Pres. Lungu In Northern Province; Says He Will Not Interfere With Hichilema Case

President Edgar Lungu has re-affirmed that he will not intervene in the treason charge of opposition United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema.

The Head of State was speaking to journalists before departure for Northern Province on a three day working visit.

President Lungu said Hichilema’s treason case will be dealt with according to the law.

He said the people that arrested Hichilema will be left to do their jobs without his interference.

Hichilema has been charged with treason and six other offences following the incident in Mongu on Saturday where he refused to give way to the Presidential motorcade.

On Monday night police raided Hichilema’s house and arrested him around 11:00 hours on Tuesday and have been holding him at Lilayi Police Training College.

On Wednesday Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja confirmed that Hichilema had been charged with treason and also failure to obey lawful orders among other charges.

“Let’s allow each other space to do that which we have been assigned in our calling. As the President, I know my job and these people also as law enforcement authority they know their job, even lawyers know their job,” said President Lungu.

“People calling upon me to intervene in the operations of the police, we don’t do that in a civilised state. The rule of law demands that the law is above all of us so those who are calling upon me to intervene or interfere in areas which are not under my control, I will not do so. Let us respect each other’s roles.”

He added: “There’s the Legislature, the Executive, the Judiciary, President, Police Inspector General, all of us have got roles. Why do they want me to have all the power which I don’t have? I don’t have power.”

Hichilema has since applied for a writ habeas corpus seeking that the law enforcement officers bring her before the courts of law.

His writ of habeas corpus hearing has been adjourned to next Tuesday leaving him to spend the Easter weekend behind bars.

The maximum punishment for treason is the death sentence.

Meanwhile, President Lungu stepped out of the politically charged Lusaka to get down working in Northern Province.

The Head of State is in Northern Province on a three day working visit as he touches base with development projects in the country.

President will pay homage to paramount Chief Chitimukulu and hold a number of rallies in Kasama, Mungwi and Mporokoso.


  1. Chitamawe

    “Stepped out ov de politically charged Lusaka 2 get down working in Northern province” Wat does it mean?

    • Au

      Comment:jst leave lungu he thnk arresting hh & making rallies w’l help him,maind u hh wil be out soon.

    • hummer where it hurts

      How can he interfere when his heart is at peace and resting.His fishermen had been fishing for this man for so long,now the biggest bubble fish is in his nests why the worry?

  2. Ray mond

    President please help you friend HH. Don’t act as if u are not a Christian

  3. mengmoreler

    Any way hh u disobeyed be Lord God by going ku mongu on Saturday Gods day isa

  4. Napoleon

    we don’t lack good leaders but we lack a population of an electorate that able to differentiate between a good leader and a bad leader.This is the crisis in Zambia the so called Christian nation.Our president has decayed the institutions of our land.The press,courts,electoral system and the constitution can’t function independently in Zambia because of president Edgar lungu dictatoral tendencies.

  5. Joshua

    what a useless president, kawama has produced. we know, all your evilness, it was your plan JEMASON, don’t cheat children, ala.

    he failed, to develop our country, all what his doing, jusk drama, like kasaka & mwine mushi

  6. Thug

    No comment on this one, l know the press has no idea to fond ahead ,wait it will come to you. bible says there is time for everything, incase Mr press don’t know you all eyes on you!!!!!!!!!



  8. TJ

    Your President, Our President and my President ECL:Welcome move “The law will prevail on HH”

  9. sky liberty

    embeciles and idiots have low iq levels. so they fail 2 si things in diverse! plz b cautious as u expose yo arrogance and stupidity on matters pertainin hh. hh is da blood of africa and so he shouldnt b intimidated 4 what he deserves! if u hav nothin 2 say, put colgate in yo stinkin mouse and allow fresh air 2 spik. hh we long 4 thee and u ar da awaited pres. not da king of da abyss!

  10. frank hachi

    Lord help us,our President don’t know what’s his doing,I think we are lacking good leaders

  11. Robby Chola

    Fellow Zambians let us restore that first love , peace , and dignity for one another and our nation. Let us pray that HH is released from that agony, we need him in our midst and not in that atrocious and disturbing situation.His release will show real humanism. Please God hear us.

  12. Emmuz

    Be very careful lungu,

  13. Easter Lungu

    “steped out of the politically charged lusaka”. Lungu in case you did not know, its not only lusaka which is politically charged, but the fact is you have politically polarized the whole country. But i guess you know about this. That’s why you have now gone to taste the waters of the northern province. Infact you should even draw time table to tour the whole country, then you will realise how you have made alot enemies. I mean, you will realise how people have come to hate what you have become, a dictator. By they way, which “church” are you going ro attend during Easter, being a “christian yourself? Or may be you going to the northern province to lay the “foundation” for the building of “christians for lungu” church branch in northern. What blasphemy! Hypocrisy! You have achieved to be used as a devils agent in deviding Gods church. But as long as He (God) lives, He will not allow this to continue. And please as Christians lets not allow this devil continue to decide Gods floke, if indeed we call Zambia “christian nation”. Where is our voice? Why have looked aside to what we are witnessing? Were are the church mother bodies? Or we have been silenced for allowing lungu to form this so-called “ministry of religion and guidance”. Surely lets not allow the country to be turned into a police state. Otherwise God will punish all of us for turning a blind eye to evil.

  14. moska international

    Mr. Lungu what you have said is not in line with the truth that covers a christian nation like Zambia; for God does not see the outside BUT THE INSIDE of mankind.Let us all be careful of what we do and say in a pronounced christian nation like Zambia or risk a few people bringing a curse upon the nation as it were for Achan of Biblical time .

  15. Valentine

    Its a pity dat the so called president edgar lungu,,hes so heartless,,but nevertheless keep in yo mind dat the time for you wil also come,and you wil be punished accordingly,,i just feel sory for my president who is in penetantiary,,but you wil be out soon and that jemason wil be ashamed,,,i hate you lungu,.

  16. KCM

    Mmmmm! Ifwe Kulaaloleshafye Bakamba!

  17. UPND

    let me wash this guy called chagwa,,,, this demon must go in hell cause this country zambia hates him. iwe mambala chi lungu idiot!!!

  18. Desmond

    Is it the same president who recently was breaking the constitution laws by not suspending the ministerial portfolios and not handing power to the speaker of National assembly during petition?

  19. Name: Unknown

    Ecl might say that he wont interfere but he already has his men doing it for him. Jesus died and resurrected on the third day. Hh was arrested but he will be out on the third day

  20. Ba hh

    Ur so called hh ,will die in jail becoz of stubbornness, wen u lose accept wenyo!!


    it is written in the bible that respect those in authority cozy it’s God who puts them there what it was you as president how would have dealt with such a person

  22. Temiq

    We the zedst always think about tomorrow not yesterday atah! At P.F. panyo pa family yanu! Idiots

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