FAZ CONSTITUTION REVISED: No Gay Rights; Division 2 & 3 Retain Voting Rights; ExCO Gets National Representation

FAZ has finalized the revised draft constitution to be tabled for approval at its ordinary Annual General Meeting in Lusaka on Saturday.

The revised document shows marked improvement to the one that was tabled at the Emergency Council Meeting last February.

Contentious issues such as the express recognition of gay rights, the dissolution of lower league teams and national representation of the executive committee have all been adequately taken care of virtually putting to rest the many arguments that arose in the process.

Article 3 which tackles discrimination in sport had in the earlier draft constitution expressly displayed support for homosexuality stating “…no one will be discriminated on account of sexual orientation…”

Sexual orientation is defined as a person’s identity in so far as their attraction for gender is concerned. It’s basically the subtle reference for homosexuality which is a criminal offence in Zambia.

That clause raised a firestorm in Zambian football circles and drew the attention of ordinary members of the public prompting Mofya Chisala, a Lusaka-based football administrator, to raise an objection at the ECM.

Chisala proposed that the clause be modified.

And in the revised draft constitution, Article 3 titled Neutrality and Non Discrimination has been modified to conform to Zambian values and laws.

In 3.1, it reads “FAZ is neutral in matters of politics and religion.”

In 3.2, the revised draft constitution states,

“Discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or group of people on account of race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, wealth, birth or any other status or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion.”

Another contentious article which had set to dissolve lower league teams is now provided for in Article 21. The first draft had effectively striped Division 2 and 3s their voting rights rendering them amateur sides without giving clarity on the status of affiliation to provincial leagues.

The revised draft has, however, provided for the recognition of lower league teams. Article 21.1 states, “The Council is composed of 130 delegates and 90 votes…”

Subsequent parts of Article 21 distribute the voting allocation to all members of FAZ members with division 2 and 3 teams now represented by respective regions and are allocated 40 out of the total 90 votes available in the new Electoral College.

As well as Super Divisions teams, Division One teams will have 20 votes while the remaining 10 will be shared among the women’s league, referees, coaches, higher education, schools, futsal and beach soccer and the association representing players.

Election of the president will now be determined through a 50 plus one system with an option of second round where more than two candidates aspire for office and none meets the threshold.

Article 32 has increased the number of elected executive committee members to 13 from the current 9. Only three positions – president, vice-president & female member – will be contested at national level with the other 10 decided at regional level giving the FAZ ExCO a national character as each province will elect one official to sit on the board.

For the first time, the FAZ executive will be represented by individuals outside the line of rail. History shows that majority of ExCo members have been drawn from Lusaka and Copperbelt when the country has 10 provinces.

All aspiring committee members will need a minimum of five years as FAZ members at club level to qualify for election. FAZ has since increased the number of judicial bodies to four and are distributed as Disciplinary, Ethics, Arbitration and Appeals Committee.

The FAZ Council will meet in Lusaka on Saturday to adopt the new constitution failure to which Zambia risks a ban from international football.



  1. Native

    FAZ should recognize that they are NOT a sovereign body and subject to the constitution of zambia. Any other constitutions of associations, church organizations, clubs etc are subject to the laws of zambia where the game of soccer is and will continue to be played. It is advisable to add a cautionary clause in the FAZ constitution to acknowledge that fact. A gay soccer player visiting the country would have to abstain from their “sexual recreation” until such a time that they leave zambian soil.

    • Mya

      awe the BIBLE does not support such..yes we know every one was created in HIS image and so HE created Adam and Eve Eveb.But HE did not say get married to your fellow Man or Woman.

  2. maid in Manhattan

    No gay right Zambia is a Christian national

  3. Chris Botha

    FAZ should not blackmail Zambians come out clearly on gay rights do not fool us come out open, you have to clear the wind or else we would rather be banned by the so called FIFA we are christians and we do not eat football it is just an entertainment game, with or without football we will still be Zambians Gods people period. ifyabupuba tefyo the Bible is clear about marriege and Zambia lives by God word. So Kamanga tell us the truth nothing but the truth.

  4. collins kapembwa

    Looks like a very goog constitution and am happy the gay issue has been resolved. Looking at the nee fifa president i don’t think it wilk be conteous in any way.

  5. Chichi

    Fire all UPND MPs who shunned Edgar’s address and call for by-elections in the affected constituencies. UPND will certainly retain all the seats and will again boycott Edgar’s stupid address. No sane MP can stand Edgar’s address.

  6. mya

    imwenaimwe ba chichi tulelanda pali FAZ not that story you are brining up its long gone.

  7. david

    am a proudly gay so to me thats a nice move my winie needs someone to fuck

    • Chellios Nasser Ohashy

      David if u enjoy homosexuality and u want a man’s ass and a man’s dick in yo stink hole,take yourself to jail where thers men who haven’t seen women for quite a while. you will find exactly what u want

  8. Chitwekoko

    Why tAlk about politics ?not interested.

  9. vyakulolavye

    Underline ‘discriminated against any other opinion’ . So even if one is of questionable sexual orientation (homosexual) its any other opinion. Read between the lines!


    Gay rights in Zambia must be respected and included in the Zambian soccer constitution if we need to go ahead than remaining behind the wolrd has changed in everything let us change also as a nation our culture,attituds,behavior,laws,customs,traditions need to be changed as wellthere is no discremination on sexual orrientation basis LGBT people are normal people and have got potential to develop our nation and our football team as they are Zambian too who never choose to be what they are but God created them like that we need to accept them and give them an opportunity to show us what they are capable of doing for mother Zambia come on dear fellow Zambians stop discrimination and homophobic atitud now and support legalize LGBT rights in Zambia;PF promised to legalize homosexuality in 2011 what are you waiting now you are in power Mr President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and your government?

    • Chellios Nasser Ohashy

      Chitambo don’t mislead yourself. who Said God created them like that?, God created 2 genders only. If you research all the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity,Islam and Judaism) you won’t find any part which spoke of supporting same sex marriage. Secondly if it’s God who made them like that it means even those of soddon and Gomorrah he created them like that,now how come he destroyed those soddomites and wiped them from the surface of this earth? wasn’t it an example God was giving that such an act is a major major sin.

      Then you speak of developing and that we need to change our cultures and beliefs?, tell me what exactly would render us developed by accepting Homosexuality?, And if u mean developing by adopting the “western”way of life ,why shud we only adopt social trends?, what about their political ,economic, developmental policies that would actually make us better. All you who are saying thers nothing wrong with being gay,do u realise that your religions and their scriptures are not being followed in totality. Approving of acts that are sins. Do u know very soon there shall be things like approving of incest. Brother can marry sister or mother,daughter and dad,mother and son etc. They will support this same way they’ve done for homosexuality. Then sooner or later thy will lobby for paedophiles to be granted their sick sexual desires to have sex with children. Then people like you with partial brains will say it’s fine. Wait till your son comes to u and tells u dad I get it from the back,I have a boyfriend.

  11. Katete Kakoma

    These gay people claim they should be left alone because that is their wish. Put it simply. some countries like USA have given them full rights.
    I am imagining a scenerio where tomorrow I wake up and I feel it is my right to walk naked in Cairo Road, Lusaka,or Oxford Circus, or London, or New York Sqr, USA etc. Is anyone going to say it is not my right? If so! Why?
    These gay and lesbian people are psychologically upset. Unfortunately, they have got the world to dance to their call.
    God made man and woman; I do not need go further.

  12. Jerabo

    This so called FAZ constitution is so clear on this gay nonsense. FAZ has clearly stated that they shall not discriminate against anyone, even on issues of gender which is actually ‘gay madness’. In short gays are welcome in Zambian soocer. RUBISH!!!

  13. patriot

    God created Man and woman he never created these so called foolish homosexuals.he strictly says so in his scriptures so chitambo with your shallow mind go home read your bible if you are a christian or other religious holy books and you will find non that support homosexuality.

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