Defiant Opposition Leader Takes On ‘Mighty’ ZRA In Alleged Corrupt Deal Amounting to K140 Million

United Progressive Party president Saviour Chishimba says the legal suit against him by the Zambia Revenue Authority will give him an opportunity to expose the levels of corruption at the institution.

ZRA has instituted legal action against Chishimba following his whistle blowing antics that seems to be rubbing the authorities the wrong way.

The taxmen are demanding K100 billion in reputation damages from Chishimba for alleging that ZRA dubiously and by corrupt means awarded a contract for the Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Supervision, Configuration, Testing and Commissioning of an Invoice Management otherwise known as Electronic Fiscal Devices to a named Chinese company amounting to k140, million.

The Authority on Wednesday instituted legal action in the Lusaka High Court on the matter.

But the UPP leader has remained defiant saying he will spill the beans in court.



The purported legal proceedings by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) against the United Progressive People (UPP), if indeed it is true, over our allegations of corruption in the award of the contract to the Chinese Righlux and Inspur by ZRA, is welcome because it accords us a rare opportunity to present before the courts of laws the overwhelming evidence in our possession.

We maintain our position and do hereby vehemently submit that ZRA lacks integrity not only over the fiscalisation project in question, but also over the Zambia-Malawi K345 million maize exportation scandal, among other cases before us. We have not even covered 1% of the cases that we have.

UPP seizes this occasion to ask ZRA to state its position over direct or indirect dealings with CilTax Consultants over the years. There is a heap of very serious issues that we shall present before the courts of laws to show how the nation is losing revenues because of corrupt senior officers at ZRA and the political elite who have taken taxpayers for granted for far too long.

It is common knowledge that every organisation, as a legal person, is personified by the people who are leading it. Likewise, ZRA is personified by the Commissioner General, Mr. Kingsley Chanda, and other senior officers. This is the reason why all public officers are required by law to declare the direct or indirect interests that they have in entities that have questionable dealings with public bodies under which they are called to serve.

UPP shall successfully and overwhelmingly prove that ZRA, in its current form, lacks the integrity that the people of Zambia expect it to uphold.

Our evidence shows that ZRA was represented in the sitting of an irresponsible committee that cleared Transglobe Limited of Malawi to export 50, 000 tonnes of the 100, 000 tonnes of maize under the K345 million letter of credit which was primarily issued in favour of the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF).

ZRA must explain to the people of Zambia how it was part of the maize exportation scandal without showing how taxes were going to be collected since Transglobe is not registered for tax purposes in Zambia. This is why we shall continue to demand for a tribunal to probe Hon. Dora Siliya so that she can explain how she worked with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to facilitate corruption.

ZRA too, owes Zambians an explanation. We shall not rest until the tribunal is appointed. We are thankful to God that the purported lawsuit is a golden opportunity to prosecute ZRA over its alleged role in the maizegate saga.

ZRA must now prepare to face UPP in court and explain how some questionable corporate entities are used to evade the taxes by way of dubious appeals that culminate in massive reductions of taxes for a select few.

ZRA must explain why it failed to perform its legal duty of care to Zambians by not undertaking due diligence before awarding the contract to Righlux and Inspur when all the details on corruption and technical bottlenecks under the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority associated with the same company are within the reach of ZRA.

If ZRA had integrity, it would have been enforcing the law fairly and impartially. How many corporations owe Zambians taxes? Why did ZRA selectively pounce on the Post Newspaper with force leaving out many others that have even more tax liabilities? Integrity demands that justice be rendered to all in a manner which is above board.

UPP sternly warns ZRA to concentrate on corruption-free measures that will help Zambia to generate tax revenues that will help the nation to settle the debts and advance economic development.

The K100 billion being claimed is an ill conceived and misguided lawsuit. It is about the same amount of the national debt that Zambia has – it is also almost double our national budget. This money will certainly not come from the UPP.

Nonetheless, UPP has initiated the #BringBackOurMoney! anti corruption crusade, which seeks to prevent corruption as well as recover all the stolen funds and we can guarantee that the public resources that have been plundered shall be paid back to Zambians. We have kept the evidence under lock and nut in a secure place that no one can enter except a few justice fighters.

The army, police and prison officers, intelligence officers, civil servants and workers in the private sector are being subjected to hostile high taxes because of corruption.

The PF-MMD regime has run out of ideas on how to grow the economy and create jobs for Zambians. Consequently, they have resorted to heavily taxing the citizens to sustain the costly and aimless international travels of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his ministers.

The people of Zambia are facing hardships, but the reckless and insensitive PF-MMD leaders are continuing to waste public resources on luxuries. Enough is Enough!

We, in the UPP, believe in the justice and power of the Almighty God who has called us to the kingdom at a time such as this. We are fully FORTIFIED and ready to defend the truth.

I and all those that the LORD God of Heaven has given me shall not die, but live to declare the works of the LORD, signs and wonders in Zambia from the Holy One of Israel! These words of prophecy shall come to pass before the eyes of this nation!

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba



  1. JM

    Your Excellency Saviour Chishimba you have a vote from me. Zambians are blind people who have been dribbled for too long ffrom these scrupulous politicians. They have no interest for the nation not all. There are there to serve themselves and there are families.
    Kingsley Chanda is a crook what do you expect from him he was running a Katemba business evading taxes all the time.
    All what UPP president said is the truth the whole truth and we are behind you. The commission of truth involving these criminals in government will be constituted when Lungu leaves office. Umulandu taubola.
    Your follower

  2. Sandra

    I love this man, anyone with his number? I wanna join him

  3. Lolo

    As a president speak clearly don’t speak as if u are suffering from eyes problem. Umulwele wa menso. No ZRA… no maize gates. … No ECL. .. sit down and plan how u are going to defend yourself with your so called evidence. Muli mubwafya tata.

  4. mwasha nongo

    Corruption is evident in all corners of the country. We claim to be a Christian nation yet our leaders, all institutions esp judiciary department are more corrupt. While many poor Zambians are languishing in poverty. All Zambians especially men and women of integrity must stand up and support such moves by UPP.

  5. Lolo

    elo naimwe ba ZRA where in Zambia can someone have 100 billion to give u. May b it is a typing error it is suppose to b 100million

  6. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    Xaviour, ninkuchonga nga boom! That’s the courage we need from leaders not that of HH and his cronies. Jehovah’s on your side and may he guide and bless you! We need people With sufficient evidence to redeem us from liers and hypocrites

  7. Concerned citizen

    2 Chronicles 7:14 Zambia Shall be Saved. We have Moses to deliver us from the hardships of Pharahal.

  8. Chushi sydney

    well articulated,lets hope the evidence is overwhelming enough.

  9. Kalaluka

    ECL, has destory our COUNTRY, this is, the reason he wants zambia to leave ICC

  10. Mr peace

    Corruption is one word which corrupted pipo use to corrupt fools.Once u here a small dog barking seriously,just know there is a big dog around.Pipo tok against corruption so as to find a way through to positions where they can practice pure corruption.Remember even Jesus was betrayed through corruption so the problem with corruption is corroption itself because he who speaks against it is corrupting someone’s mind.

  11. peace loving

    Zambia can not leave the ICC my brother as long as it remains a UN member.

  12. Cc

    Comment I hope ZRA have done their homework by removing all the cobwebs in their drawers. Saviour Chishimba will not only be in court to deal with this current issue is taken to Court for. He will be all-out first to damage the character of ZRA, already the organisation has admitted that a number of motor vehicles entered the country without documentation. Where these vehicles flying and landing at the houses of those who imported them? Now Saviour is talking about Malawi/Zambia maize export. ZRA was going to do better by talking to Saviour instead of being defensive and rushing to court. Saviour has something in his sleeve which may embarrass ZRA.

  13. Kwangu

    Really and this commissioner general has assumed the roll of ZRA spokesman taking all jobs instead of him being an arbitrator if we have complaints we go to him.
    This will be an interesting case really ZRA will regret having started it and I see it costing one a job here. Cil tax is for Kingsley chanda he was doing tax consultancy for Trade kings let them investigate their dealings

  14. sk

    Dr saviour chishimba is only opposition leader who knows the role of the opposition,which is to provide checks and is high other opposition leaders start emulating this man.

  15. k squared

    Expose them ,Zambians deserve better…..



  17. Nest

    The connection he had with trade kings that’s what made him get that job.

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