Cops Rob Millions Of Kwacha From Hichilema’s Residence In Midnight Raid

Police officers who raided opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s residence on Monday night have allegedly stolen millions of kwacha, a court document reveals.

Hichilema’s lawyers have complained in a court affidavit that money, property and food was stolen in the process of arresting the leading opposition leader.

“The police officers who unlawfully invaded the house did not only damage the home and property, but also did steal colossal sums of money in Zambian Kwacha, South African Rands and United States Dollars, as well as shoes, speakers, blankets, carpets and food,” HH’s affidavit read in part.

The UPND leader has since been officially arrested and jointly charged with four others on four counts namely; treason, disobedient to lawful orders, disobeying of statutory and use of insulting language contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Those jointly charged with Hichilema are; Lastone Mulilandumba, Muleya Haachenda, Walace Chakwa, Pretornous Haloba, and Hamusonde Hamaleka.

Police on Monday night raided Hakainde’s house in New Kasama gassing him out including his wife and children.

The police who used force to enter the house beat up all the workers for HH before the official surrendered.

He was then bundled into a car and taken to Woodlands police station before being moved to Lilayi Police College where he has been detained since Tuesday afternoon.


  1. MyZambia

    Where is Kakoma Kanganja to comment on this theft. His police officers are so hungry that they have to steal when they are meant to be arresting someone. Its shameful.

    • Bev


      • zp

        We are one Zambia one nation why should we steal money.

    • OneNation

      Isn’t it a crime to be keeping colossal sums of money in your house?

    • shu shu shu

      Is HH’s residence a bank? Why should he keep millions of kwacha, SA rands and USA dollars in his house?

      • Jomo Rammala

        Why not? It’s his money he can keep it wherever.

        • grace phiri

          HH should be in prison 4 life for doing that to the president

          • Mama b

            Why are pipo so heartless? Imagin a woman wishing someone s son to die.Even the devil himself is surprised of some of you guys.

          • bombo D

            Wat trab ar u and wich province ar u

          • Warm BLooded Lunda

            Grace u are a stinking maggot,how can you wish someone to die? Use your brain to bring about productive issues and show them by actions than your dirty mouth to talk silliness.

          • Richgang

            Keep quite woman the pots are waiting

          • aj

            It simply clear that the PF is scared of HH, for this reason they will try all mean to knock him out. Now PF u are doing it wrongly am Watching justice is only on the side of PF. Just wish sata was here he would have been disappointed to see what he left has been in vein, remember no situation is permanent in life, God have mess on us

          • upnd

            the punishment that your president is giving to HH ,he must know that when HH comes into power LUNGU must run out of country or he will become a late or he will suffer the consequences pray hard to your god so that you continue rulling the country

      • onegoodson

        it is his pckt money what is the problem with that.?by onegoodson

      • me

        Cikala shu mo money cant b deposited on a daily basis.money comes every hour cikala

      • pasmore

        those are just thieves

      • Bowas

        U are very stupid with bad comments. Lungu is serving all Zambians he was once a upnd he knows what he is doing,they know each other. They are friends with hh.

      • Buy boy

        Bane everyone wakes up with a program as well as sleeping with a program too.he’s a business man so he’s got all the Rights to be found with money in his house.

      • charles linkando

        he can keep were ever he wants itx his money and the police are the big thives

      • chop man

        He’s not the only person that keeps money in the house so don’t act saprised and accept that they stole cause they are theives…we should know the law
        SHOULD be just on what to do..

    • Dullah

      Any self respecting person that claims to be a Christian and publically goes to church cannot possibly believe such trash!

      If this Lungu thinks he is President, the FIRST THING he should be doing is opening and investigation into how the Police behaved in this case.

      Or does he think it is OK for the police to smash down gates, teargas women and children, defecate and urinate on a Citizen of Zambias bed, destroy his property and steal his money in the middle of the night?

      Is this how the “law” is now being applied in Zambia???

      A decent, God fearing President would have IMMEDIATELY suspended the police officer in charge, pending a full investigation, and kicked out of the police force if found wanting, with criminal charges against him to follow.

      A decent, God fearing President would have IMMEDIATELY suspended the police officer in charge, pending a full investigation, and kicked out of the police force if found wanting, with criminal charges against him to follow.

      Obviously Lungu is not Presidential material. Can Zambian please have a real President that FOLLOWS THE LAW! And protects the rights of Zambians. Not just his own selfish interests.

    • Dumdo

      All Zambians must now be very afraid. If the police can do this and get away scot free, just think of what this Lungu and PForce can do to the common man!

      Come into your house rape your wife and relatives, steal whatever they want.

      Even just kill you all.

      And Lungu will do nothing, even thogh he is the Commander in chief. If you complain, they will just put you in jail too!

      Is this the Zambia we want? Is this what we got Independence for?

  2. chenda

    That what unqualified personnels can do

  3. samz

    Let him feel it instead of campaigning in areas were he is week to win the 2021 elections gbm has put him in problems that’s what bembas can do they are clever.

  4. Patrick

    HH is inocent .we want our president released

  5. Peesi

    Time is watching, All is happening to hide petition process, all elements who are supporting are just after eating, true judgement of treason will come soon

    • Kilaye Larry

      That is exactly what happens when the country is corrupt. Kanganja is quiet. Alelya pafya bupuba

    • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

      You mean right to be heard? There’s no election petition in the courts of law

  6. JCM

    Can it hapen?…. Stealling ubulangeti may be pantu june ili mu coner

    • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

      Icho chintu! That’s what deranged people do!

  7. Nelson

    Boza ths site is 4 upndonkeys olo wati

  8. Zed 1

    its okey,thats our money.When he stole our money 4 privatisation we complained and still complaining,he has ignored.Chimababa la
    zo bakamubela,koma iye kuba,kkkkki.Kolopa

  9. Chichi


  10. pf lobe

    Why ba police kwati tamufola sure nangu line balilunda ubunga

  11. Tyson Bismark

    Amuna ngana masholi tunyi,masipa amina linja ni busholi bwamina mukacha mulilo kwaalimu mina

  12. hummer where it hurts

    That is typical of these thugs in police uniforms. Who then should protect the law if the enforcers are looters, thieves ,harassers, abusers ,house breakers worse of all murderers.Zambia is broken under PF.How much safe are our visters,(investors,) if this can be done to our own.We are taking off our Christian shirt putting on a thuggery one,Zambia a thuggery nation.

    • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

      Even if one was extremely foolish, how can you put huge sums of money in the house as educated as HH? Ni Lyato? This is where you determine a person’s intellectual quotient from. It’s not making any logical sense. Is he a mafiaso? Even a mafiaso would install a safe in his office or residence. This is a wild accusation

      • Chitamawe

        Looters including HHs workers tuk advantage ov nyt raid, walked away wth some properties. This iz possible.

  13. No Mercy

    If people say chikala or whatever u call him is a thief, some will say no but only the wise can be able to see that and sense about it. See from some previous statements, sure a real officer who is arresting a criminal and u are even eating his her food from the fridge.Police change youe minds, see were u are going if not u will be dogs that are directed to say go and catch that animal for me while yourself being given a born after u made an effort. For sometimes back police were arresting thieves but am sure it has been changed now, thieves now to arrest kapokola. Shame on chakola and his followers who are directing kapokola to still.If u will not die we shall see u and me.

  14. kkkkk

    Thats a big lie bakolwe

  15. Zero

    Law will catch up with him

  16. Rabson Mwanza


    • chichi

      achuche kaili bamugwila u can say anything about the police, but the fact iz chikala bamugwila finish, don’t play with BOMA bafikala.

  17. Ryan

    Bad news ever

  18. Rabson Mwanza



    Malodza in Zambia. Kaya mwe!

  20. Rabson Mwanza

    How many years

  21. Kalaluka

    Release HH, before our country turn into hell. what a useless fake president, kawama has produced

  22. kingkayz

    No One is above the law,law is law.let him face the law I.

  23. kingkayz

    No One is above the law,law is law .let him face the law .i……………………………..

  24. the voice of reason

    Why could he not open the door and follow the police in an orderly manner . Even if its true it cant be proved so niboza. Unless ofcoz you are a blind upnd then its so true

    • joe

      why did they go there in hundreds? Even if it were you, could come out in a such situation? Be real and sobber in your contribution.

    • mot

      He feared death cause there was an attack. Why don’t you reason?

  25. mengmoreler

    Ha!i heard vat hh was charged with treason 4 blockg ba presdo now ati na ma insult language yenzepo,so does it mean vat hh afta blokng ba presdo he ven stated casting insult on him or u have now stated counting ve past issues and if like ukuyibukisha fyakale in oda 2 creat charges ven ha!we’r done no Christian nation bcoz such character is not Christ’s one u should even stop calling us 4 fake prayer and kaya yoz last bt not at list pretence won’t help u and day ve knife u use cut a goat one day it will cut u even an elephant stepcrush be arnt bt one day arnt eat it finishing nama bonzo yonse.

  26. aka2

    Caderz, are very hungry hence not provided with good good staff a so in hhz house they felt like there at mandahill seeing food that have never so to house of there fellow cader ecl stupid coops

  27. zam@52

    Boza! Boza!Boza!
    Barking like a dog

  28. mengmoreler

    Finish Zambia has turned into a hanting bush,so people’r u telng m vat un lucky hh wins 2021 election or som1 close friend wins will these ba musenena kwa kaba policecaders any way tiyeni nayo ndelolela fye nizi pa zed succetion dispute.

  29. kk Peter

    Let’s work together in peace and not war

  30. Papa

    Reason why H.H stole does what?

  31. Malambo siadenda

    Mmmmm aha kaya manje

    • Works

      U are lying guys they can not steal ubunga n those money why baloya be sincerely

  32. life

    HH should not worry God is judge

  33. Akapondo munchende

    Nnnñnn fya bufi is this the way you can defend a serious case like treason ? Be serious ba lawyer as tho u did not go to school sure. Your friend is inside you start Bragging around . Tell him that you av failed their are good lawyers around who can handle the case well

    • Jqtt

      U policie nachakolwa muzanu yashota yomwela and mufuna mukolewe from hh’s pocket? Dont carry an egg in the whole basket……..mind u… U are neither th first nor the last zambian political leaders…..so b sharp and think out of the box as u run the adminstration of th nation..u shud know that u are doing clearly depicts that u are thieves and u store votes during the 2016 august elections

    • Mimbulu

      That is why their petition failed because they always start with stupid issues.instead of starting to prepare to defend the treason and other charges slapped on their client. Dull lawyers


    ubomba mwibala alya mwibala.

  35. Mark

    were ther is happness sadness is alwayz at the coner just hoping ther wont b civil wars in zambia coz my wife she is pregnant

  36. Aleken anene

    Talk lies, talk rubbish or talk insults. Police simwana wa nyoko. Umulyesha lini weo.

    • Best Beers

      Forgive yo friend 7×70, if u don’t forgive, the our Father will not forgive us. Yes he made a mistake. He shud also seek forgiveness from the President, Lungu is President now, and nothing will change influence

    • Best Beers

      Forgive yo friend 7×70, if u don’t forgive, the our Father will not forgive us. Yes he made a mistake. He shud also seek forgiveness from the President, Lungu is President now, and nothing will change that, the influence from GBM won’t help him to become a lida.

  37. Nalishebo

    All lies. Who can still a blanket sure? HH must know by now that ecl is president.

  38. Jfm

    The guy is just lying in order to embarrass the police. Let him just answer the charges. Talk to Trump. Wayenda kusogolo iwe.

  39. Mark Kapoti

    arest those cops who were there.

  40. milimo Habeenzu D.H

    lets wait and see where the country is going.it is not shameful if u go in the bible the story of Jesus and Judas you shall judge yourself.

  41. milimo Habeenzu

    lets wait and see where the country is going.it is not shameful if u go in the bible the story of Jesus and Judas you shall judge yourself.


    am very disappointed with you police though am pf fan.honestly you go and arrest the person you start stealing nd destroyin the properties.ubo bushilu tamufula mulesebanya how president edga lungu twalila pls

  43. hide my id

    baka pokola mwanda nesala

  44. Hanschel

    People hw much money z allowed to be kept in one’s home, bcoz millions of kwacha is a lot to b kept home………..H.H watch out coz the law will be on you soon

    • lackson

      That’s his money and no one can give conditions as to how much he should keep in the house. He is a business man.

  45. Bk

    It could be the workers who took advantage of the situation.

    • lackson

      U don’t know what you are talking about. How can his workers start stealing when they were also being beaten up.

    • Red lion

      Our time is near!

  46. Jeff colby@mail.com

    No one is above de law,so let de law take it’s cause.

  47. Pablo Corleone.

    It’s a matter of time nothing lasts forever, there were leaders before his excellence ECL and where are they? Time alone will tell…

  48. truth

    Bushe ukusunga indalama shafulisha ifi temulandu?I think those are false allegations HH and his lawyer are making.Does it mean his house is also a bank for him to keep millions inside.I think HH is lying.

  49. yuyi

    Ki naha ya bona bao. Mu ce fela zamina…

  50. joe

    Iwe kasamz !Is arresting stealing? If you are doing this in order to cover up the crimes that you are committing you guys, then that’s uncalled for. I don’t see the reason why you could raid a person home at night. Did you give a call out then he refused to take himself to the police station? Did you have any warrant? I guess these were not police officers but pf carders. Let me tell you and your friends that whoever stepped in HH’s house and got away with any material a lightening is following such a one starting with you. l know you were party of the crew. Ndine Nkhuwa, m’ngoni wakumawa. Niutenga ulendo wopita Ku Mozambique.

  51. Harieson daka from nyimba

    Lets be together u people ndife bamozi

  52. KAMBALAME phiri

    This forum has become useless. it not helping citizens.

  53. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    President Hakainde Hichilema must be very silly. How does he not put such amounts of money in the safe? Come on, money is money and few people risk on it. As a millionaire, you either build your home with a massive safe if you are an unscrupulous businessperson or you bank your money for security reasons. I think he’s not being honest.

  54. James k phiri

    Matuvi yaba jaji at banamubela uyo chimbwi niboza afuna kupeza kolewela imbwa uyo mumangeni chabe kuti GBM aphunzililepo niopusa maningi about maimbwa

  55. James k phiri

    Matuvi yaba jaji at banamubela uyo chimbwi niboza afuna kupeza kolewela imbwa uyo mumangeni chabe kuti GBM aphunzililepo niopusa maningi about maimbwa about.


    Whatever tricks the pf are using to create cases will not work out, they have failed to handle the pressure exerted on them mind u the icc is watching wat is happening. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri gave a prophecy that I see a green object arresting a red object and a red object will find a way to take up the position after the arrest. This exactly wat is happening currently.

  57. Happy Richard

    Please Mr. HH, seek forgiveness from the President

  58. James k phiri

    That lawyer had no head of school in grade one (HEAD TEACHER)

  59. woodman

    De lose of money may just be lies. Hw do we no dat he truly had dat money in de house. They ar just making up things…..

  60. roshni

    Why millions? Why not billions? Proof please.

  61. Musamba

    So sad if the purpoted stealing did happen. I thought officers are trained to prevent such vices. However, not long ago one politician was arrested for keeping a huge sum of money in his house. Let the police investigate this as well. It may well end up being charge number five.

  62. Lubinda musonda

    Chikala chakwe bamuchenjesha atleast the some of the money he stole from UBZ has been brought back my father died without pay because of this criminal hh its time to pay back what he stole. I love my President the humble and very kind man Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
    eh not forgeting his Command the IG Mr Kakoma Kanganja for the job well done and for respecting the entire process of the Kuomboka Ceremony.
    hey i love this uyu hh alefwakwa ukukotela mu dangion pantu aleonaula umutende wachalo.

  63. Modecai

    Roshni boi it should have been trillions not uto utuma millions uyu makaka indalama aiba shingi sana ine nalaya mukupoka utungombe elyo mpoke na ka satunia regina muntu abika ulupiya lwabombele tatawandi.

  64. lucky siagoko

    These PF kinds they just want money.if you are hungry PF members and your prasident you say so that we give you samething.

  65. nelson

    zambia reports u’re foolish,y does he keep money in the house,there are alot of banks in zambia,u want him to be slapped with money laundaring?

  66. Stimela

    Doesn’t HH know where the banks are?

  67. Irvinator

    ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.God will judge the wicked and reward the righteous.

  68. W Muleya

    Police would have carried out the operation in bloody day light,only thieves would go at night,so expect such things,steeling in uniform,,,,what a shame,,,,

  69. Aurent

    Comment: Losers, they’re always fabricating lies in order to draw sympathy.

  70. 4 zoz

    don’t insaulting the republican president ,4 those who insulting president u are dng nthng.hh jst for 2021 election.

  71. trump

    more 100 police men arestin a gunless man overnit.mr president remain strong like nelson mandela 25ys in prison stil he bcam presiden.wen a bird z alive it eats ants bt wen it z dead ants eat it

  72. LOLE


  73. ???

    Muzungu wabula kanjo kumwingijila ne!

  74. Vikalen V

    kapokola are criminles they are th one wu evn sent the street kids in th night to and steel, its vry much possible thy took th advantage in th name of arrestin HH , hhmmm zoona nangu nisanla teifi ba lungu mukazifako zenlu as if thy don’t get paid , on top of tht u even av gots.to eat his.food usiless ,fools if the president won’t do anything abot tht ,then. is not lawyer , or true christian he just pretentd to be. so he just use christianity to get him were he is

  75. beeh brown


  76. jonas

    Kumukakafye kaboke

  77. Room of advise

    We ar following the icc proceedings,the reason why pf is causing all these confussions is to interrupt the court’s final judgement.we are aware that Eciya Cisyu ca Lungu (ECL) Put in Fridge(PF) is about to be taken away for othr purposes.mayb ukokwine kumakachasu tarvens.You ba zpc(zambia police carders) stealing food,money and many othr guds from hh is proof that zambia is ruled by thieves.u want to steal and steal until u zambia gets to zero and then reconcile on 18th october! ….senseless

  78. Pastor with a cigger

    As an interllectual, philosopher and Man with high integrity!, can any meaningful zambian christian support the breaking of GOD ‘s law and call it hate,GOD tells us not devils to honor those in authority and pray for them no compromise on that unless one is a devil. Secondly, civil laws is what Yahweh commands, meaning any that does contrary to it is sining. Thirdly, i need reality of the stealing of food stuffs, blankets, carpets,and huge amounts of funds. Cos as far as am concerned, police never used a big truck nor a fret of police vans to raid HH’s home and if truly, they didnt,how possible was it for them to wisk away such a chucky of stuffs mentioned in the affidavit sure ba lawyer!, do u think law is blind and can be defeated by such useless lies. GOD tells us that before he takes u to captain, go to him and appologise and this is what u were suppose to advise your client.

  79. double m

    HH.is born a liar.He lied during the privatisation of govt owned companies and he gets very annoyed when he is asked about the sourse of his wealth.The story about the missing millions at his home is just a red herring,he should be brave and face the charges like a real man.

  80. IGWee

    Comrade Nelson u are right! I have also observed, Zambia Report is UPND! A police officer steal a blanket! That’s fake!

  81. Dr CK

    Offence not bailable, carries the death penalty. Once Sentenced ECL will quickly sign the death warrant for execution to take place. Then All these hidden monies will go back into circulation and the kwacha value will improve.

  82. Pastor with a cigger


  83. Bk

    Hh stole from zccm .so they have stolen from it’s OK they are getting their share

  84. Mumba.oz

    this country is very unique to other countries in the world.this is a country where even men including those in military behaves like young ladies.they can even be bought with a coin provided they can buy a pant to cover their buttocks.they don’t mind on their children’s future.look at the behaviour of the police officers,they can’t even conduct themselves like normal under five kids.with zambians,if you are a leader,eat the mango, just eat everything and throw the seed, they will still kneel and praise you,not because they love what is happening,but because of being cowards.atleast women have courage enough,but men,eish! only covering their bolls is what makes them men enough.wake up and see life on a wider screen.even if the leader is my relative if he is not doing the light thing, i have to point it out because that doesn’t make me be disobedient,but one who cares for the young ones’ future.Tribe,cowardice in the name of tribe.it will just bring war,but not improving your economy.you will eat grass.

  85. Pastor with a cigger

    The banks are governed by law and them too have laws the have come up with, for example, no Man regardless of ones status neither esteem is mandeted to keep huge amounts of money in an office or otherwise home or private place! By so doing its a crime and answerable to courts of law, now if HH is a true child of GOD,he must realise disobeindence to GOD ‘s commandments is sin now,Zambia a soverign state made by GOD has laws supported by GOD, saying honor those in authority and pray for them and what he is doing is aganist GOD!, let me advise Hh MR. President sir, dont follow what people are wrongly advising u, u are wise and choosen to lead Upnd, hence wait upon GOD and commit your ways to GOD and will bless u.as the Presindent his excellency sir, its GOD who put u in that position,hence a Father of all, in whatever actions, orders and reactions do it as we are all your children put at all time seek the final and rightiousness of GOD! Avenge not but await on him. He that commits a crime must by the crime committed be punished.

  86. STORMS

    ALAS more than 100 police men with kalashinkovs in there hand arestin 1 man without a kalashinkofu.mr president be strong even Nelson madela spent 2ys in prison stil becam a president.u r a motivetor to m as a young man,i dot follow the crowd i 4 brians.

  87. Francis Mbewe

    I have doubted the statement. Officers who went in a single van,hw cud they have packed all the described things publicly mwebantu pliz.I surmise hh lucks one leadership quality, I.e humbleness.To some extent money doesn’t buy freedom, but respect & humbleness can at no cost you freedom & peace.

  88. Sir quartez

    This country is really going back to the miserable Kaunda error of one party state and this is the more reason the country wants to pull out of the ICC. Those bloody cops should be arrested for theft.

  89. kbs

    If police had stolen HH’s property let the matter be reported to police so that investigations can start. Police are not above the law. How much was stolen? If its just about $1 million this is a drop in the ocean to HH. He won’t complain about $1M. He would rather ve himself set free than talk about $1M. Happy Easter HH.

  90. Sir quartez

    This country is really going back to the miserable Kaunda error of one party state and this is the more reason the country wants to pull out of the ICC. Those bloody cops should be arrested for theft.moreover kanganja is the worst IG of police the state has ever hard.

  91. KwaBulozi

    Stolen elections. Stolen taxpayer funds. Stolen husbands. Stolen food. Stolen shoes. Stolen money.

    Zambia the Real Africa.

  92. Chawama Whisky

    Njala Republic.

    • motoka

      Eee balunda ubunga then they think economy will peak ,they are cheating themselves o else a Zambian will react. Do you hear me?

  93. Levi

    Olo ama dolarz ya chibanda. Guyz stealn is not gud. Ine nimu lolofye but shishita simuzanigwila. Peace and Love guys, out

    • nonentity

      His claims to be an economist a
      ; well educated but he does’nt know how best to keep a lot of money safest. No wonder i have problems believing anything hh says.

  94. Gideon

    Humble yourself it is when you can win 2021

  95. Zinc

    Only fools can buy such lies……why are these lawyers balemwenamo ba Zed?? even if a lot of Zambians are not very educated, they can be realistic enough….

  96. Antu omwe

    Koma baba sebanya ba Police ati ba baa ma blanket na ndiyo zonse?

  97. Antu omwe

    Even if it’s democracy not to that extent banzatu mwacita over simufunakuchoka na mu road. If HH remains untouched over that offence then another one will do something that will be worst than that. So to deter would be offenders let them hear what will happen to HH first, they will set a precedent for us to learn from.

  98. mumba

    Just huge HH period.no election 2021

  99. jimmy junior

    thats bad in a christian national where are we going if this is a christian national release HH to show that we are one in our great mother land””’,zambia is one let come together to solve our problems as one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!””””’,,,

  100. kangaroo

    GBM is deceiving him of. Winning bemba votes. We have seen the tribalism in hh.

  101. mison

    chigwela alah kupusa
    its too much

  102. Adam moyo

    If he was keeping huge sum in his house he avoided to pay taxes ,which means he was doing money laundering which is a crime n the police have Rights to seize it what an idiot.

  103. harry ngenda

    lungu will not be president for good let’s wait and see;;; the ship will capsize soon//// mark ma words they forcing hh to b president;;;;

  104. one xaag

    comment reserved

  105. juniro

    It is a lie… They had no time to eat or steal… upnd tactics of diverting issues gain… focus on treason… do not say you were not given time to defend your client… you have started again..

  106. juju

    It is not true that they stole money or eat food,,, they had no time… upnd tactics again wasting time instead of concentrating on the treason case, bringing trivial issues… Do not say you were not given time to defend your client.

  107. chaoz chanda shipili

    hh shud face it,coz I even tod him that ,this year 2016 z the end of ur political career,nomba wamona,treason muntu wandi tefintu umangwa…..

  108. gerald mwape

    inspite me being against what HH did I still think it`s wrong for the police to hve stolen his money and property and they deserve to be punished。

  109. chichi 2

    Hh should be slapped with another charge of keeping large sums of money in his house. Is he a bank?

    • Zulu daka phiri

      Iwe its his money okay he knows what he´s doing with. Bank teyabombele indalama shakwe,so keep away and shut the fuck up.

      • chichi 2

        In fact they just got back part of what ka hh plundered during privatisation. They should have gotten the whole house if it was possible.

  110. Made Strong

    No justice in zed

  111. Made Strong

    Wishful thinking by pf cadres

    Wishful thinking by pf.

  112. Made Strong


  113. leaves

    HH is just telling lies, he is a SATANIST and SATANIST does not keep tangible money, because its fake money. GBM well done for putting HH in trouble.

  114. trump

    MR HH is causing headach to mr lungu ad pf.they have even forgoten to deliver the promises thy made to pipo,they ar busy chasin 1 man ad 1 man they want.what happend in mongu is amazing it was like watchin a motor race,actually it was a race to kuomboko.they were 60 cars 4 mr hh motorcade ad a handful of cars 4 pf or 4 mr lung.these cars were travelin at even speed u can watch video on youtube it z amazing.cming to the police i feel 4 these guys indee they are servants,i hope u knw wat i mean by servant.A servant do nt make a decision all wat she o he does is made by a boss,they jst folow order if they do follow they ll nt eat o payd.it z sad very sad indeed.

  115. MK


  116. Juez

    Ok but why didnt the wife to HH complain about this issue in the last report ba Zed Reports sure???? Or maybe her mind was still too messed up from the feinting that she couldnt realise things were stolen??? Crazy story here…..let the higher ranks of police investigate this matter,I know it aint true,lol!!!

  117. mwanyanya

    we hav a lot of people with big brains that fool can’t convince da country by spreadng 4ce rumours.let him face the law

  118. kbs

    I think the American President, Donald Trump, has not heard that the UPND leader, HH, has been arrested and charged with treason. If he had heard we could have seen the air force one landing on the Zambian soil in no time. The hyna would not have been spared. I think the FBI and Donald Trump will be in Zambia soon because HH normally talks to Donald Trump about the things in Zambia. The hyna is afraid that Donald Trump is coming and it is the reason he has gone to hide in Northern Province. I don’t think the hyna will come back to Lusaka lest the FBI arrest him. Please Hyna remain in exile in Northern Province you are not safe in Lusaka as Donald Trump is likely to send the FBI to the state house. The FBI and Donald Trump they do not know Kasama. Enjoy the Eastern ECL in northern province while the Kalulu enjoys five star accommodation at LILAYI College. Happy Easter Zambia.

  119. Pastor with a cigger

    To begin with, (1) keeping of huge amounts of money is avoiding tax,which is a criminal offence, not long ago when messi and his Father were charged for Tax invasion if HH doesnt know or may be it is his wife who wants to show her high level of pride.? (2) let all his cardes read proverbs 28:1-14.and they understand the law of Yahweh.For.elohim

  120. Donbosko

    When someone gets a rope and kills himself or herself, this is how they feel. I think this the beginning of suicides thatcan also take others to death in Zambia. No more fear to death.

  121. Shameful ba paf !!

    U have really ashamed your so called president ecl and yo dignity is downtroddened

  122. ked-sing

    Who told that you are a pastor? True pastor of God? You?

  123. Gerald

    Lawyers are giving force statements,nothing was taken by us police at HH house!perhaps his workers and maidens have done that.As constabl(s) will make sure that the law takes it course and We urge all zambians to remain calm as the situation is under control……….!!

  124. shakiel lwamba

    Fred membe will join him soon

  125. Elomanje

    Dear God forgive us knowingly And Unknowing….

  126. kbs

    I wish those who were insulting the head of state and the police in Mongu can come and do that here in Lusaka. We have been waiting to see them in Lusaka. They are cowards. Let them come and insult the police at LILAYI college. Boma ni Boma.

  127. ck

    Hh os beheaving as if is not been to school why? why doing that to the president’s motor cade?

  128. ck

    bativuta ana imbwa angombe, imbwaa imwee

  129. dreiz

    Were they seen by anyone stealing?

  130. ck

    hh lishilu he needs an xpart doctor to work on his brain maybe ifisushi fyañğombe have dstroyd some the brain tissues

  131. kasman

    One may wonder if at all his lawyers are educated enough to bring the issue of stolen things,instead of concertraiting on how they will help their master,they ar busy creating cheap lies…surely who can believe that? Only a shallow minded can accept that……Yes we may take it that officers are not fully educated or whatever but I can assure u that they can not sink so low to that extent…..No one will be blinded by such lie,u are lawyers but u can’t realise that u are giving him some more crimes…..His advisors also are a total mess,they are just after his fat pocket.
    They can’t even advise him correctly..,……. Aweee mwandiiiiiiiii….

  132. kasman

    Its a total lie.I think the judges don’t love him.
    Instead they want him to rot in jail,How can they just disclose him another case of money laundering?

  133. Boma

    Shame on police officers creating bad record like that


    1 was your best follower but I am beginin to loose interest in your reporting you have become partisan

  135. EM

    It’s those same insults that yo stupid leader has been charged with and u r repeating. If u r picked up and charged with the same offense, u start cryn.All those who use abusive language on this platform should watch out,or else,u will b also in for it like yo fellow bustard.U r monitored that u don’t want peace and u will be treated accordingly. Watchout!

  136. Friday mwamba

    Uwawa tabula kabepesho

  137. kasman

    Its a total lie.I think the laws don’t love him.
    Instead they want him to rot in jail,How can they just disclose him another case of money laundering?

  138. Lungu magande

    police carderz Hw can u toby someones house wen u are allesting.dont forget that even HH will b the president z it going to fair to u police carderz wen he will fair u also

  139. mb

    It’s rough

  140. mb

    Wat poverty can do

  141. Gringo

    PF and those thieving cops can do as they please. Come October they will have an opportunity to fast and repent in front of some reverend . Then the show can start all over again.

  142. Akapondo munchende

    Politics of provoking pipo is long over gone. What worked for B may not work for J. Let’s learn to use different methods so that pipo can see us as good leaders

  143. Antu omwe

    The law has changed if you are found with huge sums of money. You must 1st explain how you made that money how much tax you remitted to ZRA. The must establish the truth that you made the huge sums of monies legally and the time frame in which you made the monies also is important . They will reconcile the monies with the taxs paid .



    • bombo D

      Wat trab ar u and wich province ar u



  145. umupondo

    upnd buye bye kwasila waenda…

  146. Kinakobarotse

    Jst wait fire will begin to burn the government when it steps in the land which is not theirs .
    Hope u got wat i mean kinakobarotse.com

  147. Concerned Citizen

    Are the country wide mass prayers going to continue? What responses are we going to be expecting from God? “Forgive us for our trespasses as we not forgive those who trespass against us”. Is this what it says?

  148. unknown

    Long time ago, police were there to mantain law and order but nowadays its law and order that is mantaining the police. God help us, Zambians are going through animal farm’s drama, snobal is kicked out of the farm ,napoleon takes a show. Its pains me to see how humans can be so inhumen.



  150. A.C.C

    Our president is so emotional.dont blame H.H this I.G of police shud b da one 2 blame with his corrupt police officers 4 not doing there job.

  151. MuSella Kwakaba

    What do you expect from a documented crooked lawyer playing non restraint with state power? Add to it a couple of Jameson shots. Zambians, you expect too much from scumbags masquerading as national leaders!

  152. man of vedas

    How can u charge someone please before the court .because the court hasn’t yet charged him yet why!

  153. james

    he is the richest of all Zambians and that can’t b surprising.

  154. Viora Mayobo

    The Zambian police are without shame, they are poor losers and with anything to show for, their thuggery Lungu too. This is how terrorism starts. Look at the Middle East and tell me what you see? I see ruins… and if Zambia wants to fall along those lines, Lungu and his thugs must continue terrorizing citizens. Idiots!

  155. tantwe

    to keep huge millions as indicated one must have a safe which lockable. You don’t keep such money like pants. This is a lie

  156. Sir WINSTON

    Is this the way the so called leaders are going to defend themselves once the commit / break the law?
    The law takes its course you fake lawyer.

  157. charle junior

    Tongas, at first Zambia thot u ar d wisest among al Zambians, but today u no longer whom we used to think. ur minds are corruptd dats y u are able to support immoral standards… mwabulisha isikulu na mano, u ar nt wise………

  158. Am just saying

    Know you see that hh is selfish I min he keeps money in his house for himself while we are struggling to find it . Instead of depositing it in a bank so that it can be used by the suffering zambians. Make him president and he wil keep all the bank of zambia note’s to himself

    • why

      Wat kind of reasoning is that I understand u just talk were do you want him to take the money or maybe you want sume I need an answer

  159. Jeremiah tinnzy

    Thieves have become police officer’s and police officer’s have become thieves what a big shame to the police officer’s

  160. bokhalam

    Nw u ar in chimbwakaira neva gv up b ryk Nelson Mandela

  161. Ntamanyile Simuyemba

    The police officers r FAQED up

  162. what more


  163. McDonald

    what a shame these police officers you are not been paid enough that’s why you have gone up to this extent

  164. hh

    fikabolala incushi shabantu

  165. robtz

    release our president and every hero must suffer nelson mandela sufferd

  166. Gypsy

    Tu police twansala.

  167. Temiq

    Look at these stinky shits so called polices.. Yaaa! Ndimwe vama one vinyo vanu including your chi idol!!!

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