Fourth Mobile Operator Finally Coming To Zambia

CABINET has approved a new licensing framework for the telecommunication industry, with a chance for a fourth mobile operator into the sector.

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba disclosed in an interview in Lusaka that Cabinet had approved a new licensing framework for the telecommunication industry aimed at re-alinging and promoting competition in the sector.

Mushimba said his ministry had formulated a new licensing framework with ZICTA for the Information Communication Technology (ICT) and telecommunication industry in Zambia.
He said the licensing framework would realign the sector and allow more investments and job growth.

“This will also allow more competition in the sector; improve quality of service and lower costs of services in the sector.

“The new regime now allows any operator to apply for a license and allow operator of data such as Vodafone to take a new license that allows them to do voice over IP (VoIP),” he said.
The minister said essentially all ISPs now can be operators and allowed to make voice calls in a regulated and optimised market.

“As the Government, this is very exciting for us. We have cleaned up the licensing framework to unleash the potential of the industry mindful of the latest technological advancements in the sector,” Mr Mushimba said.

“We see a very competitive market now moving forward with lots of investment in the network expansion and backbones because a company can now take one license and based on their infrastructure, offer multiple products,” he said.

Mushimba said the development was very good for the industry as it would bring in investments and jobs as well as taxes for the Government.

He explained that with this in place, there was a chance of a fourth mobile operator in the country.

“With this in place we shall see new jobs created and the quality of services will improve and it will introduce competition and the low costs that comes with that,” Mushimba said.


  1. hummer where it hurts

    Such developmental news is most welcome, unlike cat and rats races.

    • Alonso

      It’s a wonderful idea to bring in another network for better and competitive rates…

  2. Chichi

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  3. And K Michelle

    Please “practice what you speak” our Administrators

  4. Andrew

    Please “practice what you speak” our Administrators

  5. Henry

    Comment this I’d the welcoming move ,who doesn’t like development. keep it up.

    • Vincent

      Put politics aside when we’re talking about development, any President in power is for everyone imwe!!

    • Vincent

      Put politics aside when we’re talking about development, any President in power is for everyone imwe!!

      • Chichi

        Edgar is in power illegally, so your advice doesn’t help. It will be a wrong investment for any foreign company to put their money into the useless zambian economy. Edgar is drunk and terrible, in fact rated as the world’s most idiotic president.

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  6. Joshua

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    • D V D

      Comment ecawama iam a internet user, good development.

  7. Chitamawe

    Wider choice on us, the users. A worth reading story & step in de right direction. Unlike de national peace threatening stories.

  8. mai we

    Good move govt,,it shouldn’t take yrs to b opened,let them oso come with quality phons not tuchila ng’añda type of phons

  9. Emmz Hazard Jones

    Atlist One Of Better News 4 Development Than ………

  10. Fred

    Good move by our government through our able leader ECL

  11. Jkn

    It’s worthy appreciating well done govt welcome investors our brothers and sisters need something to do before politics.

  12. ENOCK

    More jobs for us guys.

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  15. Ackim

    This has been long awaited. Right move in the right direction.

  16. Jerry

    that is great we need even more especially in the energy secter

  17. wawa

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  18. jobs mawere

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  20. Kraitos

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  21. bright

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  22. Pablo Corleone.

    Amazing! This is very amicable to the ears and palatable to speech other than the recent happenings that don’t benefit us especially tax payers. Please govt that’s what we want as we have posterity to question us what we’ve been doing in terms of development.

  23. genius chabinga

    all modes of country development are welcme be it #foreign investment.this is a good move as more jobs will be created n finally we can have high quality services due to the competition

  24. Zecman

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  28. De Beloved Amos

    What a wonderful news!!
    Zambia is now developing
    I can’t wait to see competition among the four
    I urge the existing 3 to remain innovative
    Because vodafone network is very powerful and advanced

    • Zefe

      Vafone will help to bring about quality and competition. Can’t wait to make the first call.

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  43. Shikela

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  46. Ask them

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  47. Ask them

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  48. Clifford

    I can’t wait when it will happen can any body tell me when please

  49. Napoleon

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  56. kzax-m cool

    let it come to improve development.

  57. chile

    we thank the government for puting
    In place these measures and looking at what the people need..

  58. Williams

    We thank God development is still flowing here in our lovely country Zambia!

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  60. Prince Mande

    Please bring credible names like Vodacom and not companies that only register as a company on entering Zambia.



  62. Martin Kapikanya

    Good move boma

  63. yep

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  65. Akapondo munchende

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  85. Bob

    Great move by govt I guess more jobs will be created, more tax, better services by telecom companies which is all good.

  86. Phillimon Lungu

    Interesting I wish its Vodafone

  87. Collence siakalyamali


  88. Collence siakalyamali

    Good move

  89. Marvin

    Great news by gvt..vodone must nw make simcard for voice call available fast fast.

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  98. Viper

    That’s the development we want in our country.


    Iwe ka chichi.

  100. Vic

    Wat A Gud Thing N Atleast There Wil B Competition On De Market Such Dat These Other Telecommunication Companies Wil Improve Their T&Cs Ov Work.

  101. manegers

    people learn how to talk if u don’t have any thing to say better you keep your comment in shat up ai

  102. Editor

    More players,more competition & less cost.

  103. KatP

    People before you take to the streets to celebrate, this licencing is still inadequate, it is not the same license as Airtel, MTN and Zamtel has. Vodafone will still be restricted to only data and still people with non-LTE handsets will not be able to use Vodafone. Government should just open it up and really allow a fourth mobile company as far as i am concerned Vodafone will not a fourth mobile company but just an ISP with the ability to make internet calls which we can still do with whatsapp and facebook. Dont mislead people but tell them the whole truth.

    • Ptargat

      Correct. The all issue is about Internet calls which are available on WhatsApp and other messaging applications which use Internet. Data costs in Zambia are very high. Vodafone Internet cost structure is not different from that of Airtel, MTN and Zamtel.

  104. Poe Jay Steazy Xulu

    Chichi please we have had enough of your useless comments,if you do have things to do better you just let the poeple who have important things to say,say them not just start accusing the President for no reason.
    Don’t be an idiot



  106. Dive

    Thumbs up! I just want to urge Labour Office to strictly monitor these organisations & to ensure that employees are not exploited in this sector when it comes to wages. Zambians are a paid penuts for long hours of hard work yet the saw called labour Unions and offices fail to represent us.. So sad.

  107. mat

    Thumbs up! I just want to urge Labour Office to strictly monitor these organisations & to ensure that employees are not exploited in this sector when it comes to wages. Zambians are a paid penuts for long hours of hard work yet the saw called labour Unions and offices fail to represent us.. So sad.

  108. Mat-

    Thumbs up to cabinet! I just want to urge Labour Office to strictly monitor these organisations & to ensure that employees are not exploited in this sector when it comes to wages. Zambians ‘re paid penuts for long hours of hard work yet the soul called labour Unions & offices fail to represent us.. So sad.

  109. Mat

    Thumbs up! I just want to urge Labour Office to strictly monitor these organisations & to ensure that employees are not exploited in this sector when it comes to wages. Zambians are paid penuts for long hours of hard work yet the soul called labour Unions and offices fail to represent us.. So sad.

  110. mmmm

    Madam chichi u need deliverance.

  111. Alpha

    Nice take by the gvt. Welcome Vodafone to voice call….

  112. Orchard

    ok that’s a good news

  113. roman

    Nic ba chichi

  114. Pearson

    That is what we Zambian we need in our country to create more competitive among the four network in the markets and create more jobs for youths in our country plus Vodafone is the powerful network and more advanced I so it when I was in south Africa that nice guy let them come

  115. onasis

    its a good idea.

  116. Elliott C Prosper

    bantu ba so siti kamba ngako
    let the counry keep developing

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