Hichilema Willfully Put Pres. Lungu’s Life In Danger – State House

State House has accused opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema of willfully putting the life of President Edgar Lungu in danger when the UPND leader allegedly ignored security protocal to put up a race with the presidential motorcade.

Images have been trending on social media since last night of the Presidential Motorcade in a rare race with a convoy of Hichilema’s entourage.

A statement attributed to presidential spokesman Amos Chanda narrates the episode that took place during the Kuomboka Ceremony in Western Province where both leaders attended.

Chanda says the route lining was done which involved sweeping the road to ensure there is no obstacle whenever is the president was passing from one place to another.

According to Chanda, Hichilema and his convoy passed major check points in good time but slowed down so as to wait for The Presidential Motorcade.

Chanda explains that the presidential motorcade had two options; to slow down and allow Hichilema to reach Limulunga or to bump him off and create some scene of sorts which is what he wanted.

He says a decision was made to by pass Hichilema and it was clear no danger was posed to President Lungu at that point unless Hichilema went further ti ram into the presidential motorcade.

Chanda says as the respect of their misbehaviour on the road, Hichilema and his entourage missed out on the banquet because they arrived later than the Head of State. They were not permitted to make a grand entry because it was against protocol.


  1. TheRock

    They have started. How was HH a danger to ECL. It’s ECL entourage that came tearing down the road. They overtook, end of story. Did you want HH’s entourage to fly into the bush?

    Be realistic.

    • sydney m.

      President lungu is the leader of this state and no one else. HH is leader of UPND. Why is he pompers to an extent of distracting the presidential moter cade. He will cry more come 2021.

    • surely


    • John

      Honestly, Sydney this matter is a very sensitive matter putting politics aside Your hh was wrong! No where in the world can someone misbehave in that manner.ECL is the head of state whether you and hh likes it or not, you have to understand something
      1. Ambulance
      2. Head of state
      3. BoZ vehicles (that transport money)
      This three are very special you just have to give way. “Do good to others has you expect good from them” image your hh is head of state, can he condone such nonsense? No! And no one can my brother. hh is a thorn tree in this country its high time the thorn trees are cut down.

      • Martin

        Thats true my fellow citizen. HH is just……… not a good leader. He will never rule zambia

  2. Oga Boss

    HH needs to grow up in.he’s.head
    Come on why disturb a presidential. Motorcade? If anything had happened or even just a tirebust on any auto Mobil escorting the presdo everything would be blamed on him. That’s why a good leader is.chosen by God through the people. Ba HH tulibantu basumafye ifyakufwala efitubifyafye.

    • fwanya

      In southern part of Africa,we always keep left when driving.Now look at the motorcade of Lungu,It clealry shows that its them who drove fast and overtook HH.Why didnt Lungu just use chooper to land in Barotseland if they think HH was a threat???
      And you call that security for Lungu

  3. wise

    Nice one siya 2

  4. Prince Chipasha

    He should be punished, just because he’s rich does not mean he can go against what is right.

  5. Chichi

    Who cares if Edgar is smashed to his last gasp? What banquet was worth attending? Edgar should behave himself because HH is internationally recognized as the legit president. Edgar is an imposter who belongs to a night club.

    • Albert Nyirenda

      I need you chichi to educate me which international organizations recognised ur tribe has the president of Zambia shudder behavior and wait for the second election comi

  6. tv

    HH thinks like a child

  7. Joseph

    Only devils behave like that. You are children of your father the devil. Now, we are more than conquerors so whatever HH and his cohorts are doing is going nowhere. MARK THAT.

    • emmy joe

      Surely the police need to act fast on this deranged man or we expect to see worse

  8. Papa

    Government why is it that the one who is founded guilty of stealing a puppy is been prosecuted or trespassing the police premises . but hh has caused the death and displacement of Innocent people and even to reach to an extent of in danger the life of the President willfully broked the presidential motorcage these evil moment wetinessed by people and what is investigation his IG looking for? is equally behind the same what so special about HH? Ba (IG)people are watching.

  9. maid in Manhattan

    Working together

    • passion for revenge

      hello! My telemundo mate, how z life in telemundo?

  10. lobster

    What Edgar lungu did and his carders was wrong and he should be punished they wanted Hh not to reach where he was going mwi katwipaila Hh ba kolwe

  11. Mabvuto Phiri

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  12. me

    y is ecl in green.?

  13. ked-sing

    Did he block the road?, or u jst want to lie to the public we know you for being good liers from the begining.

  14. Black water

    Hh and GBM they were just right that is just part demonstration their frustration sometimes you try suicide. The way the motorcade speeds it would been a disaster on both sides. The best thing the government can do is tell the chief Justice to instruct the court to disposal all election petitions because I see this as major cry for the two tycoons to be heard there after let people judge if their will not accept the out come. next time when they ask for a rally permit give the and put the police to monitor as you did at komboka.we want peace in Zambia to continue.

  15. Chichi

    If it were me, I would have blocked the entire roadway so that Edgar uses a bush from which he should take a shit and wipe off his ass with leaves. That country is not for drunkard leadership.

    • mw

      if hh wines election why is not in state House what’s money can you us money to enter into the kingdom of God or though he was a drankertd it’s very hard for the rich man to enter into the kingdom of God than kamel enter into eye of nido so think twice

    • Albert Nyirenda

      I need you chichi to educate me which international organizations recognised ur tribe has the president of Zambia shudder behavior and wait for the election comi

  16. Marker

    Comment HH and his low thinking club members Should realize that Lungu is the Only Zambia Republican President whether poor or not ,money cannot buy the country.Just take easy by the time elections will start you run out of ideas coz you look a useless tired politician.

  17. Qohe

    He didn’t go to n’cwala but politicized the kuomboka. Why does he want to be president when he can’t see further than WP and SP? Lungu graced the kuomboka even though he lost there. Isn’t HH’s missing the N’Cwala ceremony a tribal decision? Who really practices tribal politics, HH or lungu?

  18. zedoc

    If HH had tried this kind of politics during KK’s rule or chiluba’s rule, we would not even be talking about him today. We would be long dead. You do not behave like that against a sitting President anywhere in the world and expect to be alive. If people want to be argumentative for nothing, let them continue. But one day, they will stop these foolish arguments.

    • kajuku

      KK’s time was dictatorship in disguise now is Democratic country unless you want to other wise

  19. edgar changa lungusha

    i hurt u becoz ur leardership it is not even make sense’chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi not mbuzi kuluma galu’u wil be frabbagasted soon u cowprits ba pf’njasukeni ko neciposho ici so ime nimwe fye mwebacita fye ifisuma ayi nangu namu lufyanya nimwebo, but u pretend as if u ar not mubepesha abanenu?but kunyanyafye mu pf’

  20. Elias kunda


  21. Mwate mupeseni

    charity begins at home.

  22. Monkey Thinking

    Come on guys dont be fooled by these guys they just wanted to HH to miss the ceremony by creating a pussy scene
    most of you guys are duped and fooled you have allowed your mind to be raped by these politicians bembas are not idots its some who are easily fooled

  23. Bk

    Shame on hikaivotele hiyeka that was witchcraft.Mansons are darkpowers

  24. SODIUM


  25. SODIUM

    Comment after law yo foolish president Lungu nothing he’s to our respected president HH pakalikatete ba mbuli.

  26. G Mwansa

    Why is Lungu doing this

    • Yfc

      Imwe bonse multi fye bamo,why ukulatukishanya ifi you are just showing up your imbecilities namukula bane, behave.

  27. Teargas

    Tole yenu ba fikala, mulenya bwino! Lekeni HH ateke na GBM wakwe!

  28. keagan mwamba

    we need mor respct to our leaders ECL


    HH is a rabble rouser who needs to be locked up in a cattle kraal as for this mulatoo bitch calling herself chichi she needs a good hiding in her pussy with my huge black dick cause all white ladies love our dicks not those small tiny white ones.

    • elias yundayunda

      You goats,do you think that this gorvement of lungu has problems or they have failed to rule this country? Y arrest him for what case, if you can recall the rupiya banda’s government sata blocked the road can u that treason?

  30. King Sisco

    Hh Should Be Punished For His Deeds It Was Wrong

  31. Kampyongo

    The police in western province did well to recognise that HH is the president and thus, he deserves right of way.

  32. Genius

    So immature and childish!He should have respect

  33. Aurent

    Comment: hh and his fools foolish idiots ‘ll never preside over the affairs my beloved Zambia.

  34. alistair

    Ndelolesha fye

  35. madam b

    It is only the devil and his demons who recognises hh internationally. And for sure he is recognised in hell as the president.satanic Idiot

  36. see good

    i see how childish he is,how can he do like that a normal person HH why can’t you just wait you time.We know that you have money but money is not a issue where you think that you can do anything,give my PRESIDENT RESPECT i love ECL.Don’t show us you nacked mind.

  37. BWALYA


  38. Nosa

    God lifts the humble and pulls down the pride.Rememder leadership is from God.politics are earthly things but judgement is coming and God will judge man including your insults and all your misconduct. Let us learn to respect people in authority because tomorrow it will be you who will be crying to be respected and you will feel the pain.

  39. Jack k

    Let us respct the leadership in power. If you were republican president mr HAKAINDE HICHILEMA you would want or need resprct deserved. We love you hh bt let your time come please.

  40. voice of the voice less

    Why behave in such a manner we expected more from you HH and your Cadars. Don’t behave in such a manner. Thank you H.E MR Chagwa Lungu for your retaliation towards this temptation

  41. chishimba kabwili

    Ba pf amupuka ing’ombe isho shilemoneka ku background nga mwaliponeka bonse poor family foolish

  42. John Mwila

    Leave our presido alone & let let the so called HH rule the cows

  43. Tasila

    Iwe lungu, why trail our president HH when you should have used the choper as you have always done each time you go to ncwala? You should be warned that what you tried to do our president is unacceptable, childishness, foolishness, lack of confidence in yourself as “president”. What if your ka motorcade capsided and you loose your life! Would you have blamed HH? No, no, and no! You don’t take chances with your ka life. Remember, “1000 ways to die”. Pliz don’t try this on the road, air, or water. Stay safe! Waunfwa?

  44. FRED

    Hakainde is showing u his true colours cause if he cant respect the head of state can he respect you when he is président? Pride ba hakainde u will cry again in 2021 wanya chikala

  45. surely


  46. prist

    hh must die

  47. Napoleon

    This can’t happen in South Africa or Zimbabwe. if it was uncle Bob he would have locked up Hichelema and throw the keys in limpopo river.In Zambia there is a political and economical crisis. Alot of people are not happy with the current injustices. lastly the inspector General of police must resign for allowing such incident to happen.

  48. Zyashupa Zyintu G Chisangano

    Eeyi Mfwulumende Ilela Kuli Ncoisola Kubililizya Nkakaambo Kaako Ncoisola Kulwana Nkamu Zyikazyilila.Leza Takonzyi Kujaya Bantu Nkaambo Kakuti Balapenzyegwa Pele Inga Wakonzya Kugwisya Baabo Bapenzya Cisi Kutegwa Kube Luumuno.Amucenjele Nomuli Mubulelo.Cipa Kuti Kube Mapenzi Nkaambo Kakuti Muntu Wakawina Taasyi Nguwe Wakalela.Kunyina Nokuyakuba Luumuno Ccita Muntu Wakawina Akanjile Mubulelo.Mapenzi Alasika Kuli Ndunywe Nomulyaamba Kuti Mwakawina.Tuyakubona Naa Muyakwaazunda.Zambian Were Created In The Likeness Of God And U’re Busy Terifying Them,locking Them Up In Police Cells And Even Killing Some Of Them.Judgement Day!!

  49. Jack

    Zambia, you more serious issues to talk about that this nonsense. Your people are are hungry and beggars. Wake up! Look at your towns. People died scrambling for handouts

    • concerned

      Just talking nonses ,true lets forcus on serious issues

      • papa

        Its really unfortunate that this issue is being taken political. Under security protocol,any person seen not to give way to president commits a serious offence. If lungu died, in that incident still HH wouldn’t have become president. Inonge would as per constitution! HH must show leadership not this drama he wants to bring to Zambian. Whatever, a person sows so he shall reap. HH you are the opposition president and ECL is president elect. I don’t think western,north western and southern make zambia NO.

  50. Ndeloleshafye

    These pipo still course hate among you guys and you still fight. Forget it, do your thing…

  51. b

    sodium mboro yako.U are a dog

  52. Dennis Mang'wato

    Guys is not for what happened last night at hh house lungu you should think about it ok

  53. bf

    chichi u are an idiot.So white or coloured with a pink or white anus remove their dung or shit with clay

  54. my

    tasila u are foolish respect the president.iChinyo

  55. Alex

    chita kuti wakazyalwa kungulube buyo ulabona ulazwa mubulelo

  56. Navy Seal

    UPNDs tamwapusana nama Congolese you like ifyongo. Shame!!!!!! ,
    This matter is a very sensitive matter putting politics aside Your hh was wrong! No where in the world can someone misbehave in that manner.ECL is the head of state whether you and hh likes it or not, you have to understand something
    1. Ambulance
    2. Head of state
    3. BoZ vehicles (that transport money)
    This three are very special you just have to give way. “Do good to others has you expect good from them” image your hh is head of state, can he condone such nonsense? No! And no one can my brother. hh is a thorn tree in this country its high time the thorn trees are cut down.

  57. Nivlek

    You guys what happened was very unfortunate and words are being exchanged and sometimes insults. The issue is this! OUR POLICE IS IMMATURE AND ACTED LIKE LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS ABELE BUTA. That scene was and is still dangerous to our national security. The IG should resign as she failed to protect the President and the public. I stand here ashamed looking at the picture of the President and the Opposition leader fighting for the first spot on the road. Instead of trading insults we should be asking ourselves why such an event was allowed to take place and who detailed the traveling plans of the two top politicians? Someone should be held accountable.

    • James

      I think you are right police failed to penform their duty.

  58. Rk

    Kumukaka achilAmo

  59. kalenga masuwa

    Mr HH cn u show us some leadership qualities leadership telubuli grow up

  60. Mado

    Laws is greater than power

  61. Legendary Northern Kicks

    Wowowowo……They were shooting a movie in titled “Fast and Furious 9”.

  62. dawson

    hh nichikala fuseki

  63. paul

    I wonder why some people just want to make themselves ignorant over the obvious things. HH is very wrong in this. Be realistic to it this and not supporting just becoz somebody is your relative.Be mature in mind

    • Da Niel

      HH performed on this one…i’m HH’s supporter but I can’t stand that stupidit….that was so childish…walanya boi!!!

  64. Me

    Anyone supporting hichilemaz behavior is a fool. Honestly speaking, you guys are fools together with hh himself.

  65. Raphael

    What would happen if anyone did what hh did regardless who is who arrest

  66. James Tembo

    u guy dont fight and insult each other. jst understand something no one is above the law. leave this matter to the police.

  67. James Tembo

    u guys dont fight and insult each other over this matter. jst understand something no one is above the law. leave this matter to the police.

  68. jobs mawere

    The only solution to this problem is dismiss all police officers that were on duty starting from the ig, police comisioner fo western p, comanding oficers and those that were on ground to provide security to head of state becoz they area danger to the nation.

  69. never mind

    this is how a drunked person can think not a sober person i rest my pace

  70. Commenter

    HH…….is ashamed because he is a loser he will never rule this country!!

  71. Bwalya

    Since when does The President drive from Lusaka to Mongu ??? Did anyone see the President in the motorcade???? This is a setup as the knew HH would be on the road!!!! Use your brains peoples!

  72. PIMP 2000

    If Chichi is not raving like a lunatic than she is busy sucking dicks.

  73. C Post

    HH is a piece of shit

  74. C Post

    HH is a piece of sh…..

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