Young Journalist Costa Mwansa Unveils Diamond TV

Enterprising youthful journalist Costa Mwansa has announceD the launch of Diamond TV, formerly Mobi Television, where he assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Mwansa, the vibrant television personality who has recently risen to prominence following his successful The Assignment television program at Muvi TV, says Diamond is set to re-invent the broadcasting industry in the country.

The former Muvi TV General Manager and is also Presidential Debates presenter says Diamond recognizes that creative content is king of television.

The channel has since gone on Go TV Platform where it can be accessed on Channel 99.


“I am proud to announce the launch of the Diamond TV programming on Channel 99 on the Go TV Platform as well as on analogue within Lusaka and the surrounding areas.

As diamond TV we understand the huge demand for information and quality content in today’s digital space.

That is why for us we recognize that “Creative content is king” and that is what we bring to the fore.

Television Re-invented seen as a very ambitious statement but very opportune with the dynamics that technology and internet bring about.

The way that the world consumes information today is fast changing and this is why as Diamond TV we are set to penetrate and stamp our authority into the digital space of media and break traditional barriers’ of doing business.

It’s about forward and futuristic thinking.

Take time to enjoy our diverse programming and visit our social media pages. #Twafichinja“



  1. hummer where it hurts

    Let’s hope you will keep your ethics and never bend to hallucinating politicians.

    • Yambayamba

      Muleke ukunyenga ama employees.

      • Captain Banks

        Yes, cintu cabipa sana kabili lisambi kuli Lesa ukulatomba ababomfi pa ncito! Uleke imisango yamusebanya!

      • Captain Banks

        Yes, cintu cabipa sana kabili lisambi kuli Lesa ukulatomba ababomfi pa ncito! Uleke imisango ya musebanya!

      • Captain Banks

        Yes indeed, cintu cabipa kabili lisambi kuli Lesa ukulatomba ababomfi pa ncito pantu fye niwe kapitao! Uleke iyi misango ya musebanya!

  2. Shanabwato Nduba

    We look forward to widening of your broadcasting footprint countrywide , We also expect alot of local content that is diverse

  3. Tito

    I personally I don’t doubt your ablebility to move a mile in every thing you touch to create more entertaining platforms so that you achieve more you will make a lot of people to access your programming and as well participate more from me and other people we say congratulations jelousy down

  4. Native

    Clarification please. When Costa says “I am proud to announce”, does he own the old Mobi venture or is just an employee of this now diamond branded tv business?

  5. Cuthbert

    Keep it my man u r an inspiration to me

  6. Bryant Gates

    Big up Costa,im proud of deeply touched for ur passionate desire too se to it that media industry flourishes in our country.hoping for better programming to come on our way as viewers. Onve again big up brother man.

  7. Zambian Citizen

    I was wondering why I was not seeing Costa. What was the reason of leaving Muvi Tv? I hope to watch the content of your channel but you have left a very big vacancy at Muvi Tv. Anyway, it’s good that you have not fallen but instead have risen. Good luck man!

  8. Zambian Citizen (Ba Citizen)

    I was wondering why I was not seeing Costa. What was the reason of leaving Muvi Tv? I hope to watch the content of your channel but you have left a very big vacancy at Muvi Tv. Anyway, it’s good that you have not fallen but instead have risen. Good luck man!

  9. lasford chibinga

    Comment personally I believe that you wil bring more good in that TV station and more important don’t forget that interview program

  10. Andrew Mwiba

    Way to go Mr Costa Mwansa. Take with you the zeal you had at Muvi TV and the sky won’t be the limit.

  11. Mwa

    Comment Congrates men

  12. Leonard

    Well done, but cover sports so much

  13. maid in Manhattan

    Are we have live news like BBC

  14. I•Kay Suave a•k•a Gaffer The Amiable Love💖 Doc Jr

    At least Zambia is 👉partially👈 developing in terms of technology


  15. merger master

    Well done, hope you will recreate the “assignment” program on your TV station. We are tired of the un interractive Sunday interview on znbc.

  16. godfather

    Great news

  17. Emmanuel Mulwila

    We need more of such ventures in Zambia so that people can be more informed and have a wide variety to choose from as far as intertainment is concerned. I have a Topstar decorder why not bring it there aswell.

  18. Leon

    Bring the corrupt judges in the last presidential election so we can see them and hear more of their stupiduty

  19. Lucky Janza

    Beautiful Costa the CEO- Diamond TV, Aim available for the Sports shows

  20. Congrats my man.

    Congrats my man.

  21. Simweemba matthias

    Congrats my young man.

  22. Ponta

    ok now its my chance 4 that vacancy at tuvi mv or sorry muvi tv.

  23. EVM

    Well done CEO.Am your number one fun.I have been wondering where have you been.Finally you have broken the silence.Watch out the space of DTV.Am proud of you and the entire Mgt.

  24. Kabwe Christopher

    I missed your enjoyable programs. Glad you are back. I have no doubt you will make the program better as usual I really trust you

  25. cris toxinho

    Congratulationz big man…..!

  26. Ronald Musonda

    Congratulations my bro Mr Costa Mwansa am very much proud of remind me of the late Augustine Lungu please keep the spirit high indeed the sky is never the limit

  27. Andrack daka

    I was wondering why I was not seeing Costa. What was the reason of leaving Muvi Tv? I hope to watch the content of your channel but you haveleft a very big vacancy at Muvi Tv. Anyway, it’s good that you have not fallen but instead have risen. Good luck man!

  28. Bana mpundu

    Congratulations Costa…we proud of you.

  29. Musonda

    Congratulations Mr Costa am proud of you,you re such an inspiration to me.

  30. bennie.k.

    Lets hope cadres who Owez wish others down, wont hunting for your success. Stay blessed & untouchable.

  31. britias kachesa

    costa-coming to our society to advise
    new programmes are waiting creating jobs congrats dear

  32. Felix Kaoma

    Congratulations Costa are a great journalist and i know that you will achieve your dream.

  33. mulope lukonga

    carry on with the assignment ,ooh what a good program and presenter.

  34. mulope lukonga

    carry on with theassignment program,ooh what good program and presenter.

  35. Alinani Simutenda

    Ba minister am very inspired at the gesture of good will to reinvent operations in the broadcasting sector. Looking forward to more and more. God bless you..Ba Minister

  36. Chris B

    I hope you have learnt to be mature in the way you report and that you will not go to the extremes otherwise you have potention of being a better journalist as long as you stay level headed and balanced in your reports.
    you can be a better informer stay away from siding with politics or else you might fail again keep the ethics close to your heart and double check your altituted.

  37. Nicholas Mutenda

    May the good lord bless and may blessings follow you. We are looking forward to seeing creative and more entertaining tv station. I can’t wait to see tune to charnel 99

  38. richy

    lets hope we get good coverage as well as better programming

  39. Musonda George

    Costa you are really my inspirational I pray that you become successful in your adventure to employ lots of Zambian out o your hard work. It’s my wish and dream to create jobs for the proudly loved Zambians just like you are doing. God bless you

  40. Jackson

    Ndwe chikali I always admired your character

  41. Sikota

    Good ilov it

  42. Desert

    Welcome back my brother once again I call you my brother because we Bembas we are not coward, this time I command you Boss CEO to gloom the upcoming journalist to be like you without FEAR 90% of journalist we have are cowards

  43. M.D.G


  44. Malvern mwiinga

    Well done mwansa. Will soon meet been waiting to find a person like you. Aim doing private ethical research e.g..INTERNAL DISPLACED PERSONS. .Keep it up.

  45. laz

    big moves congrats costa I can now pay my Go TV sub

  46. "WWW"


  47. Ackate

    Well done Mr Mwansa

  48. Mwape mwaba

    He is a coward and a betrayer he sold off a journalist reporter Chitambo John Rigolo and HIV/AIDS & LGBT activist Paul Kasonkomona at Muvi TV to the police.

  49. Ronald

    Congrats man, you are a good interviewer, hop u ll create assignment 2

  50. man of peace

    congrates man

  51. Robert T

    Congratulation Costa. A lot of people have posted comments on this platform. Please find time to read them all. Some will criticize and some will give suggestions or just advise you. Consider all comments as important and do something about them.
    To nite I have just been watching your program called confession. It is a very good program but please consider rating as R18 and broadcast it late at nite if it contains adult scenes like the one I watched to nite about a prostitute.

  52. Samuel

    man am out of words,,,,, am so happy for you man…and please don’t forget we’re you are coming from and the people who made you….remember movie tv in everything you do…

  53. Evans situmbeko

    like that

  54. Synapse Technologies Zambia Limited

    Please advise contact details and advertising rates.

  55. Captain Banks

    Yes, cintu cabipa sana kabili lisambi kuli Lesa ukulatomba ababomfi pa ncito! Uleke imisango ya musebanya!

  56. coward hyena

    Kikikikiikikiki ati uleke ukutomba ababomfi ba nchito, awe if it’s true Costa plz behave yourself. Hehehehehehe

  57. Kausa ii

    You have my support Mr. Mwansa

  58. loshii

    thats it.

  59. chalo

    Umwana wa mwela is back. Show them that its not yet over.

  60. Patrick Siachubo

    Congratulations Uncle Mwansa.You are so Creative. God bless you with more ideas.

  61. Israel

    All the best mwansa

  62. Pythias chishimba

    Congratulations Costa

  63. zozo

    Congrats big man

  64. Dison chikompa

    Quiet impressive development CEO Costa,,on news content be neutral.

  65. Martin

    Wow! Costa! How we missed you! Such an innovative young journalist! Congratulations, boy! Will now enjoy our own again. I know you bring to the screen another extraordinary. Bye-bye the ‘traditional’ and political ZNBC for which we pay the so-called ‘TV levy’. Cant wait to have GO TV. I hope you assemble young and energetic workmates like you had at MUVI. At last, we have another similar to the more entertaining local TV than this ZNBC which belongs to the backward pfools.



  67. marvin

    Am happy for you Costa you proved to me at hone when you quite marketing and went for jonal ,you made it,in your had times at school you joined the school union and you made it, in hard times at school you organized miss Evelyn hone and you made it ,in you hard times at school you pioneered hone FM and you made it,initially you joined mobile TV in the difficulty times and you made it ,now you are back with great experience to recreation mobile TV ,big up to you .this is your man Marvin PHIRI kindly get in touch on this number 0975401476 or on my Facebook platform on the some number

  68. chama mwaba

    please make that tv station a platform the creative youths to show case there abilities,allow young people with ideas,that is only to get to the levels of SA production,everything should be equal in coverage,sports,politics,entertainment,kids programme,#lovewhatyoudo

  69. ameen saidi

    keep it bro

  70. ameen saidi

    keep it up bro

  71. Aurent

    Comment: Keep it up boy, and ignore ill comments.

  72. uncle mjay

    Congrats my bro from another mother,keep the spirit high,the sky is the for u,stay glued to the critics and good encouragement as the both may build u one way or the other,the God that has seen u through rough times will also see u in good times,stay Blessed!!

  73. Kipiko

    i have watched this channel once,picture quality is good then ZNBC,PRIME,REVELATION and CBC well done.

  74. sharon

    Well done Costa we will support you,you’re such a brave man congrats

  75. Edinah Dale

    Comment love you more and keep it up

  76. Chale

    Mwandi CM a farm worker steals for the farm. No problem. Eat as much as u can as long as the open their It’s them opening who are. foolish.

  77. boston mukwemba

    keep it up Costa ,that’s wat we call delovement in the tech world

  78. Godfrey

    What à créative Costa u are my ispare

  79. il...

    Indeed good job…my man

  80. chika

    wow happy fo my brotherman…
    go fo forward,jelous down

  81. slim g gift

    Wow this channel is so sweet!!!! Msango ya Akaboy

  82. slim g gift

    Wow this channel is so sweet! Msango ya Akaboy

  83. Divine

    wow! this is awesome am so looking forward to this TV station,lets hope u will be factual in your reporting

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