Pres. Lungu Was Elected Fair & Square – Commonwealth

THE Commonwealth has once again put their seal of approval of the election of President Edgar Lungu by stating that the August 11 2016 elections were free and fair.

In a letter dated Saturday, 18th March, 2017, Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland said that observers from the global institution passed the elections as free and fair.

Scotland said that Zambia continued being a model of peace and a trailblazer of conducting free and fair elections.

The UPND has had as part of its strategy reaching out to international organizations to screaming rigged elections.


  1. bulaya

    We want comments on these

  2. Mike

    Very true the election were free and fair thanks common wealth

  3. njobvu

    Show us the letter mambala

  4. vuyo

    where is NEZ here

  5. zone

    we need to see that approval letter

  6. Zimba

    Let The Petition Be Heard

  7. Chibs

    Wat do you know about Zambian elections, get out wabeto….

  8. DM

    Comment: It’s a big lie. CommonWealth has Not written that letter it’s Writtenbythat thief Chanda special assistant for press state house in Swaziland.

  9. DM

    Comment:That is clear forgery show the letter pf dogs

  10. bravo

    Ba upnd and tongas dogs,keep crying and were are your international observers…VIVA EL,VIVA PF

  11. Mj banda

    No need for approval letters cos upnd lost the election period!

  12. stylish

    bufi wembwawe

  13. Cacious

    Let’s be civil in comments,

    I disagree with Scotland, why did they not dismissed the matter instead they adjourned it?
    Mind you! We are slowly losing our patients, one day this country will be on hot fire just try to continue bringing us such fake stories on the media you think we are happy,
    I am urging you the people of Zambia, as upnd we have very strong and dangerous weapons than for the gvt that implying even to start a battle we are not afraid at all but what we want is all our petition matters to be beard in time and not too long!

    • poison tree

      you are a stupid man inded a stupid UPND idiot fu

    • Gevaa

      Wabetole chikala! What type of weapon iwe shimabolo & how many can even follow yo bad wishes on our country u satanists, free mansons, bloody thirsty vampires bafikala.

  14. Kubeja badala

    Desperation on the part of PF is forcing them to scheme such, I saw Harry kalaba and Amos Chanda claiming they had a letter from the c/wealth but have failed to produce the said letter. In the same letter the C/W praised HH and UPND for petitioning the said elections

  15. Deborah

    The election were free and fair those who are having problems with that are UPND members and they should just accept the fact the we only have one president in Zambia and that’s his excellence Edgar lungu

  16. carol katambo

    Pf prove it that you won, How is that difficulty, because this case was heard by icc, and it holds water that’s why all those organizations are concerned but those who are eating and drinking with lungu are pretending, one will go to jail for breaking the law, simple question, who swore him in?

  17. Chitamawe

    Cacious….U publicly declare n decree dat u n upnd,,in small letters,, hav dangerous weapons…implying readiness 4 battle. Innocent blood wl hault u n yo family 4rm generation 2 generation. Battle iz totally unspeakable. God 4bid.

  18. Mr Right

    Is the Commonwealth now our Judiciary? Yes, they can comment but we need the courts to conclude this case, other wise, our Constitution is supreme.

  19. mwape

    Ifintu ni lungu fye not tribalist HH ,HH amwa doom.

  20. Sech

    UPND Cannot use their brains.
    Viva PF
    Viva Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu
    Futi nafuti in 2021
    Wina azalila !

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