Saviour Chishimba Goes In Hiding; Says State Operatives After His Life

Opposition UPP leader Saviour Chishimba has gone into hiding claiming state operatives were after his life for exposing corrupt activities of high ranking officials.

Chishimba says his laptops and other document have since been stolen after unknown people broke into his house.



Fellow comrades in the fight for justice and members of the international community;

I have had to go into hiding after escaping a dragnet of armed men in suits. I had received information earlier, but I ignored it.

I urge you all to intensify prayer and fasting for me. God will surely strike all who seek the blood of the innocent. It is not a crime to demand for transparency and accountability from our leaders.

One sure thing is that I shall not die, but live to declare the works of the LORD in Zambia and in as many nations as the LORD God of Heaven has given me. I am made for signs and wonders from the LORD!

The people of Zambia are suffering because of corruption and God demands justice for all. Why can’t state resources be deployed to serve the people instead of pursuing an innocent citizen? Demanding K100 billion (US$10 billion) from a political party?

We have stated before that Zambia belongs to all Zambians and we must all live securely together in dignity, unity and peace.

If it is the evidence you want to destroy, make no mistake, it is secure in a place you cannot enter. We were not born yesterday to keep critical documents in our houses or offices.

The two laptops and a few documents that you stole, after an illegal entry into my house, are the very last ever! I am now wiser and smarter.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba


  1. Spectator

    Wow! Clever boy!

    • Joseph

      Saviour Chishimba should just admit that he is in hiding because of ZRA DEMAND OF K100M for his lies.On the other hand ZESCO has also taken him to court and are demanding K140m for lying that they awarded a Tender corruptly when in fact the same Tender is still under going appraisal and not yet awarded.No body wants to kill him.

      • shu shu shu

        The guilty are always afraid. This is the case with Chishimba.

  2. Bk

    It is sin to accuse innocent pipo Savior

    • Katete Kakoma

      Ba you must be the one who stole the laptop and documents and must be one of those detailed to eliminate him. Otherwise you would not make the most stupid statement of the year so far.

  3. Chichi

    Am not surprised, Edgar’s government is a killer machine. They will kill him for his blood and offer it as a sacrifice to their gods. This is the worst government on this planet.

  4. hummer where it hurts

    These predators are multiplying like cancer Why go after chishimba. You claimed you are as transparent as the sky and that there is no scam.Indeed there is no smoke without fire.Chishimba is right you are hiding something hence your desire to silence him and cover your dirty hands.Did you hear what chishimba said? he was not born the previous night to be that stupid to let go the evidence. I doubt our Christianity the’re too many blood suckers.

  5. Tombolilo

    Shame BA ruling party

  6. Tombolilo

    Shame Pf

  7. JM

    The state is guilty. Don’t kill our man. He has something to tell the nation.
    Be brace Saviour

  8. kerico

    How can a “SAVIOUR” Can hide!!!???
    a SAVIOUR should be saving factor.??
    God knows the best.

  9. NaS

    Chishimba must be watching too much spy movies.

  10. chichi 2

    I think ka hh has a hand in all this. He wants to get rid of Chishimba so that he doesn’t reveal his under world issues.

  11. Kapwepwe

    RB, Dora, KZ and even ba kateka keep your dirty hands off our Saviour just do the right thing.

  12. Kalaluka

    Chishima, he is a very wise & vivid man. and the wicked man came with a sheep face, and pretending, at ” fasting & pray “, becz hangover

    • double t

      This guy is mentally deranged and no sane person should believe in his utterances.Armed men in black suits? We’ve heard that before.Just provide proof to support your allegations!

  13. Lolo

    So u who are supporting Chishimba are sure about what the man has said. Which evidence is he keeping? The problem is that in Zambia many of the people are dull who fail to figure out what is true and what is false. Ba Chishimba come out from hiding and proof your careless talks. Talk is cheap.

  14. tinted

    Comment saviour save the nation.

  15. Aurent

    Comment: Coward and wicked is what Saviour is. After failing to prove what you accuse people of, now you ‘re running away from your own shadow with false claims.

  16. sandy

    Zambia !!! the real animal farm.

  17. cts

    Ati chichi 2 ,john kopela,,,,y shud our hh v a hand on this ? Moreover chishimba z not talking of hh,he talking of yo foolish pf wu wants to kill him ,,,,so dat this insure shud remain a secret .now be ready for him mwajaila ba Satan imweeee

  18. Mij 6

    He that rises by the sword,shall fall by the sword.

  19. Mwasha nongo

    The truth shall always triumph over darkness/evil. God is watching over His people. Corruption has become the order of the day under the PF government. What has happened with the cases of corruptions on Chishimba Kambwili head? Jean Kapata and Kaizer Zulu were mentioned in the cases of corruptions, what has happened to them??? Zambians open your eyes and see. Church leaders are coprimised in the country that they do not longer preach against corruption and injustice. Shame to all!!!

  20. Mweene L.F.

    Compare What Is Demanded Of Chishimba To Zambia National Budget. What A Way Of A Way Killing

  21. Kapobe Kennedy Jr

    Comment saviour u’ve 2 pay 4 ur propaganda dnt even talk of fasting if u hd known tht ur big mouth ws going 2 put u in problems u wud ve tamed it so u’ve 2 face th rough of th law period

  22. kapuli

    Tell dem ma man

  23. Gevy Army worm Phiri

    Tell yo wife & children if u hav any 2 pray & fast 4 u. We hav alot of fud 2 work on b4 it goes 2 waste.

  24. Mwape Kapaya

    Ubupuba bubi nganshi let chishimba prove corrapution

  25. Akansoni

    Those who are opposing Chishimba know exactly what he is talking about. you pretend as if you are innocent, Dora, Lungu and Kaiza must be dealt and all their followers.
    In malawi over maize issue Chaponda was fired but why in Zambia you are still supporting nonsense.
    God bless Saviour for opening oir eyes and you must not pay that money K100 billion, tauli cimuti calupiya.

  26. Mwansa Kabinga

    Savior Chishimba has resorted to playing the childish game of “political” HIDE & SEEK”. Surely if one goes into hiding one does not need to shout about it. Hiding entails residing in a secret place and keep quiet. Dr. Chishimba is merely seeking to gain public sympathy.

  27. SK

    Also the bursary committe,thier is to much corruption.Dr saviour chishimba investigate the institution corruption as became the order of the day at this institution.

  28. Akantu

    I think this guy is a serious Chainama case

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