Mosho Wants M’membe Placed On Interpol

Post Newspapers provisional liquidator Lewis Mosho is pushing the Zambia police to put Fred M’membe on international wanted list.

Mosho who has been on rampage claiming everything that M’membe owns has written to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja asking him to issue an international arrest warrant that will see M’membe arrested.

He has also been to the courts of law where an arrest warrant for M’membe has been issued.

Mosho has been gathering everything in M’membe’s purporting it as Post Newspapers property.

The shady lawyer has also already confiscated the printing press belonging to M’membe’s wife Mutinta.

M’membe is currently out the country reportedly in the United States fearing for his life with state security agents routinely harassing him and his family after the closure of The Post Newspapers last year over a disputed tax dispute owed to the Zambia Revenue Authority.


  1. Chichi

    Mmembe is a hero and a freedom fighter. In the next govt, we shall have two statues in honor of HH and Fred Mmembe. Am told by the International community that the two will be shortlisted for Nobel Peace prize while Chagwa’s name has been submitted to the ICC at the Hague.

    • Jfm

      Chi Chi why do you glorify criminals

      • hummer where it hurts

        There is a deffincience of jail inmates , m’membe come and help crowd the jails.

      • bennie.k.

        Not criminals until proven by the court.

      • Chang su lee

        Chichi just comment blindly no reasoning in his head.

      • banda wenhe

        jfm stop your foolishness .you cant insult like that son of the dog .behave or else i will fix your nose chimutwe ngombe you fool

    • Hakainyela heka

      Satanyoko chikala

      • kepushe bawiso

        chikala cobe wemunankwe wa kwa satana iwe wembwa so uli cibemba galu iwe ma cimbwi no plan ata ifyabupuba ukafya fwila kutulo nga ulubwata ifyabupuba kuli ba hh ar the police let the judges judge who ar u?u ar nothing know way u ar just same as keeping dog bunda bwa ma jelours’

    • Nabs

      In fact HH should sue the police for attempting to murder him by running his car of the road. Video evidence is there. Chagwa and motorcade broke the law by driving on the wrong side of the road and endangering other peoples lives.

    • Aurent

      Comment: you ‘re just as empty as an empty tin, for empty tins make a lot of noise. I understand that you the government in incarceration where hh and the other four ‘re reigning and ready to honour imberciles with noble prizes.

      • muchende mutonga

        whoever is talkin about bad things on hh is a real embodments of all emberciles. u r such a big idiot like an amphid in a stinking chamber. rationalise b4 yapin. idiot chikala. co 4 mo breastfeedin u premature with proximodistal growth! hh must b released from da hands of all u law breakers.

    • Bm

      You sound like you are a beneficiary of stolen money. Tax invasion is a criminal offence worldwide.


      Keep on using your ***** hole as a brain because from your comments, my conclusion is that your brain stopped functioning a long time ago.


      Oh no!a criminal becoming a hero now.

  2. AK

    M’membe don’t come to Zambia, you will be locked, HH has been arrested for un known reasons

  3. Martin

    Comment stupid

  4. wise

    Chichi u hv been voted best writer
    U rite dense sense
    I wl fuk up ka esther chikala atamba

  5. KIKA

    Yestarday i was prayn in church the shephard ready a certain verse in the bible discusn the persecution of our Lord Jesus christ and his crusfiction, said two men nailed together wth him as u knw. There4, u might be one to HH. Let them tuckle the matter accordingly and in a wisely manner as wat King Solomom did. AMEN

  6. chips

    Chici do you know definations for hero and freedom fighter.double four Stanyok

  7. Hbk

    Zero and not hero

  8. Alistair

    Chichi Ulimbwafye Iwee

  9. Ba hh

    Panyo pako ka chichi, I no were u stay if u continue ur foolishness how show u

  10. Raphael

    Let him be arrested as well

  11. IGwee

    Chichi, u seem to be drunk!

  12. Kalaluka

    Arrest him, idoits, cowards . pfools

  13. kbs

    I didn’t know Mmembe was a coward. He said he was going to come back soon. I thought he had come back. Mmembe fears no one. He will come back. Give him time he sources reputable lawyers to represent him. He is afraid he can’t use lawyers who fail to understand what ” within 14 days” means. Give him time time.

  14. ck

    Zambia is now full of idiots police are like courts ,courts are like lungu,lungu its like those idiots who voted for another idiots no peace in a country.you idiot do not comment on this

  15. ndolesha

    membe is a hero and not even Edgar can be compared to membe’s contribution in this country. for PF to come to power its because of membe .those saying that he is a thief should tell us what he stole. daily mail and times owes ZRA more than what post owed but why are they not liquidated? Those against membe are just jealous of our gallant soldier. a thief? anaba nini ya nyoko??

  16. jobs mawere

    I do wanda pipo saying Mmembe is hero, a hero ro wo and benfits did he bring? to insult, demin and fuel tension in the country and failing to pay tax to the state you call sumone a hero. i ned to b enlightend what a hero is!!! Why has he ran away from his homeland?

  17. OneNation

    Mr. Reporter, your job is to report and not give personal opinions. Leave that to the editor.

  18. Williams

    Only God will set our country Zambia free from evil ones!

  19. Me

    He is a living example.

  20. frank hachi

    Bafika polo zanu,chichi u ar rite M’membe his a fighter just lyk hh

  21. wise

    Bafikala u keep singing no 1 above the law bt u put yo selvs there.dd u cconstruct rods fo pf or zambia.dd hh use all lanes or wat?RaTS wer watchin pipo breakin road rules.Bafikala u went to xul bt never learnt.Hu z troublin hh a man without cause?.Pf party +govn continue 4 30 yrs bt u cant find hh plus gbm plus mmembe in cash.Tibadwalika mitu apatseni panado.chichi let them threaten u not.Bafikala bali busy bt cant fund avex panyo!

  22. Madalitso

    HH you are so stubborn.

  23. frank hachi

    Madalitso hh z not weak lyk your president,hh z a fighter lyk our later madala ok panyo pako chikala



  25. Umuntu zambian

    guys,let us tame our toungs when comenting on some matters,we’re all zambians whether from north,west,east or south.Ifintu filesa nokupita.Let us respect our leaders both from the opposition and the ruling parties.Umusalula taupwisha icongo ukoshafye umulilo.

  26. chikala balila

    kulanda bafikala ngamulefwaya war hh ed yo fool gbm fuck u

  27. jobs mawere

    HH next tym respect the head of state or you il go under six fit faster than u came on earth.

  28. Hasty

    Comment Mosho,lesve mmembe alone .After getting all his property you still want him jailed.Satanist you are being used

  29. bright

    chichi don’t rant like a fool by the way do you know what cases do the ICC hand,we will see who the ICC find guilty hh or ecl

  30. Munthali

    mwembwa shapala umutu who is ka hh LET POLICE DO THEIR JOB. BRAVO OFFICERS DO YOUR.

  31. mwila

    Comment HH chinamashi

  32. Kachong'u

    Life in Zambia

  33. Kachong'u

    Zambia of today what goes up tains around

  34. Tonga Girl

    Let peace prevail in the nation brothers and sisters

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