Opinion: Hichilema’s Days In Jail May Be Longer Than Anticipated

Incarcerated opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should brace himself for a long and hard road ahead. It is very clear that he will not be emerging from the bowels of incarceration anytime soon. The police have made their stand very clear that they will go through with their charge of treason which is non-bailable. There could be no consolation looking at the long list of distinguished citizens that have previously suffered the indignity of incarceration under the charge of treason. The state is unlikely to back down given that more distinguished citizens have been thrown in the dungeon without giving as much as the butt of an eye lid.

We mention a few here like Valentine Musakanya, a former Secretary to the Cabinet and Bank of Zambia who battled his innocence for 10 years after being linked to the 1980 coup d’état. Musakanya pleaded his innocence and was eventually acquitted after a long and arduous court process. Fast forward to the Frederick Chiluba regime that also shunted distinguished citizens like Dean Namulya Mung’omba then leader of the Zambia Democratic Congress, Inonge Wina and the biggest of them all Dr Kenneth Kaunda who was infamously thrown in jail on Christmas Day.

Former President Michael Sata was also to do 40 days in Chimbokaila after President Levy Mwanawasa fixed him with a non-bailable motor vehicle theft. No amount of lobbying and protests made the system budge until Sata was acquitted.

It is very clear that Hichilema may be in jail for the long haul as even the court process in Zambia takes an arduously slow process. This is something that Hichilema may have already come across during his legal battles in the court challenge for the election of President Edgar Lungu.

Even the writ of habeas corpus that he is seeking to invoke in the courts of law may just turn out to be an academic exercise.


  1. Friday mwamba

    Umwaiche ekalisha elyo anya, iputi esula taileka, aka nyelele ngawakapatikisha kalasuma , mponbo wibilima abalima tabaya CHAPWA.

    • IGwee

      Mune Mwamba, ala walasa!

    • Bleble

      Are you a human being?Uli mubemba eakwisa?us Bembas would not behave like a lunatic.Please just comment and don’t insult.Lesa akupale .

    • Bayama

      Comment cimbwi aitilile impashi nokumububa shamububa , mwaice alilila esembe muleke limukome , mwaice ekalisha ilyo anya ,abakulu tabapusa kebo bapusa akabwe , umwana ashumfwa apokelele umulembe mukutwi , nalikwebele tabulapo , umuti usuma utwala ifisabo fisuma .

    • kaira komani

      Comment:idiot & shameless animal uyambilile ndiwe kunya na kudya.The man will suffer alone then leave him alone.

  2. pf cadre

    Pf opp. Leader Sata & president RB convoys dd same in ndola, why was snake not in 4same. Today pf had 2 enemies, Membe & HH, Membe went first, now is HH, very vengeful regime,

    • hummer where it hurts

      They will cling to their catch under orders,it is like a dream come true to them.previous baits failed them but this one their hearts are delighted. On the other hand it will be shutting him up,in case he lays complaints over the aggrivated robbery the police committed at his house.

  3. Chichi

    Why are people not protesting? No single tyre has been burnt on a street. Malls are still intact and people drinking and dancitas if their leader is sleeping in a hotel yet he’s in the hands of the Roman soldiers. Is it that Tongas are peaceful? I guess to differ on this point because this is not within the Mapatizya formula. It’s either HH’s popularity is overrated or Tongas aren’t ready to fight for their own son.

    • Mapanza H Nkwilimba

      This is not about Tongas. Neither is it about HH. This is bigger than any tribe in Zambia, including yours. This is about democracy. It is about the rule of law. Miopic views on this matter are destroying Zambian unity.

    • Aurent

      Comment: Why should people protest over the incarceration of an empty headed rabble? Zambians ‘re not stupid, your idiot should have that before he resorted to foolish and childish acts.

    • pass

      this is not about Tonga u creature think like a matured human being. those are accentric manners. Meaus amigos io

  4. Xi jimping

    edgar forgive hh we no u have the powers to do so.Hh has never been in government so he doesnt no how the system work ed and hh were intake mates at unza.forgive him he has learnt that u are the peoples president

  5. AK

    Treason means, “Trying to remove the government illegaly” just like what captain Solo did, under late President Chiluba. Policemen must go back to school and learn more about Treason

    • richard

      Comment a.k.its you who should read for putting the presidents life at risk is treason because the convoy of h.h. failed to give way despite police alarms indicating them to slow down but they increased the speed and almost bumping and removed the president out of the way thus putting the life of the presindent at risk thats treason olso peruse the modern Cambridge volume six dictionary you learn something from there!

    • man chibo empire

      Bro treason means going against govt’s policy but we want our leader to be set free before anything happens HH 4lyf

    • Tapson pupe

      You think correctly.

  6. kapula fyalo

    mulekeni umunenu eyeeh alilufyanya nomba mubeleleniko uluse bonse tulalufyanya am de mp for pf who has said dat’

    • Bleble

      Are you a human being?Uli mubemba wakwisa?us Bembas would not behave like a lunatic.Please just comment and don’t insult.Lesa akupale .


    No One Is Above The Law We Should All Be Treated In The Same Way Nomatter Wat

  8. Bk

    No one is above the law let. the law take its due process

  9. lyford mphande

    Boma ni boma

  10. Tyga

    leave him alone mwebantu we love him ar ar! what’s your problem?

  11. Raphael

    No one is above the law let the Court work on the case they should not be segregation who is who rm

  12. too bad

    Hmmm I feel sorry for HH probably he will a lesson to shut his mouth at times

  13. Cephanology

    UMulandu mulandu let the judges judge

  14. Cepha

    Case mudala case show him

  15. Emmuz

    By the way, Edgar says he is a man of God now y don’t you have a heart of forgiveness?

    • wandi

      Edgar’s hands are tied. He has no power at this point maybe when HH is tried and sent to prison. Even God promises to punish the wrong doers at the day of judgement – who told you that there is not punishment in Christianity?

      • man chibo empire

        The bible teacher’s as to forgive one another but to punish others ,so only God will punish us but not Ecl’s govt no!!!!!

  16. Manex

    only God knows the next step bcz he is above all and is in all,remember Daniel, shadreck,misheck n Abednego

  17. Kim Adams Chiutika

    Police Men Are Tryng To Cover Up Their Sins.They Faild 2 Sweep The Road The President Used…Sweepers Were Slepn Hw Cn H H And His Group Knw Wat Was Coming Bhind Them? Jst Release Him You Failiuress.

  18. jolick

    we pray for peace in Zambia

  19. nonde STEVEN

    let the police do their work OK….BOMA no boma no one is above the law we all must. be treated in the same way

  20. chichi 2

    I’m sure azachoka mu jele after 2021. Congratulations GBM the new upnd presdo. Kapena va regional party vingasileko.

  21. jr

    Let him be treated because he was about to kill our president,bembe proverbs say uwanga nolupanga akafwa kulupanga, iputi isula taibula ukubwekeshapo,

  22. Qohe

    Zambia has never been a Christian nation even though people want to believe so. Truth is Zambia is a witch hunting nation. That’s why churches will be full today commemorating the suffering of Christ but yet, church leaders (catholic and Pentecostals) are no where to be seen or even caring to help HH carry his cross by speaking up against injustice. Shame to the power 1000th.

    • Jonathan Zulu

      What do u refer to as injustice against HH in this case? HH has gone against what was long stipulated in the Zambian constitution.It is not about victimizing but someone having to pay for his wrongs.Honestly I feel bad to see HH in that shape, but when one wants to always show off, the time always comes for them to see that they crossed the line…

    • Jason Nyirenda

      How can the church support such an idiot? What HH did was stupid. Why provoke the government? Am happy the church condemned HH even before he was arrested. Shame on HH.He overated himself. Now the long arm of the law has reached him…remove your shoes and belt. ..

  23. JK

    We should be realistic when things are wrong we must condem what hh did was wrong if it was LUNGU who did that could you spear him? hh has sent a clear picture to Zambian people he can be a president of tonga, The question we should be asking ourselves before we condemned is why did hh behaved in that manner? I’m sure everyone knows the answer, my fellow Zambian let’s make mother Zambia a better place to live in, let’s stop tribalism what signs are we giving to young ones? Let’s condem what is wrong,

  24. Zambwe wayne

    one Zambia, one nation. Zambia its a Christian nation why should we treason HH, let’s forgive him. Don’t forget that we have sined against GOD in so many ways, but he didn’t look at aur sin, he didn’t treason has, yet he gives us his only son JESUS CHRIST. About hh lets not judge him but lets just take him to Nigeria for prayers to TB Joshua. We should understand him, after low he is intarteining Zambian wethout him Zambia would be guilty…..

  25. Albert M Phiri

    Iam interested to hear what the the top brass way forward is. Now that the head is incapacitated, will the upnd still attend Parliament? Where is the acting President (GBM)?
    By the way, how come GBM is free? Is he not in the inner circle?
    Looks to me that most of the hard issues are discussed without GBM.
    Note! I stand to be corrected.

  26. nn

    he’s leaping wat he sole

  27. bwalya

    Not everyone who is in prison a criminals some a ennocent pipo

  28. Jailerman

    Jail him and throw away the key into the Zambezi river.

  29. One love

    I feel for this man though i did not vote for him,maybe he will be out in 2021 on national day of prayer and fasting

  30. Malambo siadenda

    Thas good

  31. mr peace

    What HH did was very stupid, bcoz if it was in other countries, many soul would have died, anyway he needs to learn a lesson by taking him kumukobeko

  32. merger master

    Some people’s ignorance is amazing, Edgar and HH were never intake mates at Unza, even age wise there is a six years difference between them.HH graduated in 1986 and I think Edgar it was 1980 or there about

  33. Suleman

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good job Zambia police

  34. suleman


  35. Aurent

    Comment: Let the sleeping rabble face the consequences he deliberately invited. He thought he’s so special than i a common law abiding Zambian. If the Father of the Nation ( KK ) suffered what about this brainless chicken initiated hh? Fickle with him.

  36. kay teddy

    mr edgar forgiv him taishibe ico alecita hh

  37. Igweee Aliwatsons

    Only God will judge

  38. tundz

    Since lungu claims to be a christian,he will pardon him.no mata wat?iif he wont then he is an antichrist.

  39. Joe flex

    God z watching…

  40. Bana Bamanyukunyuku

    Mukanyanda hahulu Mina mabemba baba sina Naha.
    Chakolwa wamina hakazwa fa situlo sasichaba,mukashwa gala.Luna malozi haluna taba ni masholi.

  41. M-Twix

    Boma ni boma HH give respect to ECL jail him he should know that is a fool

  42. dictator

    Hh did nothing at all he’s innocent you pipo

  43. Akapondo munchende

    Had it been Obama’s motorcade do you think hh could have driven side by side like we saw in the picture? Let’s give respect to our leaders 2moro it will be us in the same seat and we should not cry loud. There ‘s time for every one. There can only be one leader at a time. Patience pays , you rush you crash,ifikula bwangu tafikokola kuma

  44. mrs M M

    Let him reap what he sole.

  45. Blunt Signal

    H H I Think Now You And Your People That You Cant Be Above The Law

  46. ssed

    HH most not to be forgiven. His action was Satanism attack, he wanted some people to die on-spot. But he is not taking long on earth, I can not see his life for next 5years.

  47. Mathew Kandoko jr

    can someone send me a video of wat transpired at the kuomboka n durin Te arrest of hh my app line is +260961590010

  48. The death

    The death that Edgar will die will be very painful only God knows Together with bene Zulu chikala k n chanda chikili naimwe abale passing ama stupid comments muli fipuba police that is why mwingila inchito nama grade 12 certificate danda head kakoma ckikala

  49. Hk

    Don’t talk about Zambia Christianity Jesus went to Jerusalem and says don’t turn my father’s house to be for thief. Now what happened.

  50. jacob

    arrest him

  51. check it out

    Comment you reap what you soul

  52. me

    I had a dream abt zambia’s second blood shed.Its hi tym ecl changd his mind!

  53. mwasha nongo

    It is interesting reading people’s comments. I see a lot of inconsistentances and lack of logic in arguments. If some people are asking ECL to forgive HH it is clear that HH did something wrong. He put the life of the president in danger therefore he was charged with treason. Treason is a criminal offence therefore the case is not between ECL nHH it is the state against HH. If evenECL reconciles with HH at personal level the law has to take its course. Let HH prove before the courts of law that he is innoncent. No one is above the law. Let this be a lesson especially to cadres who think can break the law with impunity. What happened on that day was shameful and dangerous.

    • wise

      Wise words….. No one is above da law…. Politics are politics… Law is law

    • Dmitri

      Exactly, those are nice words, well articulated. Chezz.

  54. onik

    Prisons are not built for the poor. Do not let the money mislead us. No one is above the law. Just because he has money u re busy suporting the wrong doing of hh. Let the law work.

  55. dundumwezi

    freedom is caming tomorrow vava hh

  56. will

    HH is rather stupid….how on earth does any man think he can assume power by resorting to being unreasonably arrogant. You lose nothing by being a man of humility and integrity and still standing for what is right for you and others. Behaving like he has 2 sets of balls doesn’t do it. He is likely to come out with one testicle instead of the 2 he went in with. He is like a toddler who has learnt to use the pot but one day his underdeveloped medulla lets him unleash the full extent of his childish foolishness and he pees in his pants…..as usual the urine does its magic on the tender skin and the foolish child cries mama mama scratching his little legs with a bulging sagging dipper hanging on his little butt……a little smack will do the trick to drive out the folly that envelopes the poor little toddler

  57. frank zulu

    com on gays ,why cant yu face the realIt? behond yur heart yu know that HH commItt a crIme,so dont blem the presIdent lungu for anythIng

  58. Best man

    Why Zambia why this


    U sons of thugs the damege @ hh house is it a small matter & the stealing of food by police sure imwe hah! do not show hw emptie headed u r in public we should be more civilized & avoid using jungle law.

  60. Mwale

    This was an opportunity for Edgar to strike!it’s worrying that most zambian are naive and all they see is hh being stupid.you are inviting the birth of a tyrant regime that seeks to silence the opposition with your support. Cadre mentality is exhibited in most of the comments and is the reason why poverty and corruption will continue to be citizens of this country.i thank GOd I’m not Neighbours to these citizens! I urge zambian to wisely read between lines and save the future of this country as we need the opposition regardless of our political affiliation

  61. mwape

    Kill,hang him…

  62. Jkn

    The questions I would put forward are, was hh wrong to do what he did? If yes then justice should prevail. If not set him free! Now of it was a bus / mid bus driver or any ordinary person who does not have a figure in this nation what could be our fair comments? I guess all of us would have gone on a single traffic way. On other maybe am tend to be corrected what does the code of conduct as far as road conduct is concern when there’s a police escort or motorcade is the drivers who not part of of the motorcade supporse to do? Then I don’t it’s a fair comment to blame Catholics and Pentecostals for not interverning now and the arrests pf hh cannot stop the church from worshipping God when its due, many are being arrested andnchurch speek when it is necessary ( time). why should people protest? Anyway we differ the way perceive matters. Others I loke people who are putting in different opinions than insults we learn from one on other.

  63. chips

    Iwe AK.u are correct with treason defination.but haven’t u realised HH conderms all court’s and law enforcers.does not recognise lungu and has a motor care and many other useless bhaviour.he has to c it.


    F hh z to b 4gvn 4d crime he commited then even all those in prison shud b 4gvn.
    Prison nva meant only 4poor No! Bt 4Every1 Who Goes Against D Law.

  65. Chisenga


  66. Chisenga


    • Ken Sex

      Let this HH prove that the police stole cash at his place……. His residence should be equipped with closed circuit television CCTV. Otherwise he is a liar. The police are professional people who can’t do that. Alemwenako, boma ni boma and no one is above the law!!!!

  67. Hezron Habz

    Justice is to be shown

  68. Inno Sims

    History repeats itself.
    It is the cycle of democracy vs totalitarialism

  69. Idi amin

    The Constitution is there and it’s straight forward.No responsible person with 6 senses can support what HH did.If it was in other countries HH would have been gunned down.He was also putting the lives of other people in danger.So blaming the Police and the govt of the day is not a solution,he would have jst apologized.He invited this on Himself.

  70. Pompa Umona

    Ukukonkelesha Ifinya Nsofu kuti wailepula umusula

  71. kasman

    By the grace of God hh may be released. but
    only humble appeal to him is,he should humble himself and never think that its his money which has helped him but God’s grace,because without God’s grace Nikayaaa!!!This is a tricky charge u hav been given……

  72. mistiq


  73. CSHYA

    In South Africa and America, they need him for keeping such huge sums of foreign carrencies in his House. Balemufwaya ngenyeleti.

  74. X-RAYS

    HH is a Decon in a certain church, he should not be telling lies, saying the police stolen Money.

  75. Who cares

    Let us number our days as we talk; we are also closer to our judgement. God can not be mocked.Human courts can be mocked but God my friends is just and good.Remember this always; life comes to an end. Whether you insult HH or not, life cannot be added a day for you. When you shall face your death; you shall know that you have landed on God’s court.

  76. The Zinc

    Happy Easter HH……thats exactly wat ECL feels. Highly secured guards everywhre. Enjoy u are now a president of lilayi. kkkkkkkk

  77. OLIVER


  78. oxygen



    I will arrest this useless girl calling herself Chichi.She thinks she’s safe in UK.

  80. Ligan

    Your Excellency Mr President, the all things is imposed in you as the only recognizable elected president of this Republic. I regret the case which Mr. Hichilema committed, indeed the statement is clear that Hichilema was suppose to receive the judgement (penalty) instantly. This has shown how much love and peace you have for your people, you extended his life span up to now on, therefore, my appeal to you, your EXCELLENCY, is that, may you not hand the case in the hands of the police but instead, let your will ahead on this case. Have mercy on him, he was don’t know what he was doing. We really thank you for making sure our country is under the abundant peace and love. Forgive him by making sure that he learn respect from the mistakes he did willfully.

  81. happy

    Do you call insults and
    putting the life of the president in danger democracy? he is abusing democracy.


    We only protest when Chichi is thrown out as porn actress.This bitch is satan’s bride.

  83. 126

    lungu arrivd inongu b4 HH and amos chanda knew HH and his group were on the road y did thy send police first to clear the way b4 allowing presdent to travell in same road? if amos chanda was avoiding danger y did’t they use an airway to cover the 44km? and y was the window of presdent opened do u think if someone is threated can open his window? the night raid u think it was legal way every human has rights y did thy giv him a call out b4 raiding at his place?

  84. sinx

    Sembe ninanvelela sembe ine sinadwale. Listen to the elders and you will leave longe. Chapwa.

  85. peter

    Comment:As a christian i feel pity

  86. sibby

    Only God he is the one, who knows where this earth goes.

  87. jammy


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