Miles Sampa Lobbying To Take Over Kazala’s Position At FAZ – Sources

Former Matero member of parliament Miles Sampa is lobbying to be nominated as vice-president after the position fell vacant following the expulsion of Richard Kazala.

Kazala was expelled by the FAZ Council for gross misconduct alongside committee member Blackwell Siwale.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and members of his executive are due to make the replacements.

Sources close to Sampa have disclosed that the failed politician is trying to make a comeback to public life through FAZ.

“Miles has been sending different people to Mr Kamanga to consider him for the position of vice-president. He really wants the position,” the source said. “There is no indication he will get it but he is hopeful.”

Miles was first co-opted in the FAZ Executive Committee after vigorous lobbying when four ExCo members resigned between 2009 and 20011.

The former UPND campaigner who attempted to make a PF comeback but was rejected has recently been trying his luck to come back into active public life.



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  2. Geoffrey Chinama

    Let miles try his luck miles away from sports fraternity football n z a unifyn factor n our country.evn f our country z going thru difficult tymz,we oways com togeda as one Zambia one nation.involving pipo lyk miles will invite mo actv politics in Zambian football.don’t forget DT miles z a frustrated,desperate and hopeless politician. He z lookin fo alternative way to resurrect politically.

  3. school boy

    We miss u mile com bak

  4. mutale clement

    We miss u mile com,bak we nid u

  5. mutale clement

    We miss u mile com,bak we nid u

    • Muleya

      Comment: He is fishing money. From politics to sports.Thats Bembas are too lazy in this country.

  6. Mr Does

    Nice new s continue

  7. Hardine Sarklaphir

    If things dont work out, try something else. But be real and not coming to destroy others.

  8. hummer where it hurts

    There is nothing sinister about this,if he has want it takes he can get the job,now why widening the beaks over this is he not human?

    • maikalange tukamulya

      Bufi thats y fi zambia reports muli fyacabe cabe

  9. sinx

    Yamunyopola njala mambala hahahahahaha.

  10. njala

    Yamunyopola njalakapala mambala.

  11. Aurent

    Comment: If the so called failed politician is eligible for the position then let him go for it.

  12. coolg

    we don,t want a conman at faz try upnd.

  13. cool

    we don,t want anather conman at faz try upnd.

  14. Kalaluka

    its long time, mr MILES. let’s make better zambia, in football admistration, everything its corruption & tribalism

  15. Mwape Kapaya

    Mwalipwa nomba were is Scott uwalemubepa

  16. Louise Halwi

    Samoa!!! Are you the only figure?? We want to see others work as well. Can you rest!!?

  17. Deuce

    If great kalu could switch from football platform to political stage with ecl,y can’t miles temporarily find shelter in football admin as he waits for the political year 2020.wise kamanga should see this confusion and avoid it.sampa,twapapata boi,baleke pa fax babombe ifya football in peace.

  18. Ricky chilyango

    OK that’s good let’s replaced sampa.

  19. zulu

    God has plans for everyone .if its his time he will be and you can’t change it that’s the biggest secret. Those in government positions never dreamed of being there but time tells.

  20. Antu omwe

    Let’s FAZ trying him, he can be a good adviser to Andrew.

  21. kun

    Remember that, Zambia is a christian nation.

  22. Hasty

    Ati failed politician,,,, disgusting

  23. real b

    let me me try

  24. real b

    let him try

  25. Gerald

    In life there is always second chance,go for it miles and dont repeat the mistakes other wise there will be no mercy next time..You betrayed alot of people especially in matero constituency for siding with the wrong people.In anyway Good lucky

  26. Mess


  27. umuponda

    Miles is at liberty to do wat he wants in life.Wats yo worry?Y go against some ones else aspirations nd ambitions.Ni Faz mini ya nyoko futi ni bola lini ya USO.

  28. Muleya

    Give him peacework your fellow Bemba

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