Hichilema Willfully Put Pres. Lungu’s Life In Danger – State House

State House has accused opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema of willfully putting the life of President Edgar Lungu in danger when the UPND leader allegedly ignored security protocal to put up a race with the presidential motorcade.

Images have been trending on social media since last night of the Presidential Motorcade in a rare race with a convoy of Hichilema’s entourage.

A statement attributed to presidential spokesman Amos Chanda narrates the episode that took place during the Kuomboka Ceremony in Western Province where both leaders attended.

Chanda says the route lining was done which involved sweeping the road to ensure there is no obstacle whenever is the president was passing from one place to another.

According to Chanda, Hichilema and his convoy passed major check points in good time but slowed down so as to wait for The Presidential Motorcade.

Chanda explains that the presidential motorcade had two options; to slow down and allow Hichilema to reach Limulunga or to bump him off and create some scene of sorts which is what he wanted.

He says a decision was made to by pass Hichilema and it was clear no danger was posed to President Lungu at that point unless Hichilema went further ti ram into the presidential motorcade.

Chanda says as the respect of their misbehaviour on the road, Hichilema and his entourage missed out on the banquet because they arrived later than the Head of State. They were not permitted to make a grand entry because it was against protocol.

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