Miles Sampa Lobbying To Take Over Kazala’s Position At FAZ – Sources

Former Matero member of parliament Miles Sampa is lobbying to be nominated as vice-president after the position fell vacant following the expulsion of Richard Kazala.

Kazala was expelled by the FAZ Council for gross misconduct alongside committee member Blackwell Siwale.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and members of his executive are due to make the replacements.

Sources close to Sampa have disclosed that the failed politician is trying to make a comeback to public life through FAZ.

“Miles has been sending different people to Mr Kamanga to consider him for the position of vice-president. He really wants the position,” the source said. “There is no indication he will get it but he is hopeful.”

Miles was first co-opted in the FAZ Executive Committee after vigorous lobbying when four ExCo members resigned between 2009 and 20011.

The former UPND campaigner who attempted to make a PF comeback but was rejected has recently been trying his luck to come back into active public life.

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