it camanga is not selfish ,He’s open to all and he listens to pipos advise ,so is a good leader!

  23. chipata majembo pacorner

    u yopeter nigroup imodzi yaka walala yenekalusha bwalya.wa eve sacita apulisheti vinthu vambili vamene kamanga vamene wacita panthawi yai ng’ono wakhala ne member foti wa fifa



  25. m.banda

    Mwana wanfwiti ninfwiti imene those who doesn’t appreciate are devils agents.viva kamanga.

  26. He has scoooorred!

    Peter kaputa is very right. Hosts usually win the tournament be it world cup, afcon, Olympics just check the results. So whoever got us to host the U20 is the winner apa. Kamanga wasnt even there when we won to host but like someone says here ZR is a publication set up to vomit kamanga propaganda and anti Kalusha hate speech. They forget football is for all Zambians.

    • mimbulu

      That is NOT always true!Sengal lost to Nigeria in Dakar at the last under 20 AFCON.Another excuse please?

      • Go to School

        Iwe who said it is always true. read and go to school. In the law of probabilities hosts often come up winners but you are stupidly citing one case.

  27. Enock Kasambala

    Peter, learn to appreciate the good works by AK. Don’t just hate for sake of it, AK is working, Give credit where it is due iwe ala!!

  28. Abanayo

    Asibweni a Kamanga mwacita makola kujalilatu tu ‘nthowa’ tose togwinyilamo makopala ya Faz, ndipo ma chief pompwe ba mu previous xco anyalilatu. Chenjezo kwainu Kamanga njakuti khalani chelu nadi chifukwa ivi vibanthu niviheni chomene, they’re capable of even kukoma munthu jst to satisfy their selfish motives

  29. musa

    I think ba PF government hav failed because as in mtendere compound hav no power and now its 5 days without power , I think lets try HH 2021

  30. Ni Lusha

    Kamanga is not an alleged failure. he is a failure. Both the AFCON triumph and the U-20 one are because of Kalusha. Kalusha is the one who bid for the finals and he is the one who appointed Beston Chambeshi as coach. Dont deny him his victories you arselicking |Kamanga puppets. kamanga just turned up to steal Lusha’s thunder

    • Tebufi

      This U20 victory was Kalusha’ s. Not Kamanga. Anyone who follows football knows this

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