One Dead As Police Teargas, Brutalize Kanyama Residents

Zambia Police yesterday brutally beat hundreds of Kanyama residents who attempted to turn up for the UPND rally in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. One person died in the fracas.

Sources say 300 people were detained and loaded in police trucks to various police stations.

The heavily armed State Police sealed off Twashuka grounds while detaining anyone loitering about within the premises.

Meanwhile, some residents and UPND supporters continued making their way to the rally venue vowing that their leaders Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba must address the nation especially on the crippled economy and presidential petition.


  1. k1

    Lock them up

    • hummer where it hurts

      A swam of blood thirsty uniformed vimpires envaded kanyama grounds yesturday where residents gathered for a meeting.After a failed blood suck hunt at Chainama Motel,they tried their luck in Kanyama.To their liking a catch was recorded i mean a life was lost.

    • hummer where it hurts

      BREAKING NEWS. A sawm of uniformed bloody thirsty vampires invaded kanyama grounds yersturday where residents gathered for a meeting.After a failed blood suck hunt at Chainama Motel two weeks ago,they tried their luck in Kanyama.To their liking there was a catch I mean a life was lost.After their successful mission they fled. away with more than 300 captives for their fresh blood meals.

  2. k1

    Ntonta boma in boma just follow wat police tells u,innocent lives start loosin nw

  3. ez

    Ba PF ba fikaaa ba iiii fuck your aas

  4. Mwape Kapaya

    Take it easy

  5. Leon


  6. Truth

    The pf are scared that the opposition Will talk once given the chance to do so. It’s no wonder they are blocking anyone with opposing views. That fool Kampyongo is behind this.

  7. sunford mwenda

    If one can not respect. The law while in opposition. ,will he respect the law when he will be in power.? No viva Zambia police

  8. maid in Manhattan

    Iam dispointed on this matter please let us love one other.

  9. AK

    Police Officers, Be Fair

  10. mawanawina

    yOU UP AND DOWN F00LS Why ntotha. When police say don’t muzimvera imwe bagalu

  11. tenze banthu

    Viibuleni vilibe nzelu …ndani aneme viona monga akalela azavipasa vakudia va free ..sebenzani ..

  12. Pablo Corleone.

    Sad indeed, I thought the victor has a peace of mind. Why being so insecure?

  13. Napoleon

    Our constitution supports freedom of assembly and association. if these freedoms are suppressed then those in power should be held accountable. We shouldn’t use police to undermine our freedoms.I was in South Africa but such type tendencies can’t be condoned because that country allows freedom of assembly both for the opposition and ruling party.The voices of the people shouldn’t be crashed because in Zambia there a lot of issues that should be taken into consideration like corruption, poverty,police brutality,unemployment, lack of drugs and equipment. Our president Edgar chagwa lungu made a promise to the people of Zambia to fire corrupt Ministers and civil servants who are undermining development in Zambia. There are more Scandals in the p.f government like Z.R.A K140 million scandal, Expired A.R.Vs, Mukula tree saga and Maize gate scandal.We as citizens must not be hypnotized by the powers that be.Lets not support criminality and corruption as norm in our Country by allowing M.M.D failed and corrupt elites to breed in the p.f party.Otherwise p.f will be extinguished by 2021.

    • food4though

      As a people we have the option, of course, of surrounding our conscience with a sort of cocoon of complacency, passively “going along,” shielding our inner feelings from whatever might disturb them. When issues arise, rather than take a stand we can in effect say, “I’ll just sit this one out; others may be affected—even hurt—but I am not.” Others will go to an extent of questioning, why you part took in a poll you know loaded into the “rigging mill”. Some spend their whole life in a morally ‘sitting’ posture. But, when all is said and done, and when life finally draws near its close, it would seem that the one who can say, “At least I stood for something,” must feel greater satisfaction than the one who rarely stood for anything. Sometimes we may wonder if people of deep conviction have become a vanishing race, something we read about in the past but see little of in the present. Most of us find it fairly easy to act in good conscience so long as the things at stake are minor. The more that is involved, the higher the cost, the harder it becomes to resolve questions of conscience, to make a moral judgment and accept its consequences. When the cost is very great we find ourselves at a moral crossroads situation, facing a genuine crisis in our lives.
      For instance a disputed poll, if not resolved in an amicable way, what impact does it have on voter and future polls? What guarantee do we have that polls will ever be fare and eventually reflect the will of THE PEOPLE? In future why should I wake up around 0400 to go and cast my vote or listen to the so called campaigns, when it has been decide well before the polling day? If those who rig polls, where passionate about democracy, development and progressing the lives of ordinary citizens would they be forgiven for using underhand methods if they eventually delivered beyond expectation?

      • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

        Be a Jehovah’s Witness and you will be happy

  14. Gibs

    But why…Zambia is a Democratic country that means we citizens are free to do anything, not so? I think we need ka friendly civil war pa Zambia na ba patriotic fools

    • double t

      HH being a freemasonist and a satanist enjoys drinking human blood especially that of children.

    • double m

      Gibs, freedom is not absolute.HH and his gangsters want to put this country on fire so that they can take advantage of the ensuing confusion to boost their ill gotten businesses.

  15. dingo

    ba upnd amano yanono just like your leaders hh n gbm..dullnes bafikala, wake up politics are over

  16. kauzganga

    Tumapolice twa cabe cabe y shud they blok pipo? Kampyongo panyo wamvera? Can u pay bak life kacikala iwe? Why dd MMD allow u if u cant allow others? This is bad, even yo prsdnt knws.Police men bcoming killers ,mps bcoming wrestlers ,cadres bcoming rtsa officers nd leaders bcoming thieves then we xpect order in the country n peace to prevail.The gov.controlling market prices n to hu 1 shud sell.shame!

  17. Clement Chileshe

    Was UPND denied a Police Pe rmit before the meeting or they just gathered without permission ? People must gather after being permited – If they first obtained a permit then denied after, they have the right to sue the state ….

    • Chanda Chanda

      The constitution changed.One only need to NOTIFY and not get permission.

  18. Tim

    Too bad

  19. savage

    Comment.Zambian politics ni dirty game chabe

  20. savage

    Comment ma rubbish

  21. TC


  22. Chanda Chanda

    The Police are not happy as well.When they get such a chance the vent their frustration on anyone.Its unfortunate that the PF don’t go there.When it come to that the Police will shoot even at PF and claim it was accidental. It is foolish to believe that all Police Officers support PF.

  23. Bk

    I agree with Nakachinda that UPnd is CULT so this month they want to sacrifice .we are praying

  24. One Chagwa Mucende

    Upnd Supporters Are Fools,hh Alipee Alenwinapo Ne Cimenshi Na Ka Drink Kazizila Mailo Akese Myeba Ati Ba Police Batukanya Fya Kuyifyala Mweka

  25. ez

    Patriotic fools

  26. chips

    A rally needs a permit frm police.no permit no rally.all know this.do things acordin to law

  27. *nyoko

    King Delo



  29. Hellen

    Pipo stop killings

  30. ECL

    “Pliz kampyongo stop the atrocities we are committing against the citizens, lest ICC arrest me soon”;(;(;(;>;>!!

  31. hk

    May God forgive you all

  32. kauzganga

    Chips cikala hu do u thnk ur’e .What do u knw ?nowonder no 1 counts u during census .pf z blaming pipo 4 not working meanwhile,they ddnt offer them employment.zesco tarrifs raised, Edg….nizakutombela esther atase!

  33. Cosmas Chipili

    To those who supporting evil things pf and his police (useless vigilante) are doing to innocent people I don’t if are truly Zambians or true Christian,honestly if I was police officer elyo bantuma kuli Lucifer kateka wali isonde ampela me ndalama kabili alikowela ku mafisakanwa ati kepaye abantu Ba kaele na Ba UPND ab akaele kuti na mukanina bwino sana nga ni ncito kuti antamfyafye. Pantu umweo nakwata the wandi nga Lesa atila ati we cipumbu can muntu umweo obe lelo ndepoka lelo nkaya mwasuka shank pa bushiku bwa bupingushi,bushe uyo wine Lucifer ulentuma akabako? Police I am at your knees don’t act like bedbugs,you don’t know what tomorrow will bring but if you know what tomorrow will be keep on KILLING US but remember soon and very soon Jesus is coming for JUDGMENT are you going to stand before the throne of Almighty? Te Kateka wali kapepala ngo alemituma AWE, ni OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENCE, OMNIPRESENCE so…..

    • Mp3

      Too bad

    • Mp3

      Too bad to the innocent people who was affected with teargas around the area.
      Zambian’s let’s avoid something that will lead us to problems, especially finding your self in agony just for a person who is enjoying with his family. Yet you lose your family. Be wise we live once take care and look after your family they need you most.

  34. musa

    BA police 🚓 u are afraid of locking up das two guys because they hav money….unless as poor.

  35. Thomas chimwanga

    Police men should remember that one day you they will die and made answerable for that innocent soul they killed

  36. markc

    HH is a fool and creature

  37. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    The Kanyama residents had serious intentions. They wanted HH and GBM to explain how the economy has been crippled and how far the issue of the presidential petition has gone. To be honest, these two would have had nothing to talk about as they would not have had answers. They only wanted to divert the attention of the people. They knew that by confusing matters, they would get away. They were told about the rally and chose to deliberately to ignore which they they could not be granted as they don’t recognise the commander in chief of the armed forces and through cowardice chose to sacrifice the residents. Zambians must open up your eyes. Muzayamba kufela pa mbolo ya shamwali!

  38. Kaluluka

    This is, the only development pf government can doing in our country, too bad

  39. Zai

    Pf you just useless

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