UPND Brands Keith Mukata Judas Escariot; Chilanga MP Faces Opposition Wrath

The knives are out for Chilanga United Party for National Development (UPND) lawmaker Keith Mukata for having defied the party directive to shun President Edgar Lungu’s address to parliament.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said that Mukata would be disciplined for attending President Lungu’s address.

Hichilema said the UPND had shunned the event to send a clear message that they did not recognize the victory of President Lungu in the August 11 elections.

He said that Mukata had acted in self interest and not out of love for the people of Chilanga.

“He acted in his own interest, Mukata was acting for his stomach,” he said.

“The people of Chilanga are hungry and all he can think about is about himself, we will announce what type of action we will take against him. He needs to speak for the people of Chilanga.”

Mukata came in the spotlight after having defied the party directive to attend the State of the Nation Address by President Lungu.

UPND MPs shunned the event in line with their continuous protest over the election of President Lungu.

It is the second time the UPND has walked out on President Lungu after having pulled the same stunt last year on October, 30 but later apologized on the floor of parliament.


  1. Joe

    Comment People Of Chilanga Wil Not Be Fed Or Eat By Their Mp Not Attending Pariament Addressed By Ecl.Bravo Ba Mp For Listening To The Presidential Address

    • Native

      Just like the people of chilanga have not gotten any jobs promised by ECL since 2015. Keith was within his right to attend and listen to another set of promises (on top of previous unfulfilled ones) and should not be punished by anyone for it. I’m sure after evaluating the speech he will have arrived at the same conclusion that made him leave MMD for UPND prior to the 2016 election. I doubt that Keith has a very high opinion of ECL.

  2. Dock m

    Let the government upnd petition be heard, then all the MPs and Zambian at large will know who won last election either pf or upnd nish nkani yasila no more petition.

  3. Peter Zulu

    UPND MPs should be ashamed of themselves. If the OWNER of the party says he doesn’t recognize Edgar LUNGU as the duly elected President of Zambia, then why does he allow them withdraw allowances from National Assembly. This is day light robbery by these MPs. Its not about HH and UPND its about the people in the constituencies. Whether he likes it or not Zambia is not going for a rerun till 2021. Court sessions are merely academic exercise.

  4. vuyo


  5. Tawila

    A saying, “justice delayed is justice denied”

  6. Lolo

    filili eko tuya? Tukamo uyo bakaseka.

  7. a tip

    For give him mp

  8. ked-sing

    Tell them hh.

  9. PF member of parliament

    The contentious issue here is that the courts maybe they know or suspect the UPND have the evidence beyond doubt the election was rigged. That’s why they cant dare give the party the platform to be heard. If Lungu being a ‘lawyer’ himself should have let his appointed lawyers to allow the petition to be heard, ruled and concluded. Otherwise, he himself doesn’t recognise himself he is the president of the country. This is because the issue (petition) against his ‘election’ has not been concluded.

    • Jo breaker

      agony is thinking the only platform to produce the evidence is in court…why can’t hh go on unza station or movie TV and show the people what he wants to show the courts so we all know exactly what he has because it by passed the level of curiosity now I justthink hh is a Satanist period.. busy confusing parliament acts and dictating what upnd members should do..we all know most of them wanted to attend the opening of parliament but hh and his satanism just had to confuse things..where ever he goes its confusion my question is really how high ranked is this man in satanism for him to attract so much Chaos .this is abnormal ranking..he has sacrificed too many people

  10. Abeuty

    I ever seen what is happening in the Government Chagwa,so why don’t you allow the petition to be heard than what is happening now

  11. Obama

    Fi UPND ama politics ya ku mushi. Educated but not civilised. Fyonse na fi former MMD. Ifi color

  12. fm

    ukusumina kusuma so even today they ve not accepted that LUNGU is the president of Zambia.

  13. The UNKNOWN

    Stupid UPND MP’s and their good for nothing president……


  14. Chris B

    Kwena mulifipumbu which government authorises your salaries imwe bakabalwe.
    Then stop even reconising the people who voted for you to represent them.
    ati shun but @ last mwaya mukupapata that we did not know our wrong doing.
    Apapena mufume fye until kapetition kabupuba kakapite you only live in illuson so shall you until Jesus comes.

  15. For God's sake!!

    Wat a power hungry git.Judas Escariot? oh,so that makes HH Jesus? Im so disheartened to see UPND MP’S reduced to pander to HH’s whims.

  16. Die Hard

    Comment Ba Upnd Ma Left Overs Fye, Ayotushingasana.

  17. Chitamawe

    If Hon. Mukata iz Judas the HH iz Jesus. Y not thinking ov the other way ov labelling the parliament ethics abiding honourable. Yesu so lopole aba bantu amembya.

  18. Longinus

    Bola nakósa!

  19. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    My observation is that these two parties are shadow boxing. I think UPND petition has serious manipulations and conspiracies. In my opinion, let the courts of law speedy the process to make UPND start work. Let ECL give a presidential decree to speed up the disposal of the case lest people assume indeed UPND won the election. If the president does not pressure the court to dispose of the case quickly then the PF lost the election

  20. Nondo Zombe

    out of the plenty UPND MPS only Keith came out and say enough is enough rubbish


    True bra very true. Let the president give a presidential decree to speedup disposal of the case. ECL has powers to instruct courts to do exactly that but if he doesn’t, then very true there is something true about rigging. Fear of court exposure of truth.

  22. nn

    upnd are failours,i think u know u can’t win even 2021

  23. Idi amin

    Give him a re-run so that we teach him a big lesson that we don’t want Him.Umupampamina kwati ni into(Tick).His he the only one important in his party.

  24. Truth b told

    The mp was present because he is educated better enough that he knows tht he was given the mandate to serve the pipo of Chilanga & this is plain knowledge so HH & UPND stop confusing pipo

  25. Sugarley 🐆

    Hh has to admit, imwe

  26. Sugarley

    Hh you are stubborn.

  27. Sikota

    Upnd fo how long a u going to do this?coz abstaining is not akey EcL has addressed the house with or without u so wat next ?A u not tiying yo own hand?that’s wat chilanga mp noticed.clever!

  28. Sugarley 🐆

    Wicked Hh

  29. George

    What platform is Upnd looking for? The platform enshrined in the constitution. Mistakes were made when us Zambians allowed a defective constitution to be assented to. NGOs, Opposition parties all were shouting on top of their voices ‘2011 elections must go by the new constitution’ the only party which objected was the Heritage Party. This party saw these contentious issues which needed to be cleared of course one of them being the much spoke about 4 days of deciding the petition. Some people called the Heritage party names for its Buffalo stance. Upnd listen well the constitution which you allowed to be assented to is now haunting you. Your fight should have started with the might rules of the game – the constitution. All your friends are telling you is that you failed to prove your case in the 4 days provided for in the ‘rules’ of the game. If you are not careful this constitution may affect you again in 2021, unless you fight to correct all the contentious issues in the constitution now and not pushing for the courts to attend to the petition by twisting the constitution.

  30. Laston

    He is just a failure in his life. Sakwila can be trusted by fellow stupids not us who reason. HH z aman thus why, only those without vision can support the leadership of CL. MPs with vision can’t support such nonsense of cl and matimbin whom they are try to use indirectly.

  31. ghy

    mukata you want to become subservient also.

  32. Joseph Nkole

    God help us if such a man like HH ever became President of Zambia.

  33. Sim 1

    Mukata is right no only wants favor from pf ,bt wants to represent de pipo who voted and their challenges 1zed ,1nation.ehee fi upnd fi sushi.ur chopping Parliament money u robber & yo burgarer hh.

  34. Jkn

    “The people of chilanga are hungry all he can think of is his own stomach” why are MPs drawing salaries even after a boycott? Y getting back to Parliament and enjoy comfortable sears even after staying quite without much contributions? Y petitioning if its not important? I feel it’s because of the same stomach anyway. Keith has chosen his way to do things.

  35. jeff

    only a fool cn vote 4 pf n 2021

  36. boydkasalika

    Shanning the presidential addres by upnd will not make HH the pre sident of Zambia .the fact that they attend the session before the VP who was the running mate its enough evidence that they recognise ECL
    HH pliz swallow your pride You are not God pliz bring our money from the sale of ZCCM

  37. captain

    Don’t hunt wat you can’t kill. Better yupnd join pf or power forces. We wana start beating you. Wait for April. Pf is ruling.

    • Henry Jr Sililo

      Ulichipuba mundala iwe ayi Uletontonkanya!

  38. chipuplu

    he is a job hunter and he doesn’t belong to our UPND PARTY which speaks for zambian pipo

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