Police Assault Nkombo; Harass Journalists In Midnight Raid On Hichilema’s Residence

Police have assaulted Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo when he tried to enter UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s residence in a midnight raid.

Nkombo, who was informed of the raid and rushed to Hichilema’s residence, was met with full force and thrown to the ground.

The parliamentarian regained composure after a while and was rushed to hospital where he has obtained a medical report.

Muvi TV journalist Alexander Musokotwane was not spared from the fracas when he went to the scene to cover the episode. Police attempted to delete footage of their raid at Hichilema’s house.

Musokotwane was briefly detained and harassed before being released.

A heavy presence of police was deployed at Hichilema’s house overnight where it denied even the opposition leader’s lawyers entry.

The police raided Hichilema’s house in relations to a road incident in Mongu at the weekend where he was forced out of the road by President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade which did not have a proper escort to clear the way as is usually the case when the head of state is on official duty.

The armed cops forcibly gained entry into the premises and fired teargas at the opposition leader’s house without regard to the children and other occupants.

International lawyer Elias Munshya Wa Munshya has condemned the raid saying it was unconstitutional and unlawful.

Munshya says police must follow the proper procedure in arresting Hichilema because he was not a common criminal who had refused to respond to a call-out.


  1. Truth

    When we say that Lungu is a dictator, this is what we mean. This chap is useless

    • Senior Citizen

      Again, the Police is despicably mishandling the whole criminal conduct of Hichilema and Mwamba in Mongu. This only creates unnecessary smoke when there are so many options to immobilize aberrant behavior driven by hatred and utopia. Keep the head of state safe and on national agenda. The political base is better placed to counter acts of aberration from opponents.

  2. luck muwaya

    Wapya baisa

  3. ine wine

    That this situation can be tolerated to such levels without the powers be realizing they are raising the political temperature that would require only a match stick to light it up is really regrettable

  4. Kalaluka

    Some ARVS, has made ECL to madness

    • shu shu shu

      ARVs are improving the lives of many and making HIV/AIDS a normal disease.

    • Hakainyela heka

      Kalaluka, your dad died of AIDS when there was no ARVS and your mom is surviving today because of ARVs stupid idiot. Each and every disease has medicine. If Lungu is on ARVs so are your relative.

  5. munyau

    this is the strong arm tactics PF is using to supposedly and hopefuly hush the opposition but it’ll come back and bite them in the ass!!!people aren’t stupid and see what they are doing!!did HH resist arrest for them to break down gate and tear gas his family like they were looking for PABLO ESCOBAR!!???all this coz one person feels threaten that another wants his position!!!if PF continue at this rate they’re going to make HH a marter!!!

  6. TAP OUT

    Boma no boma

  7. Leonard

    In that situation did the police clear the road before the president cauld pass?

  8. hummer where it hurts

    Take it or not HH is popular than your hearts can believe.What you saw in Mongu was just a fraction of the real picture.This man’s wings are spread across the nation.So assaulting people and breaking their bones will just send you to ICC faster than you could.

    • Richard

      You shameless liar. HH knows the law but he is deliberately breaking it with impunity and he has called bees on his body.

  9. benson nkandu

    I condemned what transpired at hh’s resident house &it is an constitutional.Mr LUNGU where are you taking this country?whatever you are treating your friend you will also be treated in the same way.

  10. benson nkandu

    I condemned what transpired at hh’s resident house &it is an constitutional.Mr LUNGU where are you taking this country?whatev

    I condemned what transpired at HH’s residence.Government come in open & tell the people of zambia

  11. pk

    Nkombo, who was informed of the raid and rushed to Hichilema’s residence, was met with full force and thrown to the ground. IYI YEVE ILIKO BAD.

  12. pk

    Nkombo, who was informed of the raid and rushed to Hichilema’s residence, was met with full force and thrown to the ground.IYI YEVE ILIKO BAD.

  13. JT Lee

    Two wrongs can not make a right.

  14. JM

    Lungu will run to Zimbabwe or Uganda where he had made friends. Kampyongo and Mumba Phiri will be dragged in the streets like dogs.

  15. onik

    I think hh deserve it. Let him know that ECL is the only president at the moment. We should thabk God tgat edgar has a good heart if it was in other countries hh would have caused people loss lives. Dont blame the police blame hh for causing that fracas in mongu. Now hh has shown the nation how he is. What if he becomes the president will people going to ve a say..i doubt

    • ry

      you are a fool

    • lackson

      I think the pictures are very clear as captured. Hh gave way for President Lungu to pass. These officers were after his life. Why going at night instead of daylight? I really blame this act.

    • Ghost

      I pity this nations

    • aka2

      Yum are very cool but cold inside like you z a right procedure to invades someones house at midnight becoz of stupid esuez can you imagen if someone can try reask.his life bcoz of a fool ecl


    Hakainde ivi nivozifunila!

  17. cts

    I pit lungu very much coz his ending will be as bad as Osama s even worser than that.watver u do to yo friend ,it ll be done also to u.wen sin backfires it backfires by fire by thunder.so lungu watch yo steps .

  18. George

    Let them tell us why they are treating him like that……..

  19. Gladys

    Sad development. Surly wher are we going as Zambians, we say zambia is a Christian nation and our leaders can’t say anything about it

  20. Anny

    My question, is this a UPND site? It’s usually full of criticism on the President. Is there nothing positive he does?

    • LLL

      u ar a fool anny, y shud we tok about good now……?

  21. Marker

    Comment if they put a sign at a zoo that reads “DONT PROVOKE THIS ANIMAL ” What comes into your mind?so plz don’t complain you asked for it.

  22. Prince k

    Bwana lungu you should not cheat yourself that Zambians are not aware of you being a dangerous dictator! Infact you are the worst of all heads of state Zambia has ever had. You are a hypocrite and a tiger in sheep’s skin.

    • ROKA

      which Zambian would tolerate anarchist, like the moron you are supporting his aim is ukufilila munsenga all along before elections up to now intact ECL must be commended for tolerating these morons what more if they came to power bucushi fye

  23. kbs

    I will wait to hear from reliable sources for this incident. The home affairs minister should issue ministerial statements on the Kuomboka and the night raid of HH’s house. For now both events are false.

  24. Qohe

    When HH refuses to publicly acknowledge the elected president you call it democracy. But wgehn the state stands up to defend the integrity of the office of presidency you call it barbaric. So so hypocritical. That’s all I can say

  25. Damon Seleti

    Why waste tax payers money on an productive exercise, why not send a constable to deliver a call out than sending a battalion of police officers to arrest one an armed civilian .Zambia is going back to the iron age.with the kind of leaders that we today

    • Ian

      Damon Seleti don’t be shallow minded,sending a constable to deliver a surmon alone amidst tensions is like send a dog to lion,think the other way round my dear.What happened is un called for,in other countries you die like no man’s business.

  26. Ozone

    Galu nkombo has tested his medicine

  27. Ozone

    Galu nkombo has tested his medicine how is the taste honorary galu

  28. bright Sichoongo

    The other day they had targeted Chishimba S.today HH,awe mwe basoba nzelu! God Save us.

  29. Matt jones

    Dont worry hh GOD will fight for u… watever plan they hv to bring u down dat wont work out…

    • ROKA

      only Lucifer and his disciples would pray for him

  30. chomba

    Good job ba kanganja

  31. jay

    Comment-well done police!he who bites his brother’s tail once has his tail bitten twice.Hammer them hard ba stupid

  32. jay

    Comment-Well done Police-hammer them till yu hammer them no more

  33. KCM

    Shameful indeed! By the way, let ECL know that what he z doing to the people of Zambia z being done in open & will come to be history even to the next generation to come. Let him also know that he will nev be the president 4 good but leave the office anytime from now. This z what even makes me to hardly beliv that Mr Lungu z a christian bcoz his actions reflects what his sturbon heart z. Even the Bible says that whatev u do to others ‘ll be done to u in return. The Police would not hav reached to such an extent but instead discipline HH in a worthy manner bcoz he z also a Zambian. What a shame to the christian nation called so!!!

  34. hatembo

    thoz police they must die nd i’l make sure i witch them all.

  35. muzo

    teach the bugger a lesson. he has to sit down. is he the only losing candidate? useless creature, full of hurt.

  36. jay

    Comment-Nkombo deserves the most beating.He is stupid.

  37. Njimbu

    What HH did in mongu was bad.blocking a presidential motorcade is a criminal offence.i have seen the video.its bad.the police tried to push him off the road for the president to pass but HH never gave way.the video is there for all to see.therefore,HH asked for this and he has to dance to his tune.we all know that HH and upnd are popular in 3 provinces just like PF is very popular in 6.5 provinces.so he could have just attended kuomboka in peace.HH cannot do what he did in mongu at N’cwala or Mutomboko ceremonies because he knows that PF is very strong in Luapula and Eastern.HH is locked up because of his stupidity and all of us Zambians are ok with it because we cannot risk our peace because of HH’s nonsense.Lusaka or copperbelt is quiet.meaning HH has little support in highly populated provinces!!!THESE ARE FACTS.HH MUST CHANGE THE KIND OF EVIL POLITICS HE IS DOING NOW OR ELSE HE WILL BE HISTORY BEFORE 2021-MARK MY WORDS!!!

    • Tyson Bismark

      Zambia as a Christian useless nation,yo aim is to slaughter H.H,ave seen already stupidity, bilumba mina

  38. j.c

    Comment jst mend th encommy and save pipo any like arresting hh arresting nkombo please mend economy please please let hm do watever e want o else e is goin to make u fail to work for pipo.

  39. lusungu nyasulu

    The worst president Zambia has ever had. shameless dictator!!.

  40. J.z

    Matt Jone am truly understand that you don’t think how can you support that nonsense which h.h did that’s been childish no one can support that unless a person like you.

  41. aj zee

    this is not good..but he asked for it

  42. pasmore

    Devil in control

  43. chanzi

    And you say we pull out of the ICC, with these injustices

  44. Agogo

    Hh does nt recognise the head of state and the police ar nt known to him. To day thats when these upnd stupid fools has felt the weight of the govern’t. In castody he is a rich fool.

  45. Paul

    Politics aside let’s look at peoples lives

  46. khonny diro

    by thy word of command, GOD WILL HELP YOU MR HH

  47. Antu omwe

    You asked for it!!

  48. chapona

    You are foolish, like your president ecl.

  49. ure a big fool


  50. acksensio zulu

    This is stupid candidate

  51. Dr benson

    hh deserves it cause wherever the motorcade of ze pres it has a whoota if their heard y not moving out

  52. Jonathan

    Is Zambia a Christian nation? u people think about that not nga bafwala ama suit baya na ku fyalo fyabene ati Zambians are Christians no!!!
    The police men should not handle the freedom of people in their hands, and the problem is our president do not talk even if foolisnees hard to happen.

  53. ce

    we hav advised before that our political leaders must mature and be above board, must respect one another, Zambia cannot be ruled through social media comments or insults, but the constitution which must be respected by all, plz leaders don’t manipulate the commoners by your richness or education, exercise your wisdom now more than ever before, GOD BLESS ZAMBIA!!

  54. Peter

    I stand to be corrected Who was supposed to give way to the presidential motorcade? Is it a driver or the passenger? As a trained driver no passenger can give me instructions on the road no matter how much he pays me ABEG LETS BE SERIOUS WITH OUR COMMENTS!!!!

  55. kapatu villageer

    Walaimwena wemwina hh

  56. promise

    Wre was de polic at that time,useless polic

  57. APM

    Zambia being a christian nation is only known to zambian themselves but the almighty God does not know that decleration.darkness plus darkness equals great darkness and confusion .All the so called cregy are engulfed in the dancing tune of darkness which the devil has bestored on this country .i foresee a black cloud coming …….

  58. Kantu

    Nkombo deserved the treatment. See the video on YouTube how he dated the law enforcement officers when they were just doing their job.

  59. chisakala


  60. piriton

    ukateya mbeva mumunda unashokewa usayope matako kufipa.hh asked for it.

  61. Bwalya Mutamba

    What you did to HH will definatly back fire on Police wait and see.

  62. Aurent

    Comment: The idiot deserved it, and its a pity that his ass did not burst. Let him know where to rush his shit when his pressed.

  63. Boy boy

    These so called cops where ordered to arrest Mr HH and now there is a story of hungry lions in a zoo that eats fresh including its blood.Please officers if its true you got the money then you deserve to be punished ,Please mwalatusebanya kuli bamwisa ichindikeni twapapata

  64. Raphael

    Ivi nivozifunila face the consequence why can’t you sit down

  65. mwape

    HH is deserves to suffer with hard labour.

  66. Correct

    Keep the bastard inside.

  67. Correct


  68. carol bunda

    Hh deserves it.don’t worry ba lunga

  69. links

    trying to make holly hood film on hh shame.

  70. The miracle

    most of u people are fools

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