Police Nab 57 In Luanshya Riots

Police in Luanshya has arrested 57 people in Luanshya over the riots that characterized the area over suspected a ritual killing of a missing boy.

Residents ran amok following accusations that a local resident working for Workers Compensation Fund identified Geoffrey Mukanda was responsible for the disappearance of Mike Mpundu.

Mother to the missing lad, only identified as bana Mpundu brought the wrath of the entire township by alleging that Mukanda was responsible for the disappearance of her son.

The residents damaged property belonging to Mukanda setting ablaze his car and damaging his lodge.

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga said that those arrested were charged with various offences.

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  1. black water

    I cant get any sense from this statement ” Ritual killing of a missing boy”.”the mother to the missing lad” can somebody pliz help me to understand this reporting.

    • Sherry

      Lad means “a boy or young man”

      Then the other statement is not correct!!@ritual killing or a missing boy? Hmmmmm where on Earth can you find such…

  2. Las Bees

    muleputula ama set’s

  3. Chuku

    Ba police arrest those pipo who ar killing

  4. jah man metal

    If that accused man he is truly a criminal punish him accordingly. 57 people interrogate them nicely.

  5. katongo nsani

    I can not agree more with the police …for the people arrested must be charged with riotous behavior ,property grabbing, false accusation & deformation of character… # it hurts me to see that someone’s property has been destroyed and his image tarnished over some stupid misconception. Do they have any evidence ??

  6. Micheal Dee

    Ritual killing of a missing boy.. Zambiana!! 😂😂😂😂

  7. Clement Chileshe

    Iam in Luanshya too helping the public in the search of the missing boy …. CMC BUNGONI – 0968-757608 / 0971-109525 / 0953-334888

  8. Jerry mwala

    I can’t understand

  9. Shameless Zambia

    Is the boy missing or dead

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